Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Defense Specialized and Conclusion


After a few seconds, the silvery-white fades and dissipates.

The fact that the ground was battered and gouged by the laser, said a lot about the laser’s strength.



On that battered ground, Kaede had stood while holding her large shield.

Risa also was able to escape the laser with sure death because of that solid protection.

Risa recovers Kaede’s HP with【Heal】.

While hiding behind Kaede, she recovers her MP by drinking MP potion.


「【Akujiki】, there’s only one left」

「Un, I know」


To stop that laser, she could only cut her【Akujiki】.

Although they were able to survive, it was in exchange for her precious damage source.

The battle situation is getting worse.


「If the laser would come again,【Cover Move】with full force. Don’t get too far away」


After Risa said very quickly, and ran towards the monster bird.

Kaede followed Risa and approached the monster bird.

While Risa was taking the monster bird’s attention, she is planning to hit it with【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】.



The monster bird violently pulled out its talon from the ground, and shot shards of ice while flying up.

Its target was Risa.

Risa knew about it.

That if the shards of ice that Kaede was able to receive easily hits her, it was the end for her.


Just like the time she fought with the giant fish, her concentration heightens to its limits.

The feeling of the shards of ices gradually getting slower, she was getting able to see slight gaps.

Risa twisted her body and dodged.

At times, bending, at times, leaping, and at times, blocking down those shards, she closed in to the bosom of the monster bird.


「【Double Slash】!」


While Risa was dodging its talons and shards, she doesn’t weaken her offense that is done with skills mixed.

The monster bird’s talons closed in to take Risa’s life, but they were dodged by Risa by paper’s width.

The more the monster bird attacks, the more its feet get slashed.




Small wounds that are continuously dealt.

The paralysis poison that gets stacked and piled up ties up the monster bird’s body.


「【Hydra(Poison Dragon】!」


That gap that Risa made while risking her life on it, there was no way for Kaede to let it get away.

The paralyzed monster bird that moves slowly cannot dodge the Poison Dragon.

For Kaede to be able to hit her huge skill, Risa supports with her full force.

And, Kaede answered to that properly.

The monster bird’s HP became 40% and a few.


「【Venom Cutter】!」


Kaede continued to attack. That that was shot from the magic circle in her sword’s tip, was far inferior to【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】but it certainly deals damage.

Risa also continues to shoot magic to deal more damage.



When the monster bird’s HP cuts 40%, the paralysis got cleared.

It targeted Kaede, and shots barrage of shards and strong winds.

Because these attacks doesn’t go through Kaede, she lowers her large shield to save her precious【Akujiki】.

While Kaede was receiving the shards attack, Risa was able to attack safely, so it can be said as a chance.

With Risa’s rush, the HP decreased to 35%.

But, for Risa to release firepower, the MP consumed was severe.

If she wouldn’t manage it properly, she wouldn’t be able to attack with full power at the best time.


The instance its HP was 35%.

The monster bird stopped its storm attack, and flew to the sky.

Kaede and Risa felt a bad feeling at the same time, and gathered in the middle.

The monster bird that flew up the sky where snow was falling, its white shining wings was dyed to jet black that would even swallow darkness.

At the same time, the monster bird’s HP started to decrease gradually, and when it became 10%, it stopped decreasing.



The monster bird raised a cry that made the atmosphere tremble.


「It’s coming!」

「I got it!」


To be ready for anything that would come, Kaede had the resolution of using the last【Akujiki】and made a stance with her large shield.





The jet black monster bird folded its wings and charged.

Even leaving behind its sound, it collided with Kaede’s large shield.

The last【Akujiki】took half of its HP bar, but there, the strongest large shield that protects Kaede lost its effect.

The monster bird’s talon attacked Kaede at high speed.


The large shield that she held broke.

Her armor was torn into pieces.


And her HP Bar was grinded to below 10%


「u, a……!」


To the too much of a damage, Kaede groaned. A black light overflows from the monster bird’s beaks.




Risa jumped.

Kaede’s best salvation, was that Risa did not stop thinking.


「【Cover Move】!!」


Using all her will power, Kaede’s body moved towards where Risa was, and dodged the laser that followed at the nick of time.


The monster bird charged to pursue.

Unreasonable and violent speed that even Risa’s forecast couldn’t catch up.

The instant before that attack pierced through Risa.




Kaede stood between the monster bird and Risa.

Although her HP Bar was only 10%, Kaede chose to make the most probably her last movement for this fight to protect Risa.


It’s just that, she wanted to do that.


The monster bird’s talon crushed her large shield and armor that got more sturdy with【Destruction Growth】, and tore Maple’s body.

