Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Defense Specialized and Underground Lake Capture


532 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

did everyone already went to second stage? I entered the second stage safely


533 Name : Nameless Spear User


I just won earlier and entered second stage


534 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

I also safely won


535 Name : Nameless Magic User

I also

I won

I did it


536 Name : Nameless Bow User

somehow, I also reached second stage


537 Name : Nameless Spear User

a-re? aren’t we pretty strong


538 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

when I was raising my level so that I can follow Maple-chan when she goes to the second stage…


I arrived the front lines


539 Name : Nameless Bow User

the same happened to me


539 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

and Maple-chan though

it looks like she’s not yet on second stage

I mean, it shows that she’s in a party in my friend list though


540 Name : Nameless Bow User

I saw probably saw that


541 Name : Nameless Magic User


give us more details with that


542 Name : Nameless Bow User

I dunno the name but she’s wearing beginner equips so I think it’s a friend irl


543 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

what’s her weapon?


544 Name : Nameless Bow User

it was short sword yo


545 Name : Nameless Magic User

that’s surprising

I was thinking it was a magician or an archer


546 Name : Nameless Spear User



547 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

well, that formation isn’t good fighting with a pair

but…it’s Maple-chan’s friend right

who knows if she really is a normal beginner

maybe she is also the same “beginner” type as Maple-chan


548 Name : Nameless Magic User

that’s possible


548 Name : Nameless Bow User

Maple-chan「Full build is strong you know!」

Friend「Really?! Then I’ll do that!」




549 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

a party with two Maple-chans huh

there’s nothing that can be done with that


550 Name : Nameless Spear User

hey guys, calm down

it’s a short sword user you know


550 Name : Nameless Magic User

ahh that’s right

somehow, I instinctively imaged a large shield


551 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

if it’s short sword, then AGI specialized?


552 Name : Nameless Bow User

but, that doesn’t seem very strong


553 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

well, no defense powers so it ends with one hit right

on top of that, zero fire power


554 Name : Nameless Spear User

well, she will probably show that by herself soon

when’s the next event again?


555 Name: Nameless Large Shield User

about a month from now, it looks like they’re going to accelerate game time from real life

then, even is for two hours, and because of the time acceleration, they said participation and leaving isn’t allowed

it looks like the game management shortened the span time of the previous event


556 Name : Nameless Magic User

game management, super competent


557 Name : Nameless Spear User

if it’s still a month, she probably would train

and play style will show too

we can determine with that


558 Name : Nameless Large Sword User

ah〜next event, come faster〜

I’m so curious about that girl’s skills〜


Not having any clues of that conversation being held.

Kaede and Risa was spending their time fishing and swimming at the underground lake. Even that is said, Kaede sometimes goes outside and lays around, and do the strange movement of using 【Provoke】 and be attacked by monsters.

She was thinking of taking the damage reduction skills after her new shield is made so she was looking for a new skill.

By the way, today, it was already two weeks since Risa had started.

It’s not like the two are logging in at the same time.

Risa also plays in different times, and gains a lot of skills that are very easy to take other than 【Swimming I】 and 【Diving I】.

While the two of them are steadily readying up for the event, they are staying the underground lake that might have a dungeon in the bottom of it.


「Puhaa…! Ha〜…Ha〜…how long did I dove?」


Risa raised up to the water surface and asked Kaede the time.


「I-It’s amazing! 40 minutes!」

「Having the 【Swimming X】 and 【Diving X】 means…this is my current maximum limit…so if I don’t reach one way within 20 minutes I’ll drown huh…」

「How about I’ll send a message using the friend chat after 20 had passed? The notice sound echoes inside the head so I think you’ll notice」

「Nice idea, Maple! Then…can I count you on it?」

「Leave it to me! Enjoy diving〜!」

「I’ll be going!」


Risa dove in the water with amazing speed and entered the side hole.

As expected that hole goes through its back, and it stretches deeper and deeper, and Risa was swimming there as if she was a mermaid.

