Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi


Mukouda Tsuyoshi, summoned from modern Japan to a different world of sword and magic.
He thought of what kind of a huge adventure was waiting for him, but actually, Mukouda is just a civilian who got caught in a 『Hero Summoning』!!
And that Mukouda’s base status shabby compared to the legitimate heroes(There’s even three of them!)……
On top of that, the king who summoned Mukouda and the rest was suspicious, and Mukouda left the castle by himself realizing 「Ah, this is the type that heroes would only be used」.
The only thing that Mukouda could rely on in this world is his unique skill 『Net Super』――it can only order goods from modern Japan to the different world.
“It is not for combat, but if I use it properly, I might have no trouble living?”, Mukouda thought lightly, but actually――he found out that the modern「food」that he ordered would display ridiculous effects!
On top of that, ridiculous guys who were attracted by a different world’s food gathers……?!!

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Light Novel – Volume 1


Different World Wandering Meal with Ridiculous Skill

Chapter 01 – I got caught in a different world summon
Chapter 02 – I asked kids a lot of things ☆ M
Chapter 03 – Escaping from the royal capital on an omnibus
Chapter 04 –  Requesting escort from adventurers
Chapter 05 – Departure to a neighboring country with the adventurers
Chapter 06 – My ridiculous skill demonstrated ridiculous powers
Chapter 07 – My ridiculous skill demonstrated ridiculous powers 2 ☆ M
Chapter 08 – Please earn your own keep yourself
Chapter 09 – Entry to the country, the Feenen Kingdom
Chapter 10 – Registering to the Merchant’s Guild
Chapter 11 – Eating rice in the different world
Chapter 12 – I sold salt and pepper
Chapter 13 – Registering to the Adventurer’s Guild ☆ F
Chapter 14 – First Quest
Chapter 15 – Meat is something that I need
Chapter 16 – Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso
Chapter 17 – I received tons of meat and tons of money
Chapter 18 – I will start the magic training
Chapter 19 – Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak ☆ F
Chapter 20 – Fer-san Musou
Idle Talk 1 –  A certain adventurer’s recollection
Chapter 21 – Fer-san’s Bootcamp
Chapter 22 – Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, Cream-filled Bun and the Shocking Truth ☆ M
Chapter 23 – Coming to light of Fer being able to use Telepathy
Chapter 24 – Giant Deer actual eating
Chapter 25 – Arrival in the Town of Rautel
Chapter 26 – I went to the library ☆ F
Chapter 27 – This is not a kind world
Chapter 28 – I encountered a ripoff
Chapter 29 – I got the fish〜!
Chapter 30 – I ate fish after a long time
Chapter 31 – When I noticed it, my familiars increased ☆ M・S
Chapter 32 – The Baby Slime Sui ☆ S
Chapter 33 – Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessing (small)
Idle Talk 2 – The Disappointing Goddess
Chapter 34 – Sui and Different World Garbage ☆ S
Chapter 35 – Sui and Fer and the Goddess’s Favor
Chapter 36 – Heaps of Different World Cooking ☆ M
Chapter 37 – Fer-san’s Bootcamp ~Dungeon Edition~ (Part 1)
Chapter 38 – Fer-san’s Bootcamp ~Dungeon Edition~ (Part 2)
Chapter 39 – Sui had evolved when I noticed it
Chapter 40 – Soft-Boiled Chicken and Egg Bowl and Fer-ojichan
Idle Talk 3 – Dear Goddess is a Captive of the Otherworld’s Sweets
Chapter 41 – Please say that earlier
Chapter 42 – Fer vs Orthros

To Albedo404 – Chapter 43

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