Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 071

Chapter 071 


“Sera, it’s morning. Get up.”


Elena’s voice.

But I want to sleep a little more…


“Look, Akame is already awake too, you know?”


When I didn’t intend to get up, she began shaking my body.

Uuu… it can’t be helped.


“…I’m up.”


“Yes. Good morning. Wash your face and fix your bed hair.”




My eyes met with Akame, a burrowing snake stretched out from my chest.

She looks fine today as well.


For the past few days, Elena has also been waking up inside my [Hideout].


Although my contract with Akame has been completed, there is no problem, a monster is still a monster.

She also doubles as surveillance just in case.


Although I’ve been able to wake up a little earlier lately, it’s uncomfortable being woken up even before that…




The day I picked up the Akame and discussed it with Seliana in her room, we went to consult with Grandpa when he came back.

Should it be called rapid development?

It progressed quickly and became so serious.


First of all, my contract and application for the burrowing snake were completed without delay.


Bringing live monsters into the capital is illegal, and tamed monsters are called familiars, but in order to bring familiars with them, they need to apply to the order of knights.

If you don’t do that, in the worst case the master will be caught and the familiar will be killed.


For that reason, I was immediately taken to the order of knights’ headquarters, where my hair and blood were used as ink to stamp the contract between the master and the familiar.

It seems like it could be anywhere, but mine is on my left upper arm and Akame is on her head.

It reminded me of the stamp injection in my previous life, but there was no pain or anything.


By doing this, it seems that you will be able to know each other’s whereabouts somehow.

Even if it listens to what you say, since it is a monster, it must be in a state where you can grasp its whereabouts.


And at the time of the contract, it was necessary to give it a name.


I hesitated.


Wondering what would be a suitable name for a snake…


There were also snake names like Orochi, Jormungand, and Ouroboros.

That’s all I can come up with.

It completely undermines the names…

I should have read more myths.


As a result, I chose [Akame] because she has red eyes.

The air became a little subtle, but in the end, we concluded that it was good since it was easy to understand.


After the matter of the familiar was settled, next was the building that seems to be a warehouse in question.


First of all, the next day, I got on a carriage with several knights, including Grandpa, in order to show them around, but thinking that it would be intimidating to be a girl alone among all uncles, a female knight accompanied me.


A female knight is an elite whose basic mission is to guide a female royal family member, with skills at the level of Elena, and a member of high-ranking nobility.

I thought that they were so kind to let such a person go out of her way to accompany me, but I guess the higher-ups took this situation that seriously.


The next day, they stepped in at once, investigated, and suppressed.

The building has 2 floors underground and 2 floors above ground and is a warehouse for a large merchant company that does business in several western countries. At the same time, it’s like an auction house for introducing or selling products bought from the kingdom to western aristocrats.


However, that’s only what’s on the surface. Behind the scenes, it was a facility to bring the monsters captured in Mesaria to the royal capital and sell them to the western aristocrats.

Of course, it’s illegal.

There were many large and small monsters inside the building, but it seems that some of them were already dead.

Akame was probably attached to one of them.


Furthermore, as a means of passing inspections, a hole was dug under the city wall, connecting the basement of the building from the inn in the downtown area where slaves and mercenaries were staying outside the royal capital.

It seems that they didn’t notice it until now because it was a too straightforward brute force method.


Originally, it was said that the percentage of nobles from several countries who acquired familiars when leaving was higher than those from other countries, so that made them take action this time, but even the order of knights was surprised by the situation beyond their expectations.


They’ve already contacted other kingdoms, realizing that it probably happens not only in Mesaria but also in the kingdoms belonging to the Alliance.

There may be some changes in the relations with the West.


No, I never thought that a little detour on the way home from Alex’s errand would turn into an international problem.



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Mira’s Blessing] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [6 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [19 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [1 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [2 Divine Coins]







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Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 070

Chapter 070 


When I followed Elena to Seliana’s room, Alex was also there.

Even though he is a bodyguard, he tries not to enter too much he is a man. How unusual.


“It was just right. Here, Alex.”


I won’t forget it, but I should give it to him first.


“Oh… that was a big help.”


My errand is complete.

Come on!


“So, what did you pick up? It doesn’t seem to be hostile, but… it’s a monster, right?”


That’s a tough question.


“…maybe it’s a monster, but I don’t know what it is.”


I tried to roll up my sleeves to show it, but… it wasn’t there.

