Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 061

Chapter 061 


“Sera, you can speak as usual.”


When I finished my greetings, Grandpa gave me permission to speak casually.

Just in case, I looked at the other party, and he nodded as well.


Thank goodness, thank goodness.


“So? Why am I here again? What do you need?”


He looked surprised at how my actions changed.

Sorry for my bad upbringing.


O-Oh, umu. Actually, I heard about your blessing. So I’ve come to ask Sir Arius to lend me your strength.”




Blessing… he’s talking about my skill, huh.

And, I have two skills.

I’m sure there are other people who can do something similar to my [Prayer] without asking me, so it should be [Mira’s Blessing].

But why again?






I raised the altitude of my [Floating Orb] that matches the height of the chair, and raised my right leg as well.

Then, I started to dangle it to show Grandpa the [Scarlet Bee’s Needle].


“Wait, wait.”


Did he get what I was trying to say? Grandpa began to explain.


House Feld seems to be a noble from the same faction as House Müller who invests in the farm that I go to verify my skill.

And, just like here, the harvest is delivered from the farm, but during that time, a servant who received the harvest noticed that the person who came to deliver it was strangely net.

And then, he reported it to Brams, this uncle sitting in front of me, who is also the head of their household.

After investigating, he found me, and contacted Grandpa… 


“Fumu, fumu.”


Listening to that report I looked at the uncle once again.

I can tell he’s muscular even from above his clothes.

His face is also fleshy and he looks very masculine.

And his hair is… a bit receding?


Is that it? Do they want me to take that challenge?

I felt like I could do it, but I refrained from doing it because it wouldn’t be funny if it instead take it all away…


“It can’t be helped~.”


I raised my spirit while opening and closing my hands.

It’s true that I was a little curious.


“W-Wait, no. It’s not me.”


He seemed to have noticed where I was aiming from my line of sight, and stopped me in a hurry.

Leaving that aside, what does he mean by that?

Since it’s not him, is it someone else?


“What I want to ask for is my wife.”


“Your wife?”




Well, if it’s beauty related, I guess women like it more? But she didn’t come personally…

What does it mean? Seeing me with that look, the uncle starts explaining.


“Actually, my son is getting married. The other party is the eldest daughter of an Earl Household, and although they don’t own a territory, they have been involved in internal affairs in the royal capital for a long time.”


“Reiserk is by no means a large territory, but it is located near the northern border and is a starting point for trade. They were also involved with foreign diplomacy for generations, but they also feel that gathering power from the inside as well would not be bad. The marriage this time is a good opportunity.” 


Grandpa supplemented.

Since it’s in the north, could it be near Balka or something?


“Usually I stay in our territory while my father stays in the royal capital, but because of preparations, my wife and I went to the royal capital more than half a year ago. We worked hard to improve our relationship with other households using this opportunity, but…”


He seems to be at a loss for words.

When I glanced at Grandpa. Ji, he supplemented again.


“As it overlapped with the academy’s enrollment season, there were many parties. They participated continuously in that. Brams worked out in the training ground, but his wife…”


Ohh… she got fat huh.”


Before their son’s wedding… such a blunder?


“Yeah. We were preoccupied with adjusting the number of guests and preparing for the ceremony, so we ended up putting it off. Her dress for the ceremony arrived the other day, but…”


“When is the ceremony?”


“Ten days later. My wife is now exercising her body on horseback and swords even today, but she probably won’t be able to make it in time. She might even hurt her body instead. I tried not letting her know about you, but I hope you accept my request. I beg you!”


He puts his hand on the desk and lowers his head.

Ten days or so huh~, I guess it’s tough if you try to lose weight normally.


“Since Grandpa introduced him, do you think I should accept?”


“Yeah. In addition to being from the same faction, I don’t have many connections with anyone other than military personnel. I think it’s a good opportunity to build relationships with the ladies, you know?”




“Only if Ojou-sama says yes, okay?”


There shouldn’t be a problem, but just in case.


“Thank you. I’m very grateful.”


Dealing with a noble madam huh… is it okay?







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