Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Make Miracle


Inside the library, I was reading Grimoires together with the King.


The Grimoire Genie, Chris was above us, and was sleeping while floating in the air.


Even though she was floating in the air, the look of her making a pillow with both of her hands was very cute.


Suddenly, I noticed.


The King turned the Grimoire’s page.


「A-re? Ou-sama, did you just turn a page right now?」


「You noticed huh」


The King made a bragging face.


「Actually, I could read the page right now」








「It’s thanks to Senjukou. Thanks to seeing that video, I could somehow read it」






The King nodded clearly.


It doesn’t feel like he’s lying. Including how he was imagining it in his head, it seems like he’s thinking of that seriously.


The video is, the anime that I made out of this Grimoire using magic. ……by the way, the voice actress was Sylvia and Nadia.


The King said that he might’ve been able to read because he saw that.


I understand the logic.


And I thought that that it would really be nice if that was true.


「At this pace, I can completely read this Grimoire by next year」


「Please do your best, Your Majesty. If there’s something that I can do, please tell me. I think that when it’s about Grimoires I can be of help」


「Umu, I’m counting on you, Senjukou」




With the two of us again, we read manga silently.


In a relaxing space, reading manga leisurely.


I was as usual, completely reading one, and one again.


The King was staring at the same page.



It was a very peaceful time.


「Anyone〜, is anyone here!」


A voice could be heard from the library’s entrance. It was a shout that was almost a scream.


The King and me, we both narrowed our eyebrows.


I stood up. The person in charge with this library is me, it is my role at times like this.


When I came to the entrance, Isaac was standing there.


「Nii-san? Why are you here?」




Isaac was with a smile. It was a smile full of confidence.


What is it? With that smile.


「Lucio, they said that you’re good with magic」




I thought what is he saying after all these times.


「A thousand magician who deciphered a thousand Grimoires, they said」


「Well, I’m being called by that」




He laughed the same way like earlier.


No, that’s enough really, so please tell what you’d come to do faster.


After Isaac puts on airs like that, he took out one book of Grimoire.


「That is?」


「Fufufu……『Make Miracle』」


Isaac used magic.


The magic powers enveloped himselfーーand made a small explosion.


His head was like *Po〜n*, exploded comically, and his head became frizzy.


「Oh〜, Miracle」


*PachiPachi*, I clapped my hands.


「No〜, it’s not like that. 『Make Miracle』」


He used the same magic once again.


This time, the magic powers wrapped Isaac and me.


I can feel a warm feeling……this is, recovery magic?


Isaac’s head returned to normal.


I was a little surprised.


「Nii-san, that is?」


「FuFuFu. 『Make Miracle』is one of the lost ancient magic. Every time it’s used, a different effect would happen, so it was a magic that was sealed because it was too dangerous」




A magic that has different effects every time huh, well that’d be really dangerous.


「Lucio, you said that you remembered a thousand magic, but. It’s not like that. It’s not numbers, it’s quality. With this kind of things, even one should be enough」


I see, that’s why he came to brag.


「……ne〜, can you let me see that?」


「What? Are you thinking that I’m lying? Alright」


He said that and passed me the Grimoire.


「Ah, isn’t this a magazine?」




Isaac was dubious.


「U〜un, it’s nothing」


I pretended like it’s nothing, and continued to read.


It was a type of manga that I would read first in this world.


It’s not only one creation, but with many drawings, it’s a manga that is filled with different stories into one book.


I somehow saw it as a manga magazine.


「Hmph, it’s useless to even if you act like you can read it while flipping the pages, how long do you think I readーー」


I read it until the end, closed the book, and used the magic.


「『Make Miracle』」




Isaac was surprised.


*Shi〜n*. Nothing happened.


「Y-You surprised me. Nothing’s happening ain’t it」




Isaac couldn’t felt it, but me who used it can feel it.


「From above……it’s coming」




Immediately after, that happened.


The meteor that fell from the sky crashes through the ceiling and fell behind Isaac.


He fell forward because of the shockwave, making an idiotic posture, standing on fours.


「It even make meteors fall huh, I shouldn’t use this carelessly」


Make Miracle, un, I’ll seal it and try to not use it again.


「What happened, Senjukou」


The King came out. He was surprised with the hole peeking in the ceiling.


「This is?」


「I’m sorry, I used it because I remembered a new magic, but it was a magic that makes meteors fall」


I apologized to the King.


The King was surprised looking at the ceiling at first, but he immediately made a kind smile.


「Is that so, is that so, then, it can’t be helped」


「I’m sorry」


「Well no, Senjukou should be like that. From now on, you should continue to use magic that you learn as much as you want」




「By the way, who is this」


He looked at Isaac and said.


Probably because it was in front of a stranger, the King was on disguised mode.


「E〜to, myーー」


「I have no name for you to call!」


Isaac stood up very quickly, and keeps up his appearances.


To act like the idiotic posture on fours was nothing, he was more than usually (it might be as usual though) , acted arrogantly.


「Is that so」


The King wasn’t angry, but his eyes weren’t smiling.




「Lucio! Are you alright! Right now, something amazing fell right here right」


This time, Ojii-san rushed in.




「Un? Isn’t it Isaac. What are you doing here?」


「E〜to, I am……」


It was Isaac who was cringing towards Ojii-san.


「Stop wasting your time here and go study and work」


「I-I got it okay」


Isaac was going back reluctantly.


He grabbed away the Grimoire from me, and was going outside.


「Your Majesty the King, I had brought something good today」


「Umu? What is that, good thing」


「Your Majesty the King?」


Isaac stopped. *GiGiGi*, he looked towards us.


Ojii-san who was talking to the King, he saw that, and had a blue face.


「Y-Your Majesty the King?」


I nodded without saying anything.


Un, that’s right.


This person, is the King.


Isaac’s face was more and more bluerーーand ran away from this place.


……you’d run away huh, at least apologize before you go.


「What happened with Isaac」


「Who knows?」


I pretended I didn’t know. Because I thought that the King probably didn’t mind it.


He’s thinking of it like it’s nothing, in both good and bad meanings.


That’s why, I didn’t do anything.


And in that time, Ojii-san and the King entered the library.


「Rather than that, what is that good thing you sad」


「It’s this」


「This is……Senjukou when he was younger huh!」




「Umu, I asked someone who could use magic that can leave behind the appearances to leave it. It’s my collection」


「Umu, how splendid」


The two Ojii-sans were having a blast.


Just like Isaac, I wanted to run away from this place.












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