The Dungeon Seeker – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Interstice Labyrinth ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



The date goes back, the time of Earth.


During the lunch break of high school, Takeda Junpei was as usual, eating his lunch in a toilet cubicle.


From time to time, his face scowled from the bad smell that comes from the other cubicle, but even with that, it was a lot better for his mental health compared to eating alone in the classroom.


ーー17-years old, second year high school. Height is 162 cm, weight is 82 kg.


Until elementary school, I still should have had a decently light personality……that is what I think.




This figure became a complex, that when I noticed it I already had a grim personality.


On top of that, the high school that I am currently going to cannot be praised that it is a high school with good brains, so, it can be said that it was natural to be the toys of my classmates.


“Yosh……”, he said once, returned the lunch box he had finished to his bag, and left the men’s toilet.


From behind him who was walking on corridors that has a few people to not stand out, a high-pitched voice echoed.


「Uhm……you……? During lunch, you always go somewhere with your bag, but…… don’t tell me, you’re eating your lunch every time inside the toilet by yourself?」


The one who called out like that with an amazed face was, a high school girl that had a strong light in her eyes.


With a semi-long brown hair, worn on her arm was a “School Rules Violation” accessory. She was also wearing a necklace, but all of her accessories was made up of an Asian taste.


She is wearing a long sleeved sailor uniform right now, but she likes to vintage clothes as casual wear, but well, it can be said that she was a very fashionable person.




「Hey, Junpei? Why as soon as the lunch break starts……you’d go somewhere immediately? Today, I said that……let’s eat together, right? After all this time, you couldn’t be accepted within your class……so……how I called out to everyone, how much do you think I did my best? And you return that by eating alone inside toilet, stop messing around!」


「……ut up……」




「Noriko! I’m telling you to shut up! I’m already damn 17-years-old you know? Just because your house is beside mine and you’re my childhood friend……you’re acting like my guardian since forever! You octopus!」


While her jaws dropped, Tatsumiya Noriko made an astonished face.


But, the next instance, veins popped out on her temples.


「Because it was impossible since my friends are too flashy, you said……that’s why……this time, I purposely gathered girls and boys that look simple you know!? Because if there was only a chance to talk……you can probably get along……that effort……you, who the hell do you think you are?」


「That’s why I’m telling you, that is……that is annoying, you toot your own horn! I told you that I didn’t need that! Why the hell are you caring about me! Leave me alone already!」


After saying all of that, Junpei ran away.


While looking at his back, Noriko let out a deep sigh.


「Why do I care, you say……that’s of course……it’s because I can’t leave you alone……why can’t you understand……that idiot……」




Together with the bell that announces the end of the school, Junpei puts inside his textbooks and the like in a hurry.


From behind him who had a hurried gesture, runs a sudden impact.


ーーa front kick to his back.


With the desk being caught up, he continued to rolled around like a ball then collapsed from his front.


Textbooks that are scattered around, because he hit the corner of his desk, pain runs to his shoulders.


In front of Junpei who was able to somehow raise his body, a man with a blonde long hair with piercings was making an unpleasant smile.


ーーKido Shouta.


Probably lost with a worthless reason, he did not have two of his front teeth.


Wearing a black school uniform pantsーーa violet tank tops. As if to show it off, no, he had that as an appearance to show that off in realityーーthe developed muscles from his shoulders to his wrists, was giving the people who saw them an abnormal feeling of oppression.


「Hey hey, you Piggy? Why the hell are you hurrying?」


Junpei’s face was dyed with bluish-white. And together with that, Kido’s laugh was getting stronger.




While muttering, Junpei was petrified in his place.


「Well, whatever, and with that……bring it to me」


When Kido ordered his delinquent subordinates, it looks like he took it out from somewhere, he wore gloves made with nylon.


And after a while, a wet ragged cloth was brought.


The distance between Junpei and Kido is about 3 meters.


To the rotting smell that stinks, Junpei felt horror.


「Be happy, Takeda……this is……you know. To the so much ugly……it’s for the sake of your beautiful face. Marinated with the cocktail of milk, garbage, and tampon that was failed to wear from the girl’s toilet……letting it sleep for three days, what I made for you……a very special item」


And there, the class laughed out.


This is, Junpei’s everyday life.




ーーweak beings, to the unreasonableness of strong beings……they cannot oppose.


The ragged cloth that stinks of strong ammonia smell and rotting smell, closed in to Junpei’s face.


Gripping his fist hard, he glared at Kido.


「Oh, Piggy, what happened? Are you, speaking against me?」


“Aan?” he moved his chin upwards, and Kido started to crack his knuckles.


「……no, it’s nothing」


With that action of Kido, it looks like Junpei’s rebellious spirit had disappeared in at once.


Nodding very contently, Kido called out towards everyone in the class.


「Well then〜, Ladies and Gentlemen! Kido Shouta presents! Piggy’s facial massage!」


Exploding laughs enveloped the whole classroom.


The ragged cloth was positioned very near his face.


It closed in for about tens of centimeters, the ragged full of filth.


「I thought of something good. Hey, Piggy……? You……your mouth smells right? Okay〜. I’ll also brush your teeth. Come on, now……say “A〜n”?」


There again, the whole classroom was enveloped with max voltage.


Just because, Kido is……a man that would do that seriously, and everybody knew about it.


There is no one for sure that would stop Kido’s barbaric acts.


Just because, if they said something to Kido right here right now, the next target would be him/herself.