But, seeing that the roads are branching, Risa stopped her movements. It was because she was thinking that it was a one way path to its deepest part.

Risa was thinking that it was going to be hard, but going left and right, she was mapping on her head.

After moving forward for a while, the notice from Kaede reached her head.


Because monsters didn’t appear on the way, without irregularities, she was able to go back to where Kaede was.



「How was it?」

「There were a lot of branching paths…so I’ll end it for today after last one. Since I don’t know how deep it is」

「Then, I’ll notify you again okay」


Risa once again went to the bottom. Last time, she was able to go to the maze up to the middle, so she was moved there in the fastest way.

One more time, she checks every possibility and went deeper and deeper.

And just like that, at the same time the notification from Kaede came.

Risa saw a large pure-white door ahead of the passage.

Yosh, she made a small guts pose, and returned the way she came from. Risa needed to be fully prepared so that she wouldn’t let away the unique series.


「The boss room! I found it!…ha〜…ha〜…」


As soon as she emerges, she said that and did a high-touch with Kaede. The only thing left is whether she could win safely.


「I will charge to the boss room after taking a small break! Since, I had found it. What will Kaede do?」

「I think, I should logout soon for today」

「I see…I’m sorry making you go with me」

「I don’t mind at all! Do your best and win」



After saying that, Kaede was enveloped with light, logged out and disappeared.

The silence made Risa’s concentration higher.


「What should I do with the status…」




HP 32/32

MP 25/25〈+10〉


【STR 10〈+11〉】

【VIT 0】

【AGI 55〈+5〉】

【DEX 25】

【INT 10】





Right hand【Beginners Short Sword】

Left Hand【ーーー】


Shoes【Beginner’s Magic Shoes】






【Status Debuff Attack II】【Slash】【Double Slash】【Gale Slash (HayateGiri)】【Muscle Strengthening (Small)】

【Consecutive Attack Strengthening (Small)】【Double Attack】【Powered Attack】【Switch Attack】【Body Arts I】

【Knowledge of Short Swords II】

【Fire Magic I】【Water Magic I】【Wind Magic I】

【Earth Magic I】【Dark Magic I】【Light Magic I】

【Fire Ball】【Water Ball】

【Wind Cutter】【Thunder Cutter】

【Dark Ball】【Refresh】

【MP Strengthening (Small)】【MP Cut (Small)】

【MP Recovery Speed Strengthening (Small)】【Knowledge of Magic II】

【Fishing】【Swimming X】【Diving X】【Cooking I】

【Mining Speed Strengthening (Small)】【Sensory Blocking II】

【Sensory Awareness II】【Stealth Move I】【Leap I】

【Poison Resistance (Small)】


「The 35 status points, I won’t place them yet……I’ll win by dodging」


The ridiculous skill set was what Risa collected by cutting off her sleep.

About MP, there was 7 MP consume cut.

Recovery speed +50%. MP +10


In strength

STR +50%

When consecutive attacks, the power increase is maximum STR +100%.


「Yosh! Let’s go!」


After Risa made her strategic plan, she returned quickly to the large pure-white door.


The door opened slowly. Inside was a spherical room, and half of it was submerged in water.

The most happy thing for Risa, was there was oxygen. With this, she didn’t need to prepare for a quick fight to end.


「Puha…well then〜…Come!」


Risa’s eyes were dyed with serious color. And as if to answer that, a light concentrated and made a shape, and a giant pure-white fish appeared.

The giant fish uses its giant body for a charge attack.

Risa completely saw through that with its movements, twisted her body to dodge it in a fine line, and while passing through she used her red shining short sword to cut through the scales and meat a little.




Under the red light, what dyed the blade with a poisonous violet was 【Status Debuff Attack II】

That will fill the body of the giant fish with poison.

It was only a little damage, but the giant fish’s HP was surely being shaved slowly.

The giant fish turned around, and charged again.

