Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Kicked by the Horse Sanzu River



「This ring was something like that?!」


On the top of the bed, with my three young wives in their pajama look.

After she heard about the effects of the wedding ring that I made with magic, that it would be broken into pieces if one haves an affair, Veronica was super angry.


「You didn’t know?」


I was a little surprised.

Simon is also trying to do it, so I thought that it was pretty normal.


「I am not boasting, but other than the Queen’s job, I don’t know about anything」

「That’s really not boasting. No, it might be enough to boast of huh」


I mean.


「Why are you angry with that?」

「Do you not understand until it is said to you? There should be no woman that would be happy getting monitored by this」



I see, monitored huh.

Un, this ring also has the means for monitoring right.

I mean, that part is most probably the main huh.

For the ring to get crushed when one cheats, it’s nothing other than a monitoring tool.

There’s no way that Sylvia and Nadia would cheat, so I had completely removed that from my consciousness.


「Are you making fun of me? Even if you do not give something like this, I will never cheat!」

「I see, I’m very sorry」

「Hmph! It’s fine though!」


Veronica crossed her arms, and, *Pui*, turned her face.


「Should I prepare something else」

「Are you saying, give back the thing you gave once?」


*Giro*, I was glared at.

It’s not scary, but rather, it’s quite cute.


「You’re saying you’ll always wear it」

「Of course desu wa」

「Ne〜ne〜, rather than that, Vero-chan」

「What is it」


Veronica looked towards Nadia. Her expression was very softer than when she looked at me.


「I heard it from Lucio-kun, he said that you entered the ant’s nest with the two of you」

「Yes, we did enter」

「How was it? Was it fun? Sylvie, if I’m correct, you’re fine with ants right. Next time, let’s play together」

「Un, I’m fine with ants」

「I’ll give you an advice then. Don’t let your guard down even after you annihilate the soldier ants first. If the soldier ants disappear, the worker ants up until there will suddenly change to soldier ants」

「Really? That might be very fun」


Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica.

While sitting on top of the bed, the three chatted very happily.

And I, while looking at them, *Posun*, I laid on my back.

And then, the three came at once.

While chatting, the three clings their body to mine.

One increased, so it’s the four of us on the bed.

The warmth was more than expected, and it’s really blissful.

I was told that she would not divorce for the rest of our lives, and this happinessーー.




Chris appeared from the ceiling.




Veronica raised a scream.


「What is this, why is a ghost appearing again?」

「My bad」

「Please hurry up and get rid of it!」

「I can’t do that either」


I smiled wryly.


「I’ll introduce her once again. She’s Christina, she’s my……well, daughter? -like something」

「What do you mean a ghost is your daughter!」

「It’d be long if I explain it, well, just get used to her. She doesn’t have any ill will and I know where she came from, so」

「How can I get used to that!」

「No, but……」

「To think that something like this exists」


Veronica glared at Chris, and glared at me.


「I’ll divorce right now!」


Sylvia didn’t know what to do, and Nadia laughed out lout.



The next day, in the archive.

Veronica is clinging to my head.

It’s pretty much like I’m carrying her in my shoulder.


「Hey〜, Veronica, it’s very hard to read, so can you go down」


I’m reading a Grimoire, but Veronica is clinging to me.

It’s not a joke, and it’s really hard to read.


「I refuse」

「Refuse, you say……」

「That ghost girl is scary so I will stay just like this」


About Chris huh.


「Then, shouldn’t you just go with Sylvia and Nadia」


By the way, the two went out happily. It seems like they would go shopping.

The two invited Veronica, but Veronica refused.


「Sylvia, she really felt bad you know」

「T-That is, I will make it up to her later」

「Well, please do that」

「Yes, I will. After all, I’m newlywed. There is no way that I should be away from my husband」

「That’s fine, but isn’t there no need to cling on like this?」

「There is!」


She asserted, she said a little fumingly.

No, well, it’s fine though.

I mean, I’m pretty much getting used to it.

When Veronica clings to me, she clings on my head just like this.

It somehow feels like a sister wearing a hood, it feels like that.

Or maybe, in anime, a heroine that was minimized clings on the head, something like that.

I don’t feel bad by it, so I left her like that and flipped the page of the Grimoire, and continued to read.

