Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Defense Specialized and Teleport Destination


The light that covered the two’s sight disappeared.

And at the same time, Kaede readied her large shield to be alert for the pre-emptive attack, but the powerful attack that they were fearing of did not come.

All the more so, there was no monster anywhere.

The two continued to be on alert while confirming the surroundings.

In there, was a very wide circular space.

The walls were covered by blue shining crystals, and the ceiling was open.

From the sky, snow was falling.

And, one part of the crystal on the wall ahead was protruding, on it was a huge bird’s nest.

But, it seems that the nest’s owner was not there at the moment.


「Okay〜…… I got it. A bird-type boss would absolutely come. Maybe I can’t use【Ocean】」

「What should we do? You want to approach the bird’s nest?」

「……but carefully. Probably, it would come when we approached」


The two, while on alert, advances towards the bird’s nest.

There were only five meters left before the bird’s nest.


At that instant, together with a roaring sound, something was shot at high speed towards the hall from high up in the sky.

But, the two who was on alert could barely jump back and was able to dodge.

Those were sharp-edged ice.

And following that, a monster bird that has feathers white as snow swoops.

Glaring eyes, sharp beaks, and talons, bearing the dignity of strong beings, the monster bird descended to the hall.

The path of reconciliation does not exist from the start.

It was the start of the battle.


The monster bird emerges a magic circle on its sides.

From there, ice shards that were shot, covering almost all of their sight.




Kaede lowers her large shield and stood in front of Risa.

If she received these shards, it was because that the number of uses of【Akujiki】would disappear in an instant.


「Yosh! It isn’t piercing!」


Kaede received those shards with her body, and nullified it.

It seems that the monster bird was more intelligent than normal monsters, after it understood that its attack wouldn’t go through, it combined the magic circles into one, and shot ice that was the same with what it shot from the sky.

In exchange for power, a chance appeared.

Risa jumped into that chance.



「【Cover Move】!」


Forcefully catching up to Risa, there was only a distance of three meters between the monster bird.

When it was only one step before the monster bird, the monster bird raised harsh cries.

The white magic circle, spreads out the whole floors of the hall.


「This is bad……!」


With explosive sounds, piercing through the hall’s floor, large thorns of ice grew. It reached one meter in height covering all of the floor.


But, in the exception of Kaede’s surroundings.

Within the snow clouds were fluttering down, Kaede adjusted her large shield towards the floor.


「…………I’m saved! Nice, Maple!」

「There’s only 6 times left of【Akujiki】okay!」



Risa kicked the thorns of ice and approaches the monster bird as if to jump.

Because the footings were bad, she was not able to stop somewhere.

The monster bird tries to capture Risa with its talons, its speeds was even equal to that of Risa’s.


「【Super Acceleration】!」


The sudden acceleration made the monster bird react late for an instant. And, in this rapid changing battle situation, that was a fatal mistake.


「【Cover Move】!」


The large shield that Kaede swung who closed the distance in an instant, devoured its talons together with its feet that were used to attack Risa.


The monster bird cries in a loud voice because of its anger and pain.

But, that movement only opens a chance.


「【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】」


The three-headed poison dragon devours the monster bird.

Kaede landed on the top of the melted ice that was melted by the poison that fell, and Risa looked at it from a place a little far away.


An unbelievable cold air was emitted from the monster bird, and the poison that covered the monster bird was frozen.

And, *Parin*, together with that high-pitch sound, it shatters and fell down with a glittering shine.


「It’s HP Bar was only decreased by 10%?!」

「No way…!」


For the two who had planned to finish it quickly with Kaede’s fast attack, its HP amount was higher than expected.

Without minding the two who were surprised, the thorns of ice that grew around the monster bird broke and gathered.

And after a few instances, it was shot as a bullet.


「【Cover Move】! 【Cover】!」


Kaede who moved in front of Risa lowered her large shield and received the deadly bullets.

Red effects were emitted from her body.


「Kuu!… it’s piercing!【Meditation】!」


Because of the【Cover Move】’s demerit, the damage would be doubled if it goes through. With each attack, Kaede’s HP Bar was definitely decreasing.




The method that they took when there is a piercing attack that could not be helped with was, Kaede would【Meditate】and Risa would repeatedly use【Heal】from behind.

With this, she can endure until there’s a chance.

Twenty seconds of endurance.

The blizzard of ice had stopped, and the rugged grounds only remains.


「Let’s go!」



The two ran in opposite directions.

It was Risa which the monster bird targeted. The monster bird charged with fierce speeds.




Saying cheers to herself, she fixed her eyes on the monster bird.

Together with it charging, shards of ice flew.

But, because it was while it was charging, so there were many open holes within those shards.

If it was Risa, it was easy for her to dodge them.




Risa saw through the monster bird’s charge, and jumps over its body at the last minute.




In that chance, using【Status Debuff Attack】, she did not forget to inject paralysis poison while slashing through it.

It is because if this paralysis poison piles up stacks, it might create a fatal chance.


The decrease of its HP bar was very little it couldn’t be seen in it, but its not like it was not decreasing.

The monster bird turns around, spread its wings and fluttered.

With storm winds, the ice shards on the ground were caught up and closed in irregularly.

Risa jumped sidewards with leap to escape the range of the storm winds.


「【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】」


Waiting for Risa to get through, the poison dragon closed in to the monster bird.

The monster bird that was targeted after it fluttered, was not able to face Kaede’s attack with a perfect condition.

One of the three heads of the poison dragon hit its body.


「【Wind Cutter】【Fire Ball】!」


If there was a chance, Risa also changes to the offense. They need to accumulate as much damage as possible.

The poison that entangled it once again became ice and was shook off.


Probably feeling that the poison dragon was a threat, the monster bird charged to Kaede.

Because shards of ice do not have an effect to Kaede, there should be no problem with this movement.

It’s charged closed into Kaede who didn’t even seem to dodge.


Its talons, was swung intended to tear apart Kaede’s body.

The large shield, was swung devouring the body of the monster bird.


The monster bird bent backwards while scattering flashy damage effects.

Kaede swings again her large shield in pursuit of a chance.

From Kaede’s body also, there was a small red damage effects scattering.

The monster birds’ attack was able to deal even a damage to Kaede who had more than 1000 VIT without using piercing skills.


But, it was clear to anyone which one paid a greater sacrifice.

The HP Bar on the top of the monster bird’s hear was decreased to only 70%.




There was no way that Risa would let that chance escape, and jumped to the back of the monster bird that was stunned by Kaede’s attack.




The monster bird’s back as its center, water had spread.

That steeped the monster bird in an instant.

When the monster bird starts to go on a rampage with its angry voice, Risa had already jumped off.

The monster bird’s speed fell.


「【Hydra(Poison Dragon】!」


There was no way for the monster bird that had its speed falling to dodge that attack.

Its HP decreased furthermore.


「【Double Slash】!【Fire Ball】!」


Kaede grinds the monster bird in-fight.

Risa checks for chances while injecting paralysis poison by hit-and-away.

And there, Kaede’s large shield once again devoured the monster bird.

The monster bird’s talons also had ground Kaede’s HP bar to half, but it wasn’t enough to be fatal.


The monster bird’s HP bar was cut in half.

At that time.


The monster bird took distance from the two, and pierced its talons to the ground very deeply.


Its beaks were greatly opened, and a magic circle that was about double Kaede and Risa’s size spread.

The two instinctively sensed the danger after that.


「【Cover Move】!【Cover】!」


The next instant that Kaede shouted.


The two’s sight were covered completely by a silvery-white laser.







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