「Now now, Piggy? Say “A〜n”? Don’t hold back?」


With being punched, or with being brushed his teeth by the ragged cloth.


Which one would be better, Junpei thought.


If he did not open his mouth here right now, for sure……he was going to be beaten up. And after that, the ragged cloth would be forcefully plunged into his mouth.


If he obeyed and opened his mouth, the ragged cloth would be plunged in normally, but he would not be beaten up.


In any case, the results are the same……if that is the case……he, who used his abacus, nodded while opening his mouth.


「Kido-kun……do……whatever you want. I’ll admit it. I’m your toy……」


「Oh〜. I don’t hate an honest Piggy you know? It really comes to my crotch you know!!」


When Junpei had accepted all of itーーa high-pitched voice echoed throughout the classroom.


「Stop that already! I cannot watch this!」


Right there, Kido replied as if to play the fool.


「Ooh, Isn’t it Noriko-chan? I wonder what it is that you cannot watch〜?」


Ignoring Kido who was giggling, Noriko stood in front of Junpei as if to protect him.




「Let’s go……Junpei」


And, took his hand.




「There’s no need to play around with these guys. Let’s hurry up……and go home? Your house……it’s beside mine right?」


「Eh……but……if I run away from here……」


There, a dry sound echoed throughout the classroom.


It was the sound of Noriko slapping Junpei’s cheeks.


「What are you saying?! From the start……aren’t you running away!? Why……why until it became like this……why did you not fight back?!」




「I told you many times right? To punch back……! But……I already know that you can’t do that. That’s why……I’ll protect you……that’s why……let’s go. Let’s go home together」


*Gagari*, the sliding type door opened.


From the halls to the stairs, to the shoe racks after going down the stairs. Andーーwithin the setting sun, being led by Noriko, the two went through the gate that was away from the school.


And Noriko who was not saying anything until there, said while drooping her eyelashes.






「It isn’t much, but. A little bit, you can rely on me a little bit more you know?」




「……why……why with someone like me……?」


「In the past, you know. When I was being bullied……you, you reached out your hand to me right? At that time, I thought. That Junpei was kind and strong……that’s why……you know. How you look right now……I don’t want to see it」




To Junpei who was not saying anything, Noriko continued.


「Hey……believe at least this okay? I……I, at least……I don’t hate, Junpei okay. That’s why……please rely on me? Your efforts will surely bear fruits……that’s why, together……let’s do our best okay?」


Palm that was reached out.


To Junpei’s heart, “Dokun”, waves spread out.


The hospital that they were born was also the same……she who had spent all of his time ever since he remembers.


Just a little, a little embarrassed, to her that said that she doesn’t hate himーーto the different kind of emotion that I had felt, honestly, even I was surprised at myself.




Without saying more than that, the two, on the way of going back from school, held their hands……and started walking.


「Hey, Noriko?」




「Uhm……until now……I’m sorry. It was my bad. After all, things that I hate, I really need to say that I hate it right」


There, she broke into a smile, and with a wide smile, she made a gripped fist.


*Kotsuri*, she hit Junpei’s head softly.


「If you know at least that……that is good for now! Although Kido is also too much though……well, I’ll make follows properly……so」




And, at that time, Kido who chased after them from the classroomーーand his three cronies.


「Oi, wait Takedaーーwithout permission……why the hell are you going home with a girlーー」


At the instant that the two looked back, the ground was enveloped by a luminous phenomenon.


*Fuwari*, the feeling of the body floating.


And the hovering feeling that felt like the air and body mixing around that comes after that.


After a few instancesーーtheir appearance disappeared from there.


It boils down to a trip to a different world.


When they noticed it, the six of them added Kido and the rest were standing in a mysterious space that had white colored surfaces.


『Well then, I’ll explain what’s happening』


Being face to face.


The one who started talking with a shrilling voice, was a blonde boy that was about the age of 12-13.


With an androgynous face structure, blue eyes, he was wearing a very tight leather pants that was only long enough to his thighs, and a leather jacket that was also black.


A silver accessory could be also seen to from the collar of his tank top, that was like a visual-kei band-like……it would probably be adequate to call it like that.


Kido made an astonished expression, and opened his mouth.


「You are……?」


When they noticed that they were enveloped by a light, suddenly in a mysterious space, it was a situation like that.


For the meantime, it seems that Kido chose to snarl at him, he made a strong expression and glared at the boy.


「What the hell are you?!」


The boy broke into a smile.


『Ahh, the greetings should be first I guess? I am the creator of your world……well, if it was said with your general idea, you can think of me as a God』


「……God? Haa? What the hell are you saying?」


『Un, I know. I know. I know that reaction……although? Those are really annoying』


With a very natural movement, *Pachiri*, the boy snapped his finger.


「aa……? What……is this……?」


Kido’s head started to expand.


It immediately reached 1.5 times its original sizeーーand as if it was a water balloon, Kido’s head was quickly expanding.


His skin swelled while snapping, his veins popping up, and blood was gushing out of his nose.




Together with that unpleasant sound, his skin that was stretched out was torn, and grinds its surface.


It seems like the contents of his head also swelled up.


Losing to the pressure from inside, Kido’s eyeballs popped out literally.


And when that popped out by half just like a ping pong ballーー*Pon*, it ruptured.


From the black eye socket where the eyeball was located, sticky red liquids that was mixed with serous were dropping.


And furthermore, to Kido’s nose