Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Deep Sea Miner Lucio



「Bubu〜, that doesn’t matter bu. I also said this before, I’m busy so do what you want to do bu」


In the audience hall, I came to meet the pigーーI mean King Guernica.

My objective coming to this kingdom, I finally found what I need to do, so I came to get permission for that.

By the way, Veronica’s beside me, but she’s not noticed at all.


「Is it really okay?」


I emphasized asking.

King Guernica is eating sugar using his hand as usual, and around his mouth was sticky and those were sticking.


「You’re too insistent bu! Do what you want bu」


He said that, and left the audience hall.

How can I say this, full of freedom, I guess.

Veronica who’s beside me let out a sigh.


「He’s as usual huh」

「Was he like that ever since?」

「Yes, since he was a child. That hobby is quite famous, and the head of the state frequently talk about it」

「I see」


That’s why he was made to a king?

However I look at it, Veronica’s more suitable for a king.

In fact, I don’t know what she did when she was a queen, but it’s impossible to be lower than that.

Her actual abilityーーI’m thinking that it’s high.

She saw through Isaac’s uselessness in their first meeting.

Since the thing I came to do is finished, Veronica and I left the audience hall.

We walked through the corridor, soldiers and court of the ladies pass by from time to time, and every time, I got a little nervous.


「What happened?」

「Nah, I just thought that Veronica’s identity would get exposed」

「There’s no way」


Smiling pleasantly, Veronica asserted.


「If they found out, the commotion would not be this little」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, after all, I」


She grinned.


「If I enter the palace, I’ll get executed」



I got surprised, and couldn’t help but stop my feet.



「It became like that with the conditions when I was abdicated」

「You were given that kind of condition huh. Then, isn’t it bad? Being here」


I looked around, I suddenly got nervous.

Veronica was too normal, so I couldn’t expect that something like that happened.


「Ara, what is it?」

「No, becauseーー」

「Even though my husband is this reliable?」


She told me with a smile.

That’s unfair, the way she said that is unfair.

If she says something like thatーーI’d get really happy.


「Is it bad?」

「……not at all」


I shook my head.

I’m being trusted, so I need to answer her.


「Whatever happens, I will not let you have a single scratch. No matter what happens」



Veronica looked down shyly.


「That’s unfair」


「That……to think that you’d reply with words that are more than I expected」

「More than expected?」

「I just expected『I’ll protect you no matter what』……」

「Even if you’re being protected, I’ll get troubled if you’d get wounded after all. I will not let you have a single scratch, no matter what happens」


I said once again as if to declare.




Veronica got more and shyer.

But, her face looks very happy.

Suddenly, my eyes met with a soldier that is very near.

He had bloodshot eyes, and an expression that might cry blood anytime.

Explode you riaju, burn right away.

It was as if I could hear those words of blessings.


「N-Ne〜, Lucio」


「Hands……can we hold each other’s. Right, just like when we do when it’s the two of us」


Holding hands to hands, like that huh.


I didn’t say anything, and held her hand.

And with that, Veronica got more and more happier.

I held my hands with her, and went outside like that.



I came to the sea with Veronica.

The same place when we came before, and I casted the same magic.


「『Adaptation』. Come now, let’s go」



And, our hands held each other’s, and entered the sea with an air of going for a walk.


「Does it really exists in here」

「There is. I mean, I saw it」

「Did you not see it wrongly. After all, you know……」

「At that time, it’s only a walk with Veronica. I didn’t lose out anything」

「I guess so」


Veronica got convinced.

We walked, very slow paced, we went for a walk in the bottom of the sea.

Seaweed is drifting.

Fishes are swimming around.

I made the horse I summoned with magic kick the sharks that couldn’t read the air.

A lot of things happened, but even so, we continued our walk.


「Well then, it should be around here」

「Should we go separate ways and look for it」

「Is it alright?」


Veronica smiled, and removed her hand normally.

I got a little surprised. I thought that she wouldn’t want to do that.

And that, she smiledーーand removed her hand by herself.

……she’s a good woman.

We looked around.

We looked around for a while for the thing that we’re searching for.




In a place a little far, Veronica called me.

I ran to her, and Veronica let me see the stone that she picked up.


「Is it this?」

「Right, it’s this」

「This is……」

「That’s right, a gold ore」


The thing that Veronica showed me was gold.

It’s a gold ore.


「To think that it’s really on the bottom of the sea. I wonder if it was thrown away by somebody」

「No, it’s something that’s in here」

「Even though it’s in the bottom of the sea>」

「There’s a lot of resources sleeping on the bottom of the sea. Gas, of course, there’s also many kinds of ores」

「Was that so……」

「Veronica, can you take a little distance」



Veronica took distance as she was said. She knew what I was going to do within an instant, and took a distance.

I reached out my hand, and used magic.


「『Golden Pick』」


I summoned a giant golden colored pickaxe, and hit the bottom of the sea with it.

The earth that whirled up muddied the emerald green sea at once.

There’s no problem since there’s the effect of『Adaptation』, but to be sure, I asked Veronica.


「Veronica, are you alright?」

「Yes, I can’t see anything though」


She seems fine from how her voice sounds.

And waiting for a while, gradually, the sea got calm and returned to its beautiful emerald green color.

She returned without me noticing, Veronica was beside me.




The earth got peeled off, and the deposit was revealed.


「This……is all of this gold ore?」

「From how it looks, that’s right. And also……」


I looked around.


「From how this goes, it looks like there’s still a lot more. And, it’s not only gold, it feels like there’s also silver, bronze, and others」

「Those too?」

「On top of that……」

「On top of that?」

「Since hands can’t be placed on it, the amount’s probably a lot more than ground mines」

「……it’s going to be touched for the first time in the world huh. A place that has yet to be placed a hand to」

「That’s right」

「It means that it’s something that can’t be done unless it’s Lucio huh」


I don’t know about that. 『Adaptation』magic exists from the past.

I just saw in television before「There’s not only methane hydrate on the ocean floor, but there’s also minerals」, so I placed an eye here.

Thinking of it carefully, the bottom of the sea is also「ground」, so it’s natural that there would be a deposit buried under.

It’s just its difficult mining in the bottom of the sea.

Being able to read『Adaptation』Grimoire and a person who’s able to notice that can do the same thing.

Well, it seems like right now, I’m probably the world’s first.


「For the meantime, should we start from gold that can be changed into money?」

「I will gather people for mining」

「No, that’s not needed, I have something in mind that can do something about it with magic」


I can mine it, and bring it out of the sea.


「Rather than that, I want you to do something about changing the ores into gold」


I can also do something about that, but the efficiency isn’t good.


「I understand, please leave it to me」

「Can you do that? Wasn’t real powers taken away from Veronica?」

「I can do something about it. Of course, a safe one that I will be able to return where Lucio is」

「I see」


I got relieved.

I used magic again, and dug the gold ores.



The gold ores that was mined in the bottom of the sea were quickly turned into gold bullion

A tremendous amount was hidden within the unspoiled deposit, and it was estimated that there would be a hundred ton with only gold bullion.

On how that money would be used, I don’t know.

I just gave Guernica「asset that is more than a hundred tons of gold bullions」.

That’s all.

That is all about it.









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