The Dungeon Seeker – Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 – Robbery in an Instant ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)









Inside the small shack, there filled a suffocating stinky smell.


The smell of mixed sweat, dirt, semen, and cum, that has fermented.


Under the light of the candle, two women were facing each other.


A red-haired girl who is wearing patched rugged clothes that seem to be in her twenties.


The one seating in front of her is a golden-haired young girl who is also wearing tattered clothes and has a hollow expression.


The red-haired girl loosened her freckle filled face, and smiled towards the golden-haired girl.


「Oh god……you’re also an unlucky one huh. Getting caught to be sold as a sex slave……to think that you’d get caught by a band of thieves with B-Rank bounty who are in that kind of business」


The on with a hollow expressionーーthe girl whose age is about late teens, answered like this while slightly loosening her cheeks.


「But, I feel blessed that I was able to meet Lemilia-san」


「Haha! Meeting me you say? Why is that?」


After thinking for a moment, the young girl straightly looked at Lemilia.


「Because……you’re kind, I guess. In this hell……you’re the only one who’s kind, and the you’re the only one, who has not given up, maintain positive thinking」


“Hmph”, Lemilia chortled at the girl.


「You’re thinking of me too much, I mean……I’m just a trainer of slaves that are, before being sold you know? Well, I’ll be serious to look after you then……」


“No”, the young girl shook her head to Lemilia’s words.


「From what I heard before……originally……Lemilia-san was also a slave right?」


「Yeah, just like you, from a deserted village……I was caught by them, and……」


「But, there’s the difference between heaven and earth from how they treat you compared to me」


「Well, that is……right?」


「Even if you are not able to run away from this place……even so, you are somewhat free, and at times, even money…… From a slave……you climbed up from there, and……I really think, that you’re amazing」


Lemilia who’s had eyes that looked faraway let out a very, very deep sigh.


「I didn’t climb up or something, it’s just that my treatment has gone better. Well, it was a difficult path to come up to where I am now from the lowest class of slaves. Every night, every night, I did it with the trained thieves……and I did well, charming their Head and became his lover. Before I became his lover, well yeah, I desperately served you know. To make him like me a little more, to make my status a little better, I thought」




Soft and kindly, Lemilia embraced the young girl’s shoulders.


「This place is hell, and in our whole life, absolutely……we cannot escape」




「But you know? Accepting that, using your head and do the efforts to advance to a better place in hell……it is something like you’ll be able to have a moderate living」


The young girl who had started to have tears in her eyes, let out a faint voice.


「In my whole life, will I really be……in hell?」


Lemilia gently embraced the young girl.


「Don’t worry, if you just listen to what they say, they won’t do something harsh…… And also, this place is only like hell, but it isn’t a hell that it’s 100% impossible to escape. From now on, if you serve them while using your head……fortune should come someday」


After saying that, Lemilia stood up, and prompted the young girl to stand up.


She then pulled the young girl’s hand, and walked towards the door connecting to outside of the shack.


「Again……in the open space where everyone’s eating……near the bonfire, for the whole night……doing it with everyone……?」


After the door had opened, Lemilia turned around and said.


「It’s something like a rite of passage. And when you’re actually sold, depending on your master, your treatment might be worse. Right now……you should study about it generally. It might be bitter for now, though……right, well, it would be better if you’d give up some things while it’s still early」


And while Lemilia was still speaking, the golden-haired young girl saw something in the wide open space, and had her eyes widening out.


The innocent expression of the young girl, rapidly turned blue.


Just like that, her knees gave away, and fell to the ground.


Behind Lemilia, the girl’s sight was into the bonfire in the wide open spaceーーmore specifically, to the stake……no, the spear that erects beside it.


「……Lemilia-san? What is……? What is that……?」


To the abnormal state of the young girl, Lemilia turned around.


After she had lost her words for a while, she called out to a bearded man nearby the shack.


「Hey, you guys, what the heck is going on here……? What the hell is that……?」


The man made a leering smile, and licked the blood stained knife he had in his hand.


「Ohh, Lemilia. What, it’s nothing. That slave……it bit off brother’s “that”, so……it’s what you call sanction」


Even while hearing the man’s words, the golden-haired young girl, she was not able to look away from the “object” that is near the bonfire.


