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My name is Tatsumiya Noriko, 17 years old.


After an unexpected turn of events, together with few of my classmates, I am a high school girl that was sent to a different world that has a fantastic vibe.


And unfortunately, the world that we were sent to, it wasn’t the usual Japanese fantasy world, one that is slow and leisure fantasy.


In short words, it was a dark fantasy-like world……where gluttony, lust, and the desire to control squirms, and if there were a fight, brains and internal organs would spewーーit was that kind of world.


In the slums, girls that are under 10, or maybe “boys”, would sell their body to eat a single chunk of bread.


And when it comes to demi-humans like elves and dwarves, they have no human rights, and their villages are hunted at onceーーit was that kind of world.


For instance, elves. Elf women who were hunted would become sex slaves. No, it might’ve been better if it was a woman. Well, it’s no doubt that it’s hell though. Until their appearance would last, at least, they could continue on being sex slaves.


Because like men, they would be used as “food” after all.


That’s right, food.


No one knows who said it first, but it seems like there’s a tradition that the elves’ organs are special medicine for longevity.


That’s why, something that is called elf cuisine is developed in this world. Things like deep fried or tempura, stew or “sashimi”, things like that.


And, currently, not only their organs, but other than the bones and hair, everything is circulating as food……also, the most popular and most expensive part that is being sold is the shoulder roast.


It’s laughable right. Where did the longevity medicine go huh……un, this world is currently, it only meansーー



ーーit’s what you call, the situation that it’s already too late.



Well, just like that the elves are being done one-sidedly, but the condition of the human and elves relationships, aren’t you curious why did it become like that?


In the first place, even if you say demi-human, not only elves, but there are also races like beast-kin and dwarves right.


And, if it’s only magic powers and physical strength, they have a pretty much higher level than humans.


For instance, beast-kin has reflexes that overwhelm that of the humans, and the humans cannot follow the elves’ aptitude in magic. Of course, it’s only comparing in the general level, though……


Then, if you’re asking why are they being so ridiculously oppressed……it’s what you call the tyranny of the majority. They are able to push back the difference in skills using numbers, and if there are numbers geniuses are also born……that’s why, it’s comparing generally.




The ones you call demi-humans, most of them have a very long lifespan. So much, that it’s normal for grandpas older than a millennium exists.  


And, even long before when the humans start to use stone weapons, their evolution as a species had already stopped.


Meaning, without receiving the effects of the fruit of wisdom, or which you can also call as the devil’s fruit that spoils humans, without destroying the environment, they did not develop unneeded civilization, and they had a perfect harmony with nature.


As the result, harmonically and very stable, the peaceful and blissful times had flowed.  


And what appeared at that times, were humans……


In this world, the humans, just like the insects on Earth, they repeated cycles of short life spans, and they evolved with abnormal speeds using their vigorous fecundity.


But, after all, the gap between the battle strength of individuals are clear compared to the demi-humans. That’s why at first, the elves, and other demi-humans did not feel a sense of urgency against humans, and with the new race, the humans, they accepted the nature as it was.


And even the humans themselves, just like the times when they were monkeys, they spent their times not getting involved with the demi-humans that has an overwhelming difference in battle strength as much as possible.


That’s right, only at first.


And……in an eternal time, for humans, that was really an eternal time.


However, for the demi-humans who spent their times very slowly, a time that was not that long.


The humans, their weapons evolved from stone weapons to copper weapons, and advanced to iron weapons, they perfect their equipments in terms of battles, and at the same time, from hunting to agriculture, raising domestic animals, and stable supply of food sources……



ーーinevitably, their population exploded.



The demi-humans, in the process of their evolution, they had various kinds adjustments to maintain their harmony with nature. And their reproduction ability, it was only about one might be born for every few hundred years.


Compared to that, the humans had their children born one next to the other, increasing their numbers.


And finally, as if it was natural, they launched an invasion war to the native people, the demi-humans.


Even how many men die in war, humans that re-supplied their soldiers with an inexhaustible supply.


As a result, the humans won, and the demi-humans lost.


And the demi-humans are pushed to the frontiers together with an inequality treaty, and they have been stolen of all kinds of human rights(it is very doubtful if that kind of concept exists in this world in the first place), and they were thoroughly persecuted.


And the best example of that isーー



ーーthe rights of the human nobles, to slaughter the elves that are lower inhabitants.



In short, if it was a human noble, there is no need for a reason to kill an elf.


Just like the eagle hunting during the Edo period, they hunt “animals” as their hobby right.


「My Lord! I have found an elf!」


「You did it, Gramps! Shoot the arrows! Don’t forget to set fire to their settlements! It is Elf Soup tonight!」


「My Lord! What will we do with the women!」


「I will be the very first one! I’ll give it to you after that! And if you get fed up, sell it to brothels in the town!!」


Something like that, well, that happens in reality.


