Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Bodyguard protects Lord Selim


The moment Lord Selim said that he would begin purification, Katia sensed a massive amount of holy attribute mana. It seems that Lord Selim converted all of his mana into holy attribute.

The other day, when she was shown the holy attribute barrier, the amount was too small to perceive, but if this amount is released, even a normal human would notice it.

Among the knights of the royal family who were around, there were some who were moved to tears without knowing why.

Katia hugged Lord Selim, who collapsed after releasing all his mana.


“Is it only a little reduced with all that?”


Lord Selim was able to purify only a small part of the mass of darkness.

Lord Selim’s mana quantity is enormous even among nobles. Even with Lord Selim’s mana quantity, only a little has been purified.


“More than half of Selim’s mana was used to temporarily seal this.”


Just as Leo beside Katia said, Lord Selim seemed to have set up a temporary sealing barrier to prevent the darkness mana from being abused. Since he couldn’t purify it in one go and couldn’t defend this place, it was an unavoidable measure.

Katia looks around at the kingdom knights around her. It would be impossible to kick them out of the church and guard this basement with the people from the Duke Household.


“The seal will only last three days. If Lord Selim does not come here again until then, it would be dangerous.”


Only Lord Selim can handle this mass of darkness. How many people can understand that?


“I can understand your worries but let’s go out first. We should let Selim rest in a safe place.”


Prompted by Leo, Katia left the basement with Lord Selim in her arms.

The chapel at the top of the stairs was filled with church members. Katia thought they would interfere with them, but they just shed tears and muttered words of repentance. They must have been affected by Lord Selim’s holy mana.

They put their hands together as they saw Katia pass by carrying Lord Selim. Due to the conversion of a large amount of mana to holy attributes, the current Lord Selim’s divinity has become too strong.

Katia gulped down her saliva.

She swore to herself that she must protect Lord Selim.


Lord Selim is not a person who is easy to guard.

He has no consciousness that his self must be protected. His combat power is much higher than Katia’s, and he would rather go forward to protect other people. In addition, he possesses an unparalleled healing ability, but when he uses his ability, he would easily consume all his mana and faint.

However, Katia thought that it could not be helped. The inhuman power that Lord Selim uses was beyond the realm of what humans can handle.

Those who possess powers that ordinary humans cannot use are only possible in exchange for some kind of covenant with a higher existence. There must be some conditions for Lord Selim to use his powers.


After leaving the chapel, Katia sensed the presence of darkness approaching.


“From left and right, one from each side.”



After Leo said so, he easily jumped up to the roof of the chapel and cut down a man in black who was approaching from the right into two. Soon after that, he beheaded another demon that was beside the fountain in the garden.


――this really makes one lose confidence.


Leo’s strength was too overwhelming.

How many swordsmen and magicians would lose their confidence because of him?


“There’s one more…”


From the shadows of the main chapel, a demon clad in great darkness appeared.

It was at a different level from the previous two.


“Archbishop Sarmiento……!”


From behind, Katia heard the princess shout as she came out underground.


“When the order of knights investigated, he was missing. So he was still hiding near the church.”


The archbishop of the Royal Capital Church is Marc Sarmiento’s uncle.

The demon in front of them is probably on the same level as Marc, who has turned into a demon, in terms of strength.

Marc was easily suppressed by Lord Selim’s power that exceeds humans. However, without doing so, even if Katia and Leo challenged with all their might, they would not have come close to the demonized Marc.

An enemy who has equal strength with that Marc was in front of them.

However, Lord Selim, who they could rely on, had now exhausted his power from the purification and lost consciousness.

Katia asks herself if it was possible to escape while carrying Lord Selim, while letting Leo stop the enemy.

Katia looked at how Leo reacted. As he drew strength into the sword in his right hand, a burst of iridescent mana flowed out. It was an amount that was incomparable to what he had shown for testing two days ago.


“It’s just the right one to try out my newly learned technique.”


As Leo smiled faintly and took a step closer to the enemy, the demon seemed to cower.

He runs forward and slashes toward the demon.

The demon defended by using a thick barrier, but it was quickly shattered by Leo’s sword.

Every time Leo broke a barrier, a new barrier was put out one after another, and the demon desperately blocked Leo’s blade. But eventually, the barrier disappeared.


“Selim has sealed the dark energy here so that it can’t be used. Even demons must be out of fuel?”


The archbishop, who became a demon, was vanished into a mist by Leo’s sword.


――geez, what a terrifyingly strong power.


Katia had traveled for a long time, but she had never met such a strong person. It was hidden by the shadow of Lord Selim, but Leo’s strength was also extraordinary.




Crown Princess Rafaela rushed over.


“Explain the situation. What is that in the basement? What did Lord Selim do that made him suddenly collapse!?”


Leo easily shook off the approaching princess.


“If you need an explanation, ask the church people you’ve captured. We just ended up cleaning up.”


The surrounding knights of the kingdom were intimidated by Leo’s overwhelming strength, and they couldn’t even criticize him for being rude to the princess.


Leo left the people from the royal family alone and approached Katia, spreading his arms in front of her.


“What is it?”

“Let’s take turns. Let me carry him.”

“No. There might be other enemies. You must keep your arms free.”


Katia did not feel like leaving Lord Selim to such a beast.

When she said that towards Leo who was releasing an indescribable intimidating air, he chuckled. 


“In that case, keep him safe.”


After saying that, Leo walked towards the waiting carriage.

Katia also walks with him.


Protecting Lord Selim is a very important job.







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