It was pierced from its anus, and the spearhead was coming out from its mouth.


It might be better described as a complete human grilled with a skewer.  


*JyoroJyoro*, a puddle spread under the legs of the young girl.


「Lemilia-san……this place……is truly……without a doubt……hell……」


And there, Lemilia embraced the young girl’s shoulders.


「……what is it……what, can I say……I, what are the words I can say to you……I, I do not know」


Tears fell down from Lemilia’s eyes, and fell down to the young girl’s cheeks.


And, at that timeーー








A high-pitched metallic sounds echoed through the surroundings.


Everyone in that place, looked at its direction at once.


The source of the sound, was a young boy who seemed to be in his middle teens that is wearing a tattered black cloak.


In his right hand, a rusty frying pan that was taken from a cannibal village.


In his left hand, this was again, a frying pan that was taken from a cannibal village.








Junpei rang the frying pans in both of his hands as much as he can.


And when he saw that everyone has finally focused on him, he nodded in satisfaction.


「Yosh, it’s trash scums as expected huh. And with that……excuse me if you’re busy, but, the 14 of you with the girls excluded, I’m sorry butーー」




He paused, then continued.




「ーーI am going to kill all of you right now」






【Common Thief】

Level ▼▼ 25

HP ▼▼ 150

MP ▼▼ 0

Attack Power ▼▼ 60 (+15)

Defense Power ▼▼ 40

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 15




【Underling Thief】

Level ▼▼ 10

HP ▼▼ 75

MP ▼▼ 0  

Attack Power ▼▼ 40 (+10)

Defense Power ▼▼ 25

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 10




【Criteria of the Strength of Adventurers】

S-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Advanced) Level 200   Equal to Junpei’s Level 600

A-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Advanced) Level 100   Equal to Junpei’s Level 300

B-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Intermediate) Level 50   Equal to Junpei’s Level 100

C-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Intermediate) Level 25   Equal to Junpei’s Level 50

D-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Jobless) Level Level 10   Equal to Junpei’s Level 10

E-Ranked Adventurer (Job : Jobless) Level Level 1   Equal to Junpei’s Level 1








「Haa? What the fuck are you talking about?」


The man who’s nearest Junpei, the distance is about 10 meters.


The man walked towards Junpei defenselessly. The instant when that man with missing teeth was within hand’s reachーーwithout saying anything, Junpei swung his left hand.




The frying pan that was shot off with brute strength, *Gon!*, hit and broke the man’s nose together with a heavy sound.


When the man was kneeling on the ground due to pain, once again, the dull beating sound of the frying pan.


It’s the sound Junpei who went unnoticeably to the back of the man, accurately throwing a blow from a blunt weapon to the man’s afterbrain.


The man lost his consciousness with that one attack, shook like a marionette which its strings were cut, and fell down to the ground with stretched limbs.


「……the Sword Saint’s Light Armor’s passive effect……attack power +45 is pretty good. I mean, that Ossan was wearing such a good armor huh……well, it’s about a sword saint that participated in a demon king’s subjugation…… If it were like this, I should’ve taken his holy sword back then……」


The thief that lies under his feet, was not moving at all and has foam coming out of his mouth.


「Cerebral contusion. Death if not treated……he’s in a quite a difficult state……huh. Even though there’s the additional arm strength passive effect, with just a frying pan as a weapon, between them and me……our attack powers shouldn’t be that different. This frying pan is a little exaggerated huh」


Junpei threw the frying pan on the ground, and placed a hand on his chin.


「……if so, well, this effect is from accuracy bonus……huh. Thinking that all attacks are treated as a critical hit is most of it, should be for the best……well, whatever. 13 experimental rats remaining」


The men who were looking at that dumbfounded started to stir a commotion.


A sudden surprise attack by only one person. One of them were immediately killed.


The men stood up, and each of them took the hatchet or knives that were near them.


In total, 9 armed thieves approached Junpei, and Junpei also started to walked towards them.


And finally when there were only two meters between them, they faced each other.


One of the menーーa man who has a cross scar on his cheek stepped forward.