Un, I think that you’ve probably guessed pretty much of it hearing up to this.


ーーhow stupid, this world is.


And, I also, well……right now, I’m under a little bit heavy situation you know.


If you’re asking how heavy it is……



ーーun, for start, my body was modified a lot.



Surgery without anesthesia, that’s no joke. How painful it was……I will just skip it here.


Well rather than that, I immediately lost my consciousness at the start of the surgery, so It’s just that I don’t really remember.


And, if you’re asking why was a surgery was done……


As I’ve told earlier, we, from the modern times on Earth, were sent to this world full of trash.


The faces were, a few delinquents, one bullied child, and me.


And the worst problem here was, to be able to survive in this world……I mean, the strength that can endure battlesーーit was that the only ones who were given that status was the few delinquents.


The bullied child and I had a shitty status, and it was only less than the powers of villagers here and there for a bit.


The way of this world was the strong has the justice, and the bullied child and Iーーno, he’s my childhood friend thoughーーalthough our brains were comparatively decent, the cards that were given to us, is something like a bad hand in poker.


That’s why, for me not to die, and to be able to survive, I sold my body to the leader of the delinquents. And to the literally what you call as a death trap, I deceived my childhood friend.


Thinking of it right now, I think it was really stupid.


If you’re asking what is stupid, it was that the steering of my own life, I left it up to the nastiest and worst, to the boss of the delinquents whose name is Kido Shouta.  


And the result of thatーーon top of my body being played around all that he wanted, I was thrown away. No, specifically, I was sold to a slave market. The reason, Kido said, “I got fed up……”, it was that.


For some reason, there was a premium on different world teleporter, I was sold for a very good price. Even now, I can’t forget the smiling expression of Kido, when he heard the hammer price.


My first master, was a scatology pervert. And there, I gained the mentality where I can pretty much accept anything……probably.


But that master was someone who wants the innocence of it, so I was immediately sold again to the market. I was bought by my second master. And I got frozen.


After all, that was one that is more than four meters……it was a giant.


The tip of the head that was as large as a baby’s head, honestly, there was no way for it to come inside.



ーーthat’s why there’s the surgery.



My belly was modified, and two fists can now easily enter it.


After the surgery, uhh, I laughed. I really laughed. After all, it really enters very well, many things. And there was a tremendous thing that happened my hip joint, how can I say this, it’s appearance was something that you can’t look at directly.


It was even strange that I maintained my sanity, it was really funny.


Actually, at that time, I secretly had a poison that has an immediate deadly effect. But rather than that was for myself, it was something that I bought with all of my money at the time to give to my childhood friend.


It’s really too late right now, but at the time when I deceived my childhood friend to a trap, there was a conflict and pain in my heart. That’s why that childhood friend who was thrown into the worst labyrinth, so that he could suicide when he encountered something more painful than death, I thought of giving it to him at the end.


But, there was also Kido’s impression, and most of all, giving that to him itself(No, making him enter there itself is just like telling him to die though……but, somehow, u〜n……), I had mixed feelings about it, and I couldn’t give it to him after all.


And, what I want to say is, I thought, for many, many times, to use that poison. ButーーI didn’t use it after all.


More than I thought, a human’s, I mean, my mentality was very strong, there are times when I get hurt, get depressed, get hopeless, and there are really difficult things, and many, many times, death flashed in my mind, but strangely, it didn’t reach where I would really die.


Well, it’s just, wanting to die or not, and maintaining my sanity or not was a different story.


I was kept by my second master, and when my belly was being played around, for me to maintain my sanity, my own eyes, with my own will, with my own fingers, I crushed it myself you know.


Because I didn’t want to see disgusting things more than that. Because I didn’t want to get crazy.


That’s why, I became a resident of the world of darkness, and decided to become a doll.


In the end, the giant was fed up of me after that, and once again, I was sold to the slave market.


My price since I was already a bizarre type, was already less than a hundredths of the first price.


Honestly, I wanted to shout in that place.


Something like, 「It’s enough, kill me already!」.


But even when I was thinking of that, I who can’t choose suicide is well, it’s really “that” right……well, that doesn’t matter huh……and, I was sold with a hammer price of eight gold coins.


Really, I was surprised.


After all, the one who bought me, was one who once was my classmateーー



ーーSakagami Tatsuya. It was Kido’s comrade.



When I heard the story from him, it looks like Tatsuya liked my with the meaning of love from the time when we were in Japan.


But, he would only observe since he couldn’t go against Kido, no, he could only do that, but even that’s said, the price when I was sold in the slave market at first was too expensive so there was no way for him to buy, and this time, he finally was able to buy me. I mean, he said that he was able to save me.


After that, Tatsuya took me to his house, and guided me to the bedroom.


Being given a warm meal and bath, I was able to have relief there.