I rolled up my other arm, but… it’s not there too.


“Get off the [Floating Orb] and turn around.”


“Where is it,” I looked all over my body. It was that time that I was told that.

Is it on my back?

“Well, whatever,” I thought and got off my [Floating Orb] and turned my back.




Seliana rolled up my skirt and even the shirt underneath to expose my back.

There’s no helping it~…I’m wearing a one-piece dress right now…


“Oh, there it is. What is this? Do you two know?”


Ignoring my protest, the three of them are looking at my back.

This is making me feel shy…


“Alex, this is…”


“Yeah, it’s a burrowing snake… Sera, order it to move to your hand.”


Is burrowing snake’s what this guy’s called? Well, I’ll try it.


“Come to my hand, come to my hand, come to my hand, come… oh?”


I didn’t feel like it was moving on my body at all, but it appeared on my palm as it ran along my left arm.

It is about 20 centimeters long, but it is showing the form of a snake when it’s out of my hand.

He has red eyes and is rather adorable.

Unlike the part that wraps around me, this one is just as thick as a rope.

The same as when I found it.


“It’s a snake… how strange.”


She looks at the snake that appeared on my palm in wonder.

This Ojou-sama seems to be fine with snakes.

It’s interesting because it listens to what I say when I’m giving simple instructions.

Isn’t it rather clever?


“So where did you pick it up?”


Come to think of it, is that building a warehouse?

Then there must be someone who owns it…

It’s not some noble, is it?




When I explained the circumstances, Alex and Elena were lost in thought.

They look a little solemn. Is there something strange about it?

Even Seliana is no different…


“There shouldn’t be any problems with the burrowing snake itself. It listens to what Sera says, and according to how she picked it up, so should’ve tamed it. When she goes to the order of knights headquarters later, she’ll also probably get permission.”


Elena began to explain something that made me curious.


It seems that burrowing snakes live by immersing themselves in the mana of living things and they are taking in the surrounding magic essences in that state.

When I picked it up, it must have been so weak that it couldn’t take in magic essences.


And the reason I was able to tame it was because [Shadow Sword] and burrowing snakes had good compatibility.

Normally, after catching them, you need to feed them, and in the end, you seem to have to make a contract using magic devices or something, but it seems that on rare occasions, monsters will approach you if you have gacha-made items.


That’s exactly how it is this time.

When it was drying up, it found someone with similar powers to it and called her out.

That must have been the strange feeling I had.


…so I was quite lucky huh~.




Seliana urges her to continue.

Certainly, if it’s just this, there’s nothing wrong, and it would end with just that.


“Burrowing snakes inhabit deep mountains and forests, coexisting with monsters and beasts that make their territory there. And they rarely move from there.”


“You mean it’s strange for it to be in the royal capital? For example, wouldn’t it be unthinkable that it followed a hunter or an adventurer and was lost?”


“I can’t say that it’s impossible, but it is said that unless its partner dies, it won’t change its symbiotic partner. Leaving aside what the building where she picked it up is, it is hard to imagine, because it was emancipated despite having people coming in and out of the building.”


“Alex, what do you think?”


“I think it’s strange too. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I think you should tell the former duke.”


“He hasn’t come back yet… I’ll let him know as soon as he comes back. Take a seat first.”


Since they’re bringing it to Grandpa… could it be something serious?


How troubling, isn’t it?


Looking at the snake while tilting my head and thinking of that, it also began to tilt its head.


Good snake~!



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Mira’s Blessing] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [6 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [19 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [1 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [2 Divine Coins]







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Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 069

Chapter 069 




“Yeah. Say hello to Red Ogre for me!”


I said goodbye and parted with the adventurers.

With this, my errand is complete.


A few days after completing Riezel’s request, I didn’t feel motivated and didn’t go to the dungeon.

I wasn’t just lazy.

In the worst case, one mistake would result in death, so I was waiting for me to be in perfect condition.


Well, that’s the excuse I made to myself and was lazing around, but Alex asked me to run an errand.

He is doing well in creating connections with influential adventurers in the royal capital, and his dungeon exploration is going well as well.

However, his original role was that of Seliana’s bodyguard.

He has a distribution of rewards for exploration scheduled for today, but he was suddenly needed as a bodyguard, so I went to receive the reward instead.


By the way, Red Ogre is Alex’s epithet.


The club and shield left by the Majin.

