Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Papa and Mama and Grimoire Genie


「Fu〜……I should call it a day」


Inside the library, I stretched after reading Grimoire manga the whole day.


I cracked my body, and rubbed my eyes.


With only today, I learned more than 30 kinds of magic, but because of that, I was really tired.


「Eh〜, let’s read more」


「I should continue tomorrow, I’m tired after that」






「Ne〜ne〜, it’s enough today, but can you read more tomorrow?」






「Who are you!!」


I replied normally, but I realized it was strange in the middle of it.


I quickly turned my head to my side, a see-through girl there.


Even though I said see-through, it’s not her clothes, it’s her whole body.


The girl who was about around a high school girl, had a transparent body that I can see through, and on top of that, she was floating in the air.


「……are you a ghost?」


「U〜n, a little different. If I were to say, a genie I guess?」


The girl thought for a bit, and answered.


「Ah! My name is Christina, you can call me Chris」


「Chris huh, I’m Lucio. And, what do you mean by genie?」


「Uhmm you know, I’m a Grimoire Genie」


「Grimoire? A genie of this huh」


I raised the one that I had read earlier and showed her.


She appeared after I read it, so I thought it was like that.


「U〜un, that’s wrong. Ah! Maybe it’s better if I say guardian spirit?」


「I can’t understand it more」


A ghost, a genie, a guardian spirit.


What is it really?


「Can you explain it more easily to understand」


「Because you read a lot of Grimoires, the magic powers of the Grimoires had piled up, and it was me who was created. Uhmm you know, everyone has a “seed” right. That seed grows up by the Grimoire’s magic powers, and when Grimoires are continuously read, something like me is born」




「He〜, you say, your reaction is too dull〜」


「Well no, even if you tell me it’s dull」


It means, because I read a ton of mangas, a genie was born from that manga, something like that huh.


「That’s why, can read more Grimoires?」


Chris made a pose, and asked for it.






She reached out her hand and tried to touch the Grimoire that I was holding.


But, she passed through. Well, she’s a ghost.


「I can’t touch right now, anything」




「But if you read more Grimoires, more magic powers would pile up, and the density of my body would go upーー」


「Ahh, you mean you can materialize more huh」


「Right! So, please. Read more Grimoires」


「I understand the story」


*Patan* I closed the Grimoire that I was reading, and returned it to its bookshelf.


*SutaSuta* I walked, and left the library.


「H-Huh, wait a minute〜」


Chris followed, she closely stuck to my side while flying.


「You can go out of there huh」


「Well, it’s natural I can〜. I can go wherever I want, and I can become anything I want」


「A line that’s like from a manga huh」


I thought that I read that from some manga.


「Rather than that, read more, ne!」




「Ne〜, Papa〜」


I stopped.


I looked at Chris with eyes widened.




「Un, Papa. You, my, Papa」


「Why broken words! I mean, what do you mean by Papa」


「You’re the one who made me, so you’re Papa right? Or do you want it Mama? “You’re going to be Mama!”, do you want me to say that?」


「What’s with those lines!」


「U〜n, it somehow appeared inside my head? I wonder what this is」


Chris had a face that she didn’t know herself.


She didn’t know where it came from huh.


Well, she’s something that materialized with the powers of manga, those things are probably inside her head.


……that’s an erotic way, though, that one.


「In any case, it’s enough today, I’m really tired」




「I’m going to read all of the Grimoires there, so be patient. Or is there a reason that you can’t wait for it」


「U〜un, there’s none〜」


Chris answered casually.


「It’s okay if Papa could read until he dies」


「Then behave and wait for it. I will take my time reading」


「Bu〜. I got it, I’ll do that」


I walked together with Chris.


Although I said that, Chris was only flying beside me who was walking inside the town.


「……nobody’s caring」


Nobody cared about the see-through girl that was flying, maybe they can’t see after all.


「By the way, is there someone else like you?」


「Someone like me?」


「Genie that appeared by reading Grimoires」


「There’s no one right now you know? I’m the third one after 5000 years」


「Is that Koshien!   I mean, it was that long huh, since the earlier person」


「Well, everyone can’t read it you know, Grimoires」


「……that’s true」


「Ah! But if to think that way, maybe Papa is great? A genius once in five thousand years」


She’s praising me too muchーーI thought, but it was the truth, so I didn’t mind.


「By the way」




「You’ll be the first one in history, if I completely materialize」




My heart was drawn by that a little.


Well, let’s take our time.


Things that needs to be done haven’t changed. It’s just reading manga.


And just like that without noticing, I came back to the mansion.


「I’m back〜」


「Welcome back, Lucio-sama」


*PataPata* Sylvia came out.


Sylvia saw me, and got petrified.


Precisely, she saw Chris who was beside me.




And just like that, she collapsed without saying anything.


I embraced her in a hurry. It was the same as the time with the cockroaches.


「Hey, what happened, Sylvia」


Sylvia was still unconscious and doesn’t answer.


I remembered what happened earlier, I asked Chris.


「Oi, don’t tell me, right nowーーcan she see you」


「It seems like that, I think that our eyes met」


「Oi wait, didn’t you say you cannot be seen」


「That should probably the case though……Ah!」


「What is it」


「That ring」




Chris pointed, there was Sylvia’s ring finger with our wedding ring that was infused with magic.


「Don’t tell me, is she Mama?!」


「Don’t say Mama!   I mean, she’s my wife though」


「Then, that’s it. Isn’t it natural that Mama can see?」


Chris said casually.


No, naturally, you say.


「But, amazing, Papa is only a child but already married」


「It you’re going to say how I look, stop calling me Papa」


「Eh〜, isn’t it alright, Papa is Papa you know」


I let out a sigh, and thought what I was going to do.


Suddenly, I noticed something.


The instance I noticed, that came.


「I’m back, ah! It’s Lucio-kunーーwho is this?」


Nadia came back from outside.


And as naturally, she could see Chris’ appearance.


「Mama again?!」


The lines are weird!

「Lucio-kun, who is she? Isn’t a little transparent?」


「Papa, amazing〜, you have two wives although you’re small〜」


「I’m Nadia. You are?」


「Christina. Call me Chris」


「Wa! I thought of shaking hands but it passed through. What is this, Lucio-kun」


「I couldn’t shake hands, Papa. Ne〜, hurry up and read more Grimoires」


Sylvia who was unconscious, Nadia who was really having fun, and Chris that has too many things to be mentioned.


Thinking of what was going to happen from now on, I already have a headache.


「Worries of a successful person right」


Shut up yap.









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