Manga Yome C94

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Here‘s Chapter 94.


Just a little on the edge.


I’ve started translating about 6 months now. It isn’t that long, but I found out a lot of things like how my grammar and English sucks, that there’s a lot of difference reading Japanese and translating Japanese into another language, and that too much typing would actually make my fingers feel painful. I’ve averaged 2 chapters a day, with at least 1000 words coming from at least 3000 Japanese characters.

Anyways, I’m on my way to learning Mandarin because, well, I actually like translating, and I would like it to be my job. Unfortunately, translating Japanese light/web novels is in the gray zone, making it harder for me to feel legit. Also, there isn’t a lot of Japanese novels with 1000+ chapters, making it unsuitable for Patreon. Really, it’s too bad that I can do nothing about it. My god. Just looking at Patreons on wuxiaworld makes me die from envy.

But even so, it would take me 1-2 years to be able to be at the least, “good” at Mandarin. I’d probably do a lot of MTL-ing as well because I want to read advance chapters. I remember the times when I read Mushoku Tensei raws before it was completely translated into English. Well, reading Japanese visual novels and playing H-games was another reason that I tried to learn desperately. There was this “drive” inside me, yes. I heard that Chinese novels have n number of ways to describe the action, so maybe that will be my drive this time.

Oh well, I’m really busying myself with a lot of things. Everything isn’t going well or the best that I hoped it would have, but I try to keep myself positive, I’ll try to do my best.

Schedule for next week (I hope):

03/20(月): Hon Issatsu / Manga Yome
03/21(火): Dungeon Seeker / Manga Yome
03/22(水): Isekai Yakkyoku / Manga Yome
03/23(木): Hon Issatsu
03/24(金): Dungeon Seeker
03/25(土): Isekai Yakkyoku
03/26(日): Dungeon Seeker