Tatsuya saw that I was being sold, and he really felt frustrated about it.


That’s why he made a deal with the devil, and he gained a rare skill called【Clairvoyance】in exchange of his left arm.


He said that because of that, he was able to find me.


Honestly, tears fell out. I was saved……and thank you for saving me, doing things that much, thank you for finding me, I said.


For many, many times, I hugged Tatsuya and screamed thanks while crying.


With this, I would finally be treated as a human. Since I was saved by someone who was also Japanese.


It was all hardships, and my body got strange because of the surgery, but, even so, from now on……I thought.



And, there, the funniest thing in my life occurred there you know.


Tatsuya slapped me who was crying and screaming for gratefulness and happiness, and pushed me down on the bed just like that.


When I was in panic, what do you think he said?


「Doing it with perverts so much, you’re not saying you’re not going to do it with me right? Well, don’t worry, I won’t do something bad if you just behave」


In an instant, I didn’t understand anything that was going on, but I immediately understood.


Ahh, this guy also, he’s not thinking of treating me as a human, he literally, with its meaning itself, he just bought a sex slave……I thought.


While looking at my eyes that had lost their colors, Tatsuya took off his belt, and took out his genitaliaーーI had sensed.


And, with one word, with a vulgar tone, he told me.

「……ck it」He said


With those words, something inside me had broke. That’s why, I, including Kido, I serviced Tatsuya using all of the techniques that my masters up until now let me learn.


AndーーI placed the poison tablet in my mouth, and pressed on Tatsuya’s anal.


Very, very scrupulously, I attacked it.


Not that I forced myself not wanting to get hit, or not that I was protected, for the first time in my life, with a dark killing intent, I continued to press on Tatsuya’s anal.


No, maybe the word attack might be, more correct.


The absorption rate of medicines is faster for rectal administration compared to oral intake. For instance, the case of death of ingesting the alcohol Russians like from the anal, happened seriously speaking.


My level is 1.


Tatsuya is level 52, and he is also B-Rank as an adventurer. He’s in the level where you can call him “strong”, and our difference in strength is that large.


But, Tatsuya died so easily.


His mouth foamed, he continuously convulsed, and immediately died after.


I killed a person for the first time.


My face that appears in the window was very ugly, but I could see as if it was refreshed for a little bit.

Eh? You’re asking why I could see although the light of my eyes was lost? Well of courseーー



ーーit’s because I stole【Clairvoyance】.



Killing Tatsuya, and the instance when the light of my eyes returned in the shape of magic eyes, I noticed. That the skill that he, my childhood friend had, that I also had the skill hunt ability.


And, I properly understood, how to use the skill hunt ability very well, and how to live in this world.


No job aptitude, that’s why a cheat abilityーーand a shitty status in return.


Or maybe, at that time, my childhood friend that had the same skill hunt abilityーーnot sending Junpei to the Interstice Labyrinth, without moving with compromises or calculations, it there was the choice where I followed my heart honestly and fled together with himーー


A really, very, very, very deep sigh.

「Everyone, everyone……they stole from me. But……I was the one who stole from someone from the start……I’m sorry, Junpei. At that time, there was really the choice for us to run away together right……probably, that was……the correct one. If we did it very well, right about now, we would probably have displayed our powers and abilities in this world……something like piling up achievements in the adventurer’s guild, and gradually protecting the settlements of demi-humans, and resisting the unreasonable system of this world……. that kind of path, there was also that kind of friendly path」


In the past’s branching point……future and present that might’ve been possible.


But right now, something that is absolutely impossible in the present, and future.


Tears fell.


Those were tears of delight, and acceptance of despair.


Tears for the hope from now on, and all of the things that were lost up until now.


Washing down everything, wailing like a raging stream.


「But, everything’s, too late……. Junpei died because of me, and the karma from that attacked be」


I closed my eyes.


I can feel everything inside a radius of tens of meters as if I could feel them with my hand. And furthermore, closing my eyes invoking to find things and people, it was capturable if the target was within a few kilometers.


As expected, of the rare skill that was gained from the devil’s contract.


「【Clairvoyance】. No, this is the ability of a skill hunter……really, it’s overwhelming that it’s so funny. My goodness, really, everything, everything’s too late. It was too late to notice a lot of things」


As if to let myself hear, I gripped my fist.


「But, still, it’s not yet that lethally too late. The skill hunt, and my weapon as a woman. For a second and third time……if I sleep with a “strong one” that have a rare skill……I will be……」


I nodded hugely but slowly.


「More than this……I won’t let anyone steal from me anymore, from now on, I willーー」


Outside of the window, the time was deep in the night.


「ーーbe the one who deprives」


While looking up at the full moon, I whispered with a crinkled smile, and with a hoarse voice, I said towards the sky.


「ーーWell then, the counterattack is from here. The revenge, to this world, and to everything……」












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