Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – Lord Selim deduces the motive for the crime


When I woke up, it was the morning of the next day.

My mood is refreshing and my mana is also full.


I called Valéry to my room and asked him to go through the formalities to take a leave of absence from the academy until the winter break. I think I will be devoted to the <Purification> for a while.

After that, when I said I was heading to the church, Valéry said that he would follow me.

Leo, Gilbert, Valéry, and Katia. The usual members are going to accompany me.


When I tried to enter the church, I was stopped by a royal knight at the entrance.


“No one can enter here except those with the permission of the king. Please leave.”

“I must use <Purification> on the mass of darkness inside. It is something necessary.”

“You cannot pass!”

“Let us through! If the darkness is left alone, the royal capital will be in big trouble!!”


I roared at the knights.

To be honest, I didn’t think I could enter with this, and I was thinking inwardly that I should ask Nadia to come up with a plan again. But for some reason, they opened the way.

The knights were staring at me as if they were seeing something unbelievable. Some were even worshiping.

Could it be that the influence of level 70 <Seeker> is so terrible?


When we reached the underground, everyone frowned.

Yesterday, the people inside the prison seemed to have been let out, but the miasma that filled the place remained unchanged.

I first used <Holy Defense Barrier> on everyone to suppress the influence of the darkness attribute.


“Why is there something like this in the underground of the church…”


Valéry voiced out his doubt while frowning.


“Probably, the church used the darkness attribute to treat the sick.”


It’s a guess based on the difficulty of using my <Immunity Manipulation> and the fact that the church never leaked its healing magic technology to outsiders.


“In the past, Marc Sarmiento said that my healing ability was inferior to that of the church’s healers. It was true in the case of healing the sick. My healing ability cannot remove foreign objects inside the body. My treatment of toxins and pathogenic bacteria depends on the immunity of the human body of the patient. Therefore, it is inefficient.”


“Does that mean that the church’s healing magic is different from Lord Selim’s ability?”


“It seems that there were always two or more healing magicians in the church during treatment. One of them was a healer and the other must have been a dark magician. The darkness attribute is the mana of stagnation and inertness. The treatment must be to use its power to suppress poisons and pathogens and recover with healing magic. By doing so, they could have healed all kinds of diseases more easily than I did. That’s why the church needed a dark magician.”


“No way…”


“There are multiple ways to learn how to use the darkness attribute. It has been kept a secret, but it is known at the level of high-ranking nobles. The method seems to become a sympathizer of darkness by offering sacrifices.”


There is also the possibility of a dark magician who converts his own mana into dark attributes without devils backing him. In that case, one would not be able to gain a very strong force. However, the darkness attribute heightens human cruelty and aggression, and the dark magician gradually becomes uncontrollable. The disadvantage was too great, so learning the darkness attribute was prohibited in every kingdom.

However, if the darkness attribute can be used to heal incurable diseases, humans will try to get their hands on it even if it is dangerous. Perhaps that’s how the church developed it.


“The dark attribute is connected to the devil. Even if the initial purpose is to save the sick, if you continue to be influenced by darkness, you will become insane. To the extent that you could have accumulated this much darkness mana underground of the royal capital.”


People in prison were used by church members to gain darkness mana.

However, considering the amount of power of darkness that has accumulated, the murderous sacrifice is only a starting point. I think that the mass of darkness in front of me is only based on that and accumulated negative emotions coming from the large population of the royal capital.


“Then let’s start <Purification>. It will take two or three weeks to deal with all this flame of darkness. During that time, I will be devoted to <Purification>. I will ask everyone to take care of the rest.”


When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll write a letter to Nadia explaining the situation and ask her to help if something happens.







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