One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Rocks


“Lunacia, it’s been a while. It’s great that you came!”


Charlotte Linlin said towards Lunacia in a good mood.

The reason she is in a good mood is not that she ate delicious sweets, but because Lunacia came.

The trade between Totto Land and the archipelago that is within Lunacia’s sphere of influence is very active.

While large amounts of food products such as sweets are exported from Totto Land, they word import various non-food products from Lunacia.

The promise made by Linlin and Lunacia when they were still in the Rocks Pirates continues until now, thereby building a friendly trade relationship without disputes. 

From the merchants’ point of view, they could trade very safely and very securely in addition to having reasonable rates, so there is no end to those who wish to enter this trade.

Because anyone who makes a mess out of this trade route will turn both Linlin and Lunacia into their enemies.

From Linlin’s point of view, it was completely out of her expectations that Lunacia would create such a big force, and they could still be on friendly terms without breaking their promise, letting her profit from the trade.

There is no reason not to welcome such Lunacia.


“Yes. It’s been a while. I came here because I have a get-rich-quick scheme…”


Linlin leans forward, hearing Lunacia’s words.


“What kind?”

“I’m thinking of having a party with everyone, just like the good old days in Mary Geoise. Wanna come? I’m planning an all-you-can-get treasure event.”

“Just like the old days… you mean Whitebeard and Golden Lion will also come? Leaving Whitebeard aside, isn’t Golden Lion in Impel Down…”

“I picked up Shiki a while ago. Though it’s undisclosed to the public.”


Linlin’s eyes widened at Lunacia’s unexpected words, but that was only for a moment.

After laughing out loud, she shows a fearless smile.


“Just like the old days, means that we’re getting on that ship?”

“Yes. With you and them, in addition, I’m also thinking of calling Kaido. I’ve already settled the deal with Newgate and Shiki. They’ll join as individuals, not as a pirate crew.”

“Then there’s no problem. I’ll also participate just like back then, as an individual.”


Lunacia smiled at Linlin’s words and nodded with satisfaction.


“By the way, Lunacia. It’s time to give you one of my daughters.”


From Linlin’s point of view, compared to sending her daughters to a political marriage with some other men, it’s better to send them to Lunacia to strengthen their relationship.

Above all, her policy――differentiated by race but not discriminated――is in line with Linlin’s ideal, to establish a utopia where all races in the world are not discriminated against. 

Maintaining an intimate relationship with Lunacia was essential to the realization of Linlin’s ideas.

In fact, within Lunacia’s territory, people live quite normally, no matter whether they are human, fish-men, or other races. 

She publicizes that she is more of a monster compared to fish-men, and actually shows them how immortal she is――getting stabbed by weapons through her heart and showing how it regenerates――going around the archipelago under her control, and it was quite effective.

However, she had shown her immortality tricks so often that it became unpopular.

As a result, many of Linlin’s daughters are under Lunacia.

This is because, in addition to the first four, Linlin would send her her daughter every time Lunacia’s sphere of influence expanded.


From the letters irregularly sent by her daughters, she could see them full of the love affairs they have with Lunacia, and they were so sweet Linlin couldn’t read any of them without drinking bitter coffee. 

Many of her daughters also started to train themselves because they wanted to go to Lunacia, and the daughters who were sent to Lunacia were also often dispatched to Linlin as a force free of charge.

Sending a daughter to Lunacia has led to the daughters’ happiness and the strengthening of their own strength, in addition to the realization of Linlin’s ideal, so there was no reason for Linlin not to do so.


“How many this time?”

“There are four. My 18th to 21st daughter. Two 7-year-olds and two 2-year-olds.”

“Okay. We’re going to that as usual?”

“Yeah. That’s the quickest way to see their compatibility with you.”


“That” is showing Lunacia’s immortality.

It’s very simple. Linlin would release an attack toward Lunacia with full strength.

If they are not frightened or cry when they see Lunacia get shattered into small pieces but instantly regenerate, they pass.

However, this aptitude test, as expected of Linlin’s daughter, many of them would pass, and there were also some brave ones who laughed in delight.


After that, Lunacia, who had obtained Linlin’s words of participation, heads for Kaido.

He is well known as the governor of the Beasts Pirates, but from her point of view――


“Hey, apprentice. Bring me some rum.”


Kaido followed Lunacia’s order obediently and handed over a large barrel.


“Wow… she’s ordering around that Kaido-sama…!”