Risa dodged that the same way, and shaved its body.


「【Wind Cutter】!」


A few red damage effects shone in the water. The magic that has the strongest power Risa had, has enough powers to slightly damage its scales.

With the charge that was done repeatedly, Risa couldn’t be injured.

And the giant fish’s HP bar had been reduced to 80%.

In this time, Risa heightened her concentration, and focused on the giant fish’s movements.

The charge that was repeated the same might’ve looked the same for normal players looked very different to Risa. It was clearly, slower.


The giant fish stopped the charge in the middle of it, and released a AOE attack to its front using its tail.

But, that also didn’t reached Risa.

Risa had predicted the timing of the movement pattern changing by looking at the reduction of the enemy’s HP bar on the top of its head.

She saw through the AOE attack precisely from its body length, and by stepping back once, the tail fin passes by in front of her. And she cuts through that tail fin with a skill.


「【Double Slash】!」


Risa who didn’t receive an attack from the giant fish until now has her consecutive attack damage up on its maximum.

Deeper until now, the red effect entered the giant fish’s tail fin twice.

And at the same time. It’s movement were slowed by the paralyze poison poured to the enemy by the 【Status Debuff Attack II】.


「【Power Attack】!」


To the giant fish that dulled its movements, the short sword was stabbed to its hilt. Risa quickly pulled it away and took distance. The giant fish’s HP was cut to 50%.

It was the time its movement pattern changes.

In the both sides of the giant fish’s body, a white magic circle emerges and bubbles emerges from that.


「【Water Ball】!」


When Risa hit the bubbles with magic, the bubbles exploded with loud sounds. That bubble couldn’t be touched.

While running away from the giant fish, Risa made the bubble explode with water magic and made an escape path.

Risa who was running around noticed that the giant fish’s movement pattern was to run after her where she had gone through just like a tracking type.

If it was like that, she thought.

While running away she turned back and made the bubbles explode using water magic. Risa adjusted her body through that instant opening.


「【Power Attack】!」


The red effect remained one a one straight line on the giant fish’s back.

The giant fish that was deeply cut from its head to its tail lost 20% of its HP bar. And turning back just like that she cut the tail fin with blade a few more times.

In that instant when it turned back to run after Risa. The barrage of bubbles that couldn’t follow the speed of its body became thin.

And Risa wouldn’t let that go away.


「【Wind Cutter】!」


The blades of winds that passed through the bubbles made a deep wound on the giant fish’s head. And finally, the giant fish’s HP Bar was cut to %20 and was dyed red.

And at the same time. The magic circle on the side of the giant fish disappeared, and the room was submerged in water.

A magic circle that spawns exploding bubbles appeared on the walls in all sides.

*Kapa* the giant fish opened its large mouth. From inside of its mouth a magic circle that shines stronger than the bubble magic circle.

Risa’s sensor from all the games that she played made her body move instinctively.

Soon after, a high-speed water laser was shot straight where Risa was before.

Risa got anxious. To dodge that the next time, luck will be needed.

And the bubbles were catching up.

This is bad. This is bad.

The anxiety stops her thinking.


It should be calm at times like these.

Risa said to herself. Calming her anxious heart and focused deeply.

Just as if time had stopped.

The bubbles, the laser, and even the giant fish’s movement.

Slow, it had become slower.

The dangerous place, the safe place, she knew it as if they were in the palm of her hands.

The subtle movement of the enemy’s body, its sight.

She predicted where will be the laser shot.

She predicted where the barrage of bubbles would go next where it would be dangerous with the position of the bubbles right now, and she went earlier to make an escape route. Comparing it with her experience before, create the next, next move for the most efficient path to survive.

That can already be called future prediction.

Overwhelming player skill that was almost a cheat.


「【Wind Cutter】」

The magic that was silently shot, got through the bubble curtain beautifully and hit the giant fish every time.

And finally.


The giant fish’s HP bar became empty.










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