The shield was presented to the royal family, and the club became the property of House Müller, partly because Ruban and the others declined.

I don’t remember it very well, but I seem to have defeated it, but I can’t use such a big and heavy thing, so I refused, and Alex used it.

It’s Red Ogre because he wields [Red Shield] and a club like an ogre.

He doesn’t change his expression much and doesn’t speak much, but I know that he’s actually happy about that.




Thinking about teasing Alex next time, when I was floating back to the mansion with my [Floating Orb], I felt a gaze in front of the aristocratic district.


It didn’t feel uncomfortable, but… I wondered if I’d finally become able to sense someone’s presence.

I can ignore it, but… I’m curious, so I’ll try to find out a little.


After gaining altitude and heading in the direction that somehow caught my attention, I arrived at a large building at the edge of the commercial district.

It is circled by a high fence, and there are guards on the front and back, although they don’t seem to be very motivated.

When I peeked from the top of the fence, I found several horse-drawn carriages.

Is it a warehouse or something?

I can’t just go into it arbitrarily, but…




I was curious, so I was wondering what to do, but I saw something like a black rope hanging from the rain gutter.


…it’s probably, that.


Looking around, the adjacent building has no windows on the wall side.

This warehouse-like building is also on the side of the wall, and was in the blind spot of the security guards in front of the gate.

There are also no passers-by.


It’s possible!


I went over the fence at once, floated close to the wall, and rose the roof.

I approached my target in a low position so that I could not be seen from the outside.


“What’s this?”


A black rope hanging down a rain gutter.

It’s about 1 meter long, but what is it?

It somehow feels weird…





I managed to swallow my voice.


When I reached out to pick it up so I could take a closer look, it suddenly moved and slipped into my shadow.

It’s not like it’s blown by the wind, it clearly has a will.

It might be a living creature, so something like this might be a monster, but I don’t feel bad about it at all. 

For real, what’s going on?


I peer into the shadow that spreads under my body, but I can’t see it.

I don’t know why, but I know it’s there.

I tried slapping at it, but there was no particular change.


“U~mu… hieh!?”


I didn’t feel anything, but a black shadow crawled on my hand that touched the roof.

Noticing that, I couldn’t help but raise a voice this time.




Although I wasn’t found, I couldn’t just stick to the roof like that, so I hesitated whether to go to the guild, but returned to the mansion instead.

I don’t know if it’s dangerous, so I didn’t go inside and floated down to the backyard and roll up the sleeves of my jacket to expose my skin.


“It’s a snake, right…?”


A snake-like figure is wrapped tightly around my arm, but I feel no pain.

I tried touching it, but I felt my own skin.

But I can also feel my arm being touched.

I wonder if the snake also feels that it was being touched, it’s moving.


…I don’t hate snakes, but I don’t like them either, but I don’t feel bad about this.

It’s strange.






Elena called out from behind.

How did she know where I was? I was on the edge of the backyard.


“Ojou-sama is calling you. Come.”


Uhh… now that I think about it, she had a radar-like skill.

I guess this snake was also exposed…



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Mira’s Blessing] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [6 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [19 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [1 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [2 Divine Coins]







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Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Lord Selim discusses engagement (1)


I met with Nadia at the residence of the Louviers Marquis Household in the royal capital.

I let her leave the other people and talk with just the two of us.


“It’s amazing. You’re really sparkling.”

“Excuse me?”

“If this is the case, it is no surprise that people will continue to come to worship you in front of the church.”


Oh, there were those people.

It’s amazing that not only ordinary people but also nobles are requesting to see me, even now.


“It’s all because  I continued to convert all of my mana into holy attributes for three weeks. When I return to my usual lifestyle, I believe that it would return to normal.”

“Is that so? Your current influence is amazing. There are rumors that after the royal family dismantled the current church, a new Kingdom Church would be created and you will be set as the leader.”

“Excuse me!?”

“Of course, it’s by marrying you to the crown princess. It was forbidden for people related to the church to marry, but since a new church can be established, its rules can be changed as well.”


What the hell?


“But this is probably the last resort. To be honest, the royal family probably doesn’t want to leave the position of the top leader to a noble outsider when their goal in creating a new church is to make it easy to manage. So marriage with the crown princess is crucial. They probably wish to borrow your fame and deal with the rest on their own…. oh my, your face looks very unpleasant.”

“Of course. That sounds unpleasant after all.”