“As expected of Lunacia-san…!”


Lunacia showed a proud expression seeing Kaido’s subordinates send her respected looks.

However, there was no way Kaido would end with that.



“Kaido-sama pierced Lunacia-san’s chest from behind!”

“It’s through her heart…! She won’t survive this!”


They screamed, but it was also according to the plan.

Lunacia continued drinking while Kaido stabbed her in the chest.


“As expected of Lunacia-san, she’s drinking even while her heart’s pierced through…!”

“Oh, thanks for your hard work. It’s enough.”


Kaido’s subordinates, who were shouting, heard Lunacia’s words bowed their head, and left the room.

It’s the traditional ‘Kaido pierces through Lunacia’s heart’ act that continues even after the dissolution of the Rocks Pirates.

It has become a specialty of the Beast Pirates, but only newcomers would get surprised, so it became customary to make arrangements at Lunacia’s request.


“Kaido, it’s been a long time”

“Yeah, it’s been a while. What did you come for?”


“Actually, I’m planning to have a party in Mary Geoise. Wanna come? The participating members are me, Shiki, Newgate, and Linlin.”

“I’ll go.”


Lunacia laughs, hearing Kaido answer immediately.


“You’re as usual.”


Kaido laughs, hearing Lunacia’s words, and says.


“We’ll do it like the old days? I’m looking forward to it…!”

“Yes. That’s we are all coming as individuals. Of course, including me.”

“It’s really like the old days. It’s interesting to teach those guys who are shouting it is the Great Pirate Age now…!” 

“I’ll get back to you later about the specifics.”


Kaido made a huge nod at Lunacia, who said that.


Lunacia gained the participation of those she’s familiar with to attack Mary Geoise, but two things happened unexpectedly.

One is from Water 7’s Tom’s Workers, it’s news from an employee called Iceburg. 

Tom was charged with the crime of building Roger’s pirate ship and was given a 10-year sentence in exchange for the sea train plan.

To make matters worse, the exploration team of Ohara was perceived as dangerous by the World Government, leading them to be increasingly tracked by the Marines.

It is likely that the Marines will catch them and head to Ohara for investigation.

Lunacia told them to stay on a certain island under her sphere of influence and promised to send an executive to Ohara immediately.


Lunacia became even more motivated because of such news.

Thinking of doing it as grandly as possible so they won’t care about such trivial manners, she decided to make everyone remember not only Roger, but also them.

Wanting to teach those rookies, she was considering treating it like a reunion at first, calling their team Laotour Pirates or something.

But it lacks impact.

The world will tremble only when we gather again under the former pirate flag.


With that in mind, Lunacia was in front of the Rocks’ grave.

His tomb was on the island where Lunacia was born, and she first met him.

Rocks spoke little about himself, so she doesn’t know his hometown.


“Rocks, let me use your family name just this time. We’re not related by blood, so forgive me. After all, wouldn’t that surprise the world even more?”


Speaking to his grave, she felt he heard his voice.


‘Do as you like, Lunacia――’


Lunacia smiles fearlessly as she looks up at the sky and whispers.


“From today until our attack in Mary Geoise, I’m Rocks D. Lunacia.”


‘I don’t care what the world would think.

I wanna do it, so I’ll do it.’


At that time, she felt the presence of someone coming from behind and looked back, and saw Shiki heading toward her.


“When did you come?”

“Just a while ago. I came because I have something to ask you about our plan… about the name of our pirate crew, what do you think of Laotour Pirates? In the sense of teaching those rookies. Get it?”

“We aren’t at the age of being called the elderly, you know…”

“Jihahaha! Well, that’s true! What’s good then?”


Lunacia answers Shiki’s question.



“…hmm? But there isn’t Captain Rocks anymore.”

“No, there is.”




Shiki deepens his smile, seeing Lunacia point to herself.

She tells him.


“From today until our attack in Mary Geoise, I’ll call myself Rocks D. Lunacia.”

“It might be troublesome later on, you know?”

“I don’t care. I’ll take care of it somehow.”

“That damn brat had become such a good pirate…”


Shiki pauses there for a moment and continues to ask.


“Aye, Captain. When’ll we do it?”


Hearing that question, Lunacia shows a fierce smile while answering.


“We’ll do it within three months. In three months, Mary Geoise will be destroyed. The whole will remember our names. Let them never forget this time…!”


Just watch, rookies.

This is how the Rocks Pirates do it!







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