「……if my brother was treated that well, I can’t let you go home then hnn?」


「Unfortunately, I’m also not planning to let you go unscathed yo?」


*Shu!*, with a wind cutting sound, the cross-scarred man threw out his knife.


ーーit’s a poisoned throwing knife.


It’s one that has a paralytic drug that has immediate effects that if enters the body for a few seconds, it wouldn’t be able to move.


This is one of the killer moves of the cross-scarred man.


In short, he would talk to the opponent, and make a sneak attack in an opening at the end of the conversation, it is simple and that is also why it has great effects.




The killer move has completely gone well……the man thought, however, he was surprised.


“I had guesses that it might be dodged……” while thinking of that, the man collapsed to the ground.


The moment before the man collapsedーーit is just that Junpei caught the knife with his pointing finger and middle finger and just threw it back to him.


In the middle of the eyebrows of the cross-scarred man, the knife Junpei threw was stabbed.


「……surround him, we’re going to go at once……this guy’s not a simple one」


The white-haired man that seemed to be the oldest within the band whispered that.


And soon after, the white-haired man called out towards the three people who were still sitting near the bonfire.


「Chiefー!! There’s the possibility that we’re not able to deal with this guy!!」


Receiving those words, the three stood up.


To the white-haired man who was letting out a pathetic voice, the small fatty skinhead beside him said in surprise.


「So exaggerated…… Chief is an ex-adventurer, and B-Rank……the close adviser elder brothers are also C-Rank yo. And because of that, we’re treated as a B-Ranked Bounty group……」


The white-haired man shook his head.


「Listen, we’re going to go at once? Even though it’s an underlying combatant, there are already two killed. Don’t leave your guard down……」


The white-haired man looked towards Junpei once again.


「However, brother, how courageous of you to come by yourself?」


To the man’s question, Junpei shrugged his shoulders.


「Courageous, you mean?」


「We’re B-Rank Bounty thieves yo? Don’t tell me you attacked without even knowing that?」


“Hmph”, he snorted, and Junpei walked forwardーーor how it looked.


「This is B-Rank……huh」


Junpei who they saw as if he started to walkーーno, Junpei should’ve taken a step forward, butーーas a result, he didn’t move from his place at all.


The white-haired man made a dumbfounded expression, but he noticed the “thing” Junpei was holding in his hand, and finally understood what happened. The man’s expression rapidly dyed to bluish white.


「My knife……why are you holding that?」


The man can’t be blamed to be surprised.


After all, the knife that he should’ve been gripping just earlier was now on Junpei’s hand.


「n? I stole it you know」


“Hmph”, he snorted, and Junpei moved forward defenselessly once againーーor how it looked.


A gust blows through.


When they have noticed it, the hatches and knives everyone had there was now stabbed into the ground near Junpei were standing.






「What the……what the hell did you do……?」


Everyone stared at their hands as if a fox played tricks on them, returned their looks to the knives and hatches below Junpei once again, and had their expression dyed with surprise together.


「Bastard……what did you?」


「Didn’t I told you I stole it you fucker?」


Junpei crouched, and took one of the knives that were stabbed to the ground.




Without saying anything, he picked that up, then threw it.




In the white-haired man’s chestーーin his heart, the knife stabbed, then there was a sound of a person collapsing.


And furthermore, Junpei picked up a knife without saying anything, then threw it again.




This time, it accurately gouged the carotid on the right side of the neck of a red-haired man.


Furthermore, he picked up a hatched without saying anything, then threw.




The right hand of a man with a long black hair flew in the darkness from his wrist, and blood spurted out as if it was a fountain.




One next to the other, Junpei’s throw gave the men lethal wounds.






*Dosari*, *Dosari*, *Dosari*, the men fell down with a fine rhythm.


And when he finally finished throwing all their weapons, Junpei opened his mouth with a cool face.


「……eight shots, eight hitsーーeight kills where all of them are critical hits. Un, even a major leaguer would run away with a blue face」


*KokiKoki*, he made cracking sounds from his neck, and then, Junpei raised the corner of his lips to a grin.


At that timeーー


「You bastard!!」


With those words, the slim man that had a broad sword in his back charged.