Simply put, it’s to cut me off from the Duke Household where I was born and raised, then make me a decoration of the Kingdom Church without any authority, right? That really doesn’t sound funny as a joke.


“You have two options. The first is to refuse to marry the crown princess, saying that people related to religion should not get married, while delaying the discussion about your joining the Kingdom Church. The other is to make a tantrum, declaring that you will absolutely marry me because you love me, and inherit the Duke Household.”

“Gofu, gofugo…”


Tea got stuck in my throat… what is she suddenly talking about!


“I don’t recommend not marrying the princess while pretending to enter the church. You could be assassinated. Your power is amazing, but that’s why your influence is too strong. You should hurry up and inherit the Duke Household and protect yourself using the power of the Duke Household.”


That may be true, but…


“I came here today because I wanted to talk about my engagement with Nadia. I am grateful that you could cooperate in order to resist the forceful request of the royal family. But I think that Nadia should inherit your Marquis Household. In order to fully demonstrate your talent, it is better for you to stay in the Marquis Household where you were born and raised.”


I know about Nadia’s great efforts in my previous life. I don’t want to take away the chance for her to demonstrate her ability.


“Oh my, even you are saying so? But I have already managed to persuade my clan.”




“I requested to marry you. It was fortunate that you have enough ability to allow me to persuade my family.”

“What are you thinking… the territory of House Louviers and ours are quite far apart. It’s like marrying into a foreign country. If you continue to stay in your house, you’re going to inherit the Marquis Household you know?”

“I believe my intuition very much. Besides, there aren’t many girls who would be unhappy marrying a handsome man like you.”

“You… don’t make decisions on your life by choosing a man based on his face…”


I suddenly felt weak. Oh, but I need to say this.


“About half of my appearance is a fake. Furthermore, my healing ability and holy attribute power are completely borrowed. Leviathan said it before on Levian Island, so I think you should be aware of that..”


The evaluation of my appearance is too different between my previous life and the current one. <System> must have applied some kind of correction. Besides, the sea dragon I met on that island clearly said that my powers are borrowed.


“There is a being who has lent you a special power. You have received a mission from that very existence because you are that special. I wish to help you with that.”


“Pamela’s House Satie is next to our territory. I know what happened to some extent. You have saved many people many times.”


Nadia, who was talking with a serious face, suddenly smiled.


“But you are too unsteady. Marc Sarmiento’s kidnapping is the best example, but there are also many other things. Even now, despite the royal family is about to swallow you whole, you still refuse my help. ”

“That’s because… Nadia’s life is on the balance, so…”

“You treat yourself too lightly for a legitimate child of a Duke Household. Why?”


The smiling Nadia looked so beautiful.

Not fake glitter like me.

I have to tell her the truth.






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Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Lord Selim completes the purification of the church


About 10 days have passed since I started <Purification>.

I was about halfway through.


When I got off the carriage at the entrance of the church, the people gathered around me were kneeling and worshiping me. The knights also bowed deeply and let me through.

On the first day, I was stopped by a knight at the entrance, and the next day I was stopped by a nobleman who seemed to be a royal executive, but everyone let me through when I roared at them. I’m already thinking this is some kind of <Skill>.

It seems that the fact that the mass of darkness under the church can’t be dealt with by anyone other than me has reached the upper echelons of the royal family, so now they would allow me to enter smoothly.

When I was walking around the grounds, even the church officials who saw me put their hands together. Those who were complicit in the scandals in the church have either fled or been taken away by the royal family for questioning. The people here were ordinary people.


Come to think of it, after I fainted due to depletion of mana, Princess Rafaela said several times that she would take me home.


“I thought that she would pretend to escort you home and molest you, so I did my best to prevent her from doing so.”


That’s what Leo said, but what do you mean by the princess molesting me!?


Leo, who became the son-in-law of the Duke, played the role of my escort because I had to prevent meddling with high-ranking people. However, my original bodyguard, Katia, accompanied me every day. So Katia continued to see the mass of darkness and my <Purification> holy attribute mana, and it seems she was able to use a wide area detention spell using mana of darkness and holy attributes. I look forward to her continuous effort in the future.


* * *     


Three weeks after starting <Purification>,


《The source of the darkness has been completely purified     Your experience points increased     +10000 experience points》

《Current level: 75    Current experience points: 5600/7600》


I completed the <Purification> of the church underground.