The one that I’m reading right now is from the ones that the King sent from the Grimoire Library that I haven’t read yet.

Taking 30 minutes, I took my time reading it, and, *Patan*, I closed it.


「What happened?」

「No, I just finished reading it」

「You finished reading?」


Veronica got surprised.


「Un? Ahh, come to think of it, it was the first time huh, the first time that you’re present when I finished reading a Grimoire. It’s pretty much just like this, it takes about this much each book」

「That’s a lie right」

「If not, I won’t be called Senjukou you know」



She noticed only now huh.


「B-But……did you really read it?」



I took the cup that I brought for when reading manga, and casted magic.

The magic changed the cup to money.

Several coins, sensibly, a small change of a few hundred yen.


「This is?」

「The magic I learned right now. It seems like it’s a magic that changes the thing that it’s casted on into money on its suitable market price. Hmm, this is pretty useful. I might be able to make business using a pawnshop or second-hand shop as a pretext」


I won’t though.

I put down the Grimoire that I read just now, and reached out to a new one.


「Are still going to read?」

「Well, I would read. The more I read Grimoires, the more magic I would learn. To protect our lifestyle, I need to continue on reading more and more as long as there is free time」

「Is that so……」


Veronica went off of me.

She silently sat on my side.


「What is it」

「I just thought that, I shouldn’t get on the way」


「Why would you laugh!」


Veronica got angry.

Her face reddenedーーit’s very cute.


「Sorry, sorry. You don’t need to worry about that」




I made Veronica’s body float using magic.


「Wa!……t-this is?」

「A magic that makes things float. And with that, do the thing earlier」

「E〜to, was it like this」


Veronica did as she was told, and our pose became just like before.

The pose that she clings to my head.

It was heavy earlier, but this time, I used『Float』, the floating magic, so I can’t feel any weight at all.


「Ahh, it’s quite good」



「T-Then, I’ll cling on to you with no reserves」



I nodded, and started to read Grimoires with Veronica clinging to me.

This time, it’s a 4-panel manga, so I could read it quicker than the one earlier.

When I was around the middle, Veronica’s hand suddenly reached out, and flipped the page.



「What is it?」



I shook my head, and read the Grimoire once again.

After a while, after I finished reading the pageーーa hand reached out once again, and flipped the page.

Just like earlier, it was flipped on the timing that I finished reading it.


「Veronica? Can you read this?」


「Then, why?」

「I just thought, that it’s probably about time that the page would be flipped. I just felt it somehow with looking」

「At the Grimoire?」

「At your face desu wa」

「My face……you can know it with that?」

「It is my husband’s after all」


She answered immediately.

It’s a little embarrassing.


「Here, stop dawdling, and continue reading now」



I continued to read the Grimoire.

And finally, I completely put away my hand.

I placed the Grimoire down, and just read it.

And Veronica would flip the page for me in a good timing.

It’s similar to the system controlling a computer with eyesight, but it’s incomparably comfortable.

My wife clings to me, and would flip the page of a manga for me.

My heart got warm; it’s a wonderful moment.

On the other hand, I could hear something calling out “Die you riaju”.

And just like that, when I finished reading the Grimoire, this time, I was sucked into a different space.

It’s a completely dark space where nothing exists, and I was absorbed into it with Veronica.


「We met again Lucio, This timーー」

「『Black Hole』」


I instantly killed the face I’m familiar with and returned to the world I was before


「W-What was that right now?」

「It somehow happens, a trap. After reading a Grimoire completely, I’d get sucked inside, and be forced to battle against Demon King Balthazar」

「Demon King Balthazar, you say, “that”?!」

「You know him huh. Un, “that”」


I let out a sigh.


「Oh really, going on the way with my pleasant time with my wife」


I got pissed off so I killed him instantly in the middle of his words.


「I know right, going in the way of newlyweds, he should die getting kicked by a horse」


Veronica agreed.

I put down the trap Grimoire, and took a new one.

I read just the same, let her flip it for me, and actually test the magic I learned.

The afternoon that I spent just like that, it was a very fun one.


『Look, Papa! I had gotten nearer to materializing a littleーー』

「Get kicked by a horse right away!」


Veronica also gained tolerance to Chris, so today’s pretty much a fruitful day.











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