A tremendous amount of damage effects scattered.








But still, Kaede didn’t collapse.

Only one millimeter of her HP bar remained, and a white effect covered her body.




That monster bird’s talon that was swung, Risa understood that that was the last chance in an instant, how Kaede was able to endure it or anything, she stopped thinking about Kaede and jumped towards the monster bird.



Kaede followed that with high speed.

In the short sword that she was holding, a violet colored magic circle shines.

After the monster bird swung its talon, it lost its balance. It, wouldn’t be able to dodge.



Risa became sure of victory.



But, in the instance when the monster bird’s eyes shined suspiciously and a jet black magic circle was created between the two, she understood that that was false.

An expression that could be taken as surprise and impatience emerges to the two’s faces, but they could not move any longer in the air.


Jet black magic bullets that were shot before the Poison Dragon.

The monster bird’s last trump card flew while swallowing the two.


The two got swallowed, and their appearance disappeared fleetingly.

That’s right, just like.


It was an illusion in a dream.







「How was my trump card?」


One instant after the magic bullets goes through, the space blurred and Risa appeared.

The last of the last.

For this one instant, 【Mirage】that she did not show.

And the monster bird that saw that for the first time was not able to see through the illusion.


「【Cover Move】!」


The real Kaede came close to Risa.

It was a zero range attack where the time for the monster bird to dodge does not exist.


「【Hydra(Poison Dragon】!」


Devoured by the Poison Dragon.

It raised a cry that echoed for long.


The monster bird already had its body sunken in the ground.

The white light that overflows from the monster bird was shining as if you bless the two.







「We did it……we won…」

「I’m tired… I want to sleep」


While collapsing in the battered hall, the two whispered.


「That’s right. What was that Maple’s skill? The one that endured the last attack」

「Wait a minute okay… it’s the skill called【Unyielding Guardian】, it’s a large shield exclusive skill that can be taken when covering an ally when HP is below 10%. Only once every day, it would endure any attack with 1 HP, it says」

「Ahh, I see. That kind of skill huh……I only raised my level by the way… I mean, Maple’s HP is only 1 right now?! 【Heal】!」


A warm light enveloped Kaede, and recovers her HP.

With this, she wouldn’t die from something sudden.

The two stood up and started exploring.


「The monster bird is in the sea of poison, so exploration, I’m counting on you」

「What would Sally do?」

「I’ll go look at the bird’s nest」


The two separated and starts their own exploration.

A treasure box did not appear, so there should be a reward that has the same worth somewhere.

Kaede advanced in the sea of poison while splashing, and went towards where the monster bird was.


「Ah!! Materials are dropped!」


What was dropped, were four black talons that even pierced through Kaede, and three pieces of white feathers.

It could be guessed that all of them were high-graded materials.


「Maple〜! Come here for a bit〜!」


Risa shouted from inside the huge bird’s nest.

Kaede ran with a trot, and asked Risa from below.


「Should I go up?」

「Un! Come with【Cover Move】」

「Okay〜! 【Cover Move】!」


Kicking the wall and jumping, when Kaede reached where Risa was, what she saw were two eggs, and five medals.


「This… the monster bird’s?」

「No, the size and colors are different… maybe it picked it up from somewhere…… I can’t tell what egg is it from」

「Will we also take this back?」

「That’s right. There’s an indication of whether it is going to be placed in the inventory or not, so… which one do you like better?」

「Can I choose first?」

「It’s okay〜! Please do what you like」


One was an egg with a deep green shell. The other one was an egg with a faint violet color.


「Then……I like green so this one!」

「Then, this one’s mine」


The two checked the egg’s information.


【Monster Egg】

Will hatch if incubated.



「There’s only few information」

「I agree. I’d hate it if a monster would only hatch, but… maybe we’ll be able to tame it〜…」


In this game, there is no summoners or tamers to the possibility is low, but thinking of the monster bird’s subjugation difficulty, it might be a special reward.

The two, for the meantime, decided to bring the egg with them.


The materials are two talons each for the two, and in return of being able to choose the egg first, Risa took two feathers.

The two went out of the nest, and walked towards the magic circle.


「There’s three magic circles?」


As Kaede has said, there were three magic circles that appeared.

It should be proper to think that they are connected to completely different places.


「Sally, which one should it be?」

「There’s also no【Akujiki】, so a place where few battles would be good…」


Risa walked around while thinking for a while, and stopped in front of one of the magic circles.


「This one!」

「Okay〜! Then, let’s go!」


The two entered the magic circle, became light and disappeared.

What remained was the battered ground, the proof that a fierce battle happened here.











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