Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Defense Specialized and Fishing Day


「Ohh! The town looks like this〜!」





Risa looked around, and raised a voice happily. Looking at Risa to herself at the start of the game, she thought about it nostalgically.


「Kaede’s…oh-to……that’s dangerous. The difference between the looks of Maple’s equipment are too high it feels bad」


Risa rephrased it to her player name and talked.

Kaede also need to be careful to not call Risa by Risa.


「Ahaha, well you only have beginner’s equipments」


Risa and Kaede immediately registered as friends, and when they made a party, she showed Kaede her status.




HP 32/32

MP 25/25


【STR 10〈+11〉】

【VIT 0】

【AGI 55〈+5〉】

【DEX 25】

【INT 10】





Right hand【Beginners Short Sword】

Left Hand【ーーー】


Shoes【Beginner’s Magic Shoes】








「You raised many kinds of status huh」

「This is normal you know! …I didn’t raise VIT,MP, and HP for the mean time right now」


「Dodging everything, if it was no damage, HP and VIT isn’t needed right! I’m still not sure if I’m going to use magic…so MP and INT is okay if its low for now. STR is because I want to use some weapons」

「You’re thinking a lot huh〜」


Because Kaede only needed to raise her VIT after levelling up, so she doesn’t need to think about anything.


「Fufufu…there are a lot of things needed to be thought about compared to a person who has no damage from attacks. Now that I think about it…wasn’t the 3rd prize an equipment?」


Risa was curious because they were still the equipments that she had heard.


「That was commemoration medal. I was expecting that it might’ve been an equipment though〜」

「Well…it’s not sure that it would still be like that the next event〜……oh-to, then? …where are we going right now?」


When Kaede said that the destination was to the underground lake, *FumuFumu* Risa nodded. Looks like she has an idea.


「If it’s that, leave it to me! I have a great idea…」


Kaede listened to her honestly.


Risa was sprinting towards the underground lake. Even inside the game, moving a lot will make the brain tired and the movement dulls, but this has individual differences with players.

Depending on how good the brain works, differences between reaction and stamina will have effects on player skills.

The reason why Risa can run this much was because she was used to VR.

And Kaede at that time.


She was clinging on Risa’s back.

She removed all her usual heavy equipments, so there might be more people who wouldn’t know it was Maple.

STR stats are not relevant on equipping armors, but

if it was carrying, STR is needed the more armor there is.

That is the reason that she removed her equipments.


「Three wolf-type monsters ahead! Maple!」


「I understa〜nd〜!」


Saying that, Risa put Kaede down and took a distance.

Risa who has high AGI carry Kaede and runs to the underground lake, and if there is an enemy encounter she puts down Kaede to fight them, with that division of roles, they arrived at the underground lake one fifth of the time it would take for Kaede to go alone.


「Ohhhhh! It was very fast!!」


Kaede, re-equipping, said that.

Risa was proud because she was useful immediately.


「Fufufu…kneel before me〜!」

「Ha,haー! Sally-sama〜!」


With the farce moderately, the two started fishing. Risa also bought her fishing rod, so they lined and waited together after hanging a thread towards the lake.

And an hour after they started fishing.


「I-It’s finally the third one!」

「Oh, it got hooked again!」


The fishing result was, 3 fishes for Kaede.

And 12 fishes for Risa.


「Thanks to coming here on level 1, just killing the fished fishes, my level went up」

In fact, Risa’s level rose to 6.

In addition.


「【Fishing】skill get〜! …my first skill is 【Fishing】huh…I can’t say that Maple is weird huh〜」


【Fishing】skill requirement needs more than 20 DEX so it a skill Kaede wouldn’t have forever.


「Won’t Sally use the status points?」

「I will do that after taking a few skills. Fighting style can be decided by skills…so I thought I should keep the status points. I can fight decently with base stats too」

「You’re good〜 you advanced player〜!」

「Well, it’s true I played a lot of games」


After saying that, they continued fishing for another hour.

Kaede’s fishing result hadn’t changed.

But Risa who gained the skill 【Fishing】 her fishing results became 20 fishes.


「How is it? Is it enough?」

「U〜n…last hour…is it okay?」

「It’s okay〜! But, I want to test something…so instead of fishing, can I go hunt by diving?」

「It’s okay, but can you do something like that?!」

「I think it’s possible. I mean, it is Maple who was testing ridiculous things up until now you know? I think that if it’s with my AGI, I could probably kill at least one fish in a school? Since, I’m good in swimming」


After saying that, Risa jumped to the underground lake.


「Then, do your best〜!」

「Un! I’ll go hunt a lot〜」


After saying that, Risa dove. And just like that, Risa who swam around the underground lake returned after an hour. She was breathing heavily, but you wouldn’t think that she was sprinting earlier with her stamina that was left.


「After getting 【Swimming I】 and 【Diving I】, it got easier!」


After saying that, Risa took out 80 pure-white scales from her inventory.


「C-Can I have this?」

「I don’t need it too…in exchange, you should help me the next time」

「Then, with that! I promise I’ll help you」


Kaede thankfully placed the 80 pieces of scales to her inventory. And there, Risa started talking with a serious face.


「Ne〜…Maple. If I was correct, wasn’t the dungeon found right now only two?」

「Uhmm…Un, that’s right」

「At the bottom of the underground lake, there was a small side hole」

「……! That is!」


Risa who couldn’t hide her excitement nodded.


「It might be a dungeon’s entrance…but…」

「Un…I can’t go right」


With Kaede’s status, she wouldn’t be able to dive decently. If she drowns, its her first death.


「That’s why, I’m thinking of capturing it carefully. I might also get a unique series just like Maple…that’s why…」


When Kaede understood what Risa was trying to say, she said, interrupting her.


「Un, I’ll help you to come to the underground lake! I can return the debt instantly!」

「I thought that you would tell that! As expected of Maple!」

「Ehehe〜it’s not that much〜!」


They only needed to logout to return, so to increase the level of 【Swimming】 and 【Diving】 Risa once again, started swimming.









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