「Ahh, it’s you huh……」


Swiftly, they exchanged places, dodging the slash coming from above.


「You faded out from the middle, so I thought you ran away, but……you went behind me huh. Well……good job on your useless effort」


And continuing, the man slashed horizontally using his broadsword.


And against that, Junpei jumped into the air.


「ーーthat’s too slow?」


In the next instant, on the top of the sword that was slashed horizontallyーーJunpei was standing.


Unable to carry Junpei’s weight, the man dropped his sword after that, but, in realityーーJunpei had stood on top of that sword.




About how insane that act was, it was very clear from the words let out of the man who held the sword.


And in addition, Junpei grabbed the panicking man’s head.


「Here you go」


Junpei threw a knee kick to the slim man’s nose.


Junpei didn’t let go of his head.


While turning his body, he made the man’s neck spin horizontally.


*Gokyuri*, a lethal destruction sound.


The slim man with a broken neck collapsed there with the white of his eyes showing.


「Only 3 remaining……」


Junpei took out his handgun from his waist, and gave a look to the chief of the thieves that remains in the wide open space.


Expressionlessly he pointed the handgun ahead to the right, towards a place that is quite away from the chief, and immediately pulled the trigger. And following that, this time to the to the left, and once casually shot once again.


*Pan*, *Pan*, with a dry sound, the smell of gunpowder rose to the surrounding, and in the next instantーーfrom very far away, the sounds *Dosari*, *Dosari*, was heard.


「……Chief-san, I took care of the ungrateful bastards running away from the enemy for you? Come to think of it, weren’t they elder brothers that were C-Rank?」


“Yareyare”, Junpei said that while shrugging his shoulders.


Without listening for his words to finish, the chief of the thieves kicked open the door of the shack nearby as if to run away, and entered inside.


「I mean……if you say C-Rank ex-adventurer, they should be veterans right……they’d die with one bullet huh. Even if the additional from the critical hit is ridiculous, still……」


He stared at the national treasure class 41 caliber magnum intently, and laughed with amazement.  


「The outside world……it was only this much huh. No……that labyrinth is just too abnormal……huh」


He whispered that, and Junpei asked towards the chief that ran away to a shack once again.


「And so……are your preparations to fight finished? I want to end it right now though……」


At the same time Junpei’s words ended, the chief of the thievesーーthe huge man came out of the shack.


Holding a huge shield that is a meter vertically and sixty centimeters in front of him, he declared to Junpei with a tone that is sure of victory.


「Iron-clad Shield. This is an estimated rarity D large shield from the ancient civilization……from how you look, you’re a specialized evasion type. A fighting style using tricky movements and fast speed, one that aims for lethal wounds with critical hits」


「He〜……as expected of a B-Rank adventurer, I would say」


「That is why your strength is weak. You will absolutely be……unable to get through this absolute armor that is proudly rarity D. And, I am once a known gladiator in the past. If I focus on defending, your movements……there’s no way that I wouldn’t be able to catch them」


After thinking for a moment, Junpei threw his handgun to the ground.


ーーwell, even if you ready with a large shield or whatever, even if you focus on defending, it’s very easily to stab you from behind……right.


Junpei grinned, and took out his long awaited weaponーーCerberus’s Canine.


And charged towards the chief with no time.


And of course, there was no way for the chief to catch Junpei’s movementsーーor rather, he didn’t even notice that Junpei entered to his attacking action.


「The handle’s around here……huh」


With a with cutting sound, the Cerberus’s Canine was swung.


As if it was cheese, or as if it was paper, the large shield was torn apart, and the flesh of the hand that holds the handle was gouged.




*Gashan*, the large shield that was split into two fell down to the ground, and the man who was pressing his right hand said.


「Why? The large shield……the absolute armor……?」


Junpei replied with a looking down tone.


「It’s very simple. A mythological class weapon, one that has a god killer attribute on top of that……if it wasn’t able to pierce through an iron chunk……wouldn’t it stain its name?」


“And so……”, Junpei fixed his grip to the Cerberus’s Canine.


「……there’s no mercy for villains………hurry up and die already」









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