I finished it without running out of mana, so for the first time, I was able to leave the church grounds with my own feet.


《Message: 3 unread items》

《Quest Complete – New!》

《Congratulations. You have completed the quest [Find the source of darkness]. You achieved Level Up (Beginner). As a reward, You acquired the Divine Voice skill》


《You acquired Divine Voice skill – New!》

《By using the Divine Voice skill, you can awaken those who are leaning towards the darkness》


When I was stopped at the entrance of the church, I might have borrowed this skill beforehand when I forced my way through with a shout.


《The main quest has been updated – New!》

《Prepare for the crisis     Difficulty ★★★★★ 》

《The devil drives people to despair, drives them to greed, and steals their tempted souls. Please sense the enemy’s movements and block them》


It’s not clear what to do in this <Quest>. It really makes it hard to set goals.

Perhaps the <System> itself does not know what will happen next. After the <Purification> of the underground of the church, the situation has drastically changed from my previous life.


From what I’ve seen in my previous life and this life, I’ve come to understand the mechanism of how the devil captured the royal capital.

The accumulation of darkness and those who use that mana to transform into demons that go on a rampage.

Their source of the power of darkness was prepared by accumulating negative human emotions underground of the church.

If the internal affairs of the Satie Territory were in shambles, or if Levian Island had sunk and people were lost on the streets, the darkness would have been even greater. In addition, it is easier to accumulate the power of darkness when conflicts and misfortunes occur.

And to use the gathered darkness as mana to go on a rampage, a strong demon is needed. In my previous life, I had that role.

But the power of darkness, although it is an energy that can be used, it is not what the devil really wants. The devil’s aim is to reap the souls of those who succumb to the devil’s temptation.

The only thing I could tell from the <Quest> was what the devils really wants is human souls.

I have yet to even see the appearance of the devil.

Despite the fact that in my previous life, I certainly felt the existence of demons who tempted me.

Even if they do not appear, the devils are lurking somewhere.

This <Quest> is difficult. No wonder it’s 5 stars.


I waved at the people who saw me off as I boarded the carriage with the momentum of a victory parade, and left the church behind.


“Is the new semester starting the day after tomorrow?”


I checked the schedule with Valéry who was riding with me.

While I was occupied with the <Purification>, the second semester had ended and the winter break had passed.


The <Purification> is complete, so from tomorrow, I can return to normal life.

I want to meet Nadia before school starts. Before this incident happened, there were talks about our engagement. It has been delayed, but I want to listen to how Nadia feels.


“Valéry, go send a messenger to Nadia.”


I made an appointment to meet Nadia tomorrow at the House Louviers mansion in the royal capital.







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Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – Lord Selim deduces the motive for the crime


When I woke up, it was the morning of the next day.

My mood is refreshing and my mana is also full.


I called Valéry to my room and asked him to go through the formalities to take a leave of absence from the academy until the winter break. I think I will be devoted to the <Purification> for a while.

After that, when I said I was heading to the church, Valéry said that he would follow me.

Leo, Gilbert, Valéry, and Katia. The usual members are going to accompany me. Continue reading

Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Bodyguard protects Lord Selim


The moment Lord Selim said that he would begin purification, Katia sensed a massive amount of holy attribute mana. It seems that Lord Selim converted all of his mana into holy attribute.

The other day, when she was shown the holy attribute barrier, the amount was too small to perceive, but if this amount is released, even a normal human would notice it.

Among the knights of the royal family who were around, there were some who were moved to tears without knowing why.

Katia hugged Lord Selim, who collapsed after releasing all his mana. Continue reading

Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Lord Selim begins the purification of the church’s underground


In the underground of the church, I found the <Source of Darkness> that I was looking for.

A mass of darkness attributes condensed into a black flame.

However, this is troublesome. This thing’s <Purification> is impossible to be done once.

I cannot freely adjust the MP used in <Skill>. If I use <Purification> on this thing, I will faint again due to the depletion of mana. It would be dangerous if I collapsed in front of this mass of darkness attribute. Continue reading

Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 066

Chapter 066 


The sound of flipping pages and the sound of moving feet while lying down reverberates in the room.


This is in the academy, I think it’s probably a common room or something like that.

Since I’ve been left alone, I don’t think it’s a guest room, but… I’m not so confident because the furnishings are all elaborate.

Why was I brought here in the first place?

I was not told in the end. Continue reading