The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife

1One day, I, Carol Ambrose the Duke’s daughter, had my engagement suddenly broken by my fiancé, Rayford His Highness Although I did not have any recollection of harassing or trying to push anyone off the stairs. But, since it was a good opportunity, I thought that I would propose to the Knight Captain I have yearned for ever since I was young. Because, the white-bearded, 62 years old, captain of the knights, Wilhelm-sama did not have a single frivolous rumor and was still a bachelor.

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Light Novel – Volume 1


The Book of the Young Wife’s Resolve

Chapter 01 – The Beginning From a Canceled Engagement
Chapter 02 – Mayhem of the Evening Party
Chapter 03 – True Love
Chapter 04 – The Seven Year Old Carol’s Love
Chapter 05 – The Unilateral Engagement 
Chapter 06 – Confession, and After That
Chapter 07 – The End of the Banquet
Chapter 08 – Awakening
Chapter 09 – The Family’s Breakfast
Chapter 10 – The Mother of the House of the Duke
Chapter 11 – Side Story: The Melancholy of the Knight Captain
Chapter 12 – To the Order of Knights
Chapter 13 – Love Rival
Chapter 14 – Misunderstanding and One Ending
Chapter 15 – Order of Knights Field Trip
Chapter 16 – Lunch
Chapter 17 – For the Afternoon From Now On
Chapter 18 – The Return From the Order of Knights
Chapter 19 – This and That in the Kitchen
Chapter 20 – The Second Visit
Chapter 21 – A Nostalgic Face
Chapter 22 – The Knight Called Zack
Chapter 23 – Lunch and the Current State of Affairs
Chapter 24 – Rejection
Chapter 25 – Rejection, and After That
Chapter 26 – Lamentation
Chapter 27 – Awakening
Chapter 28 – Sermon
Chapter 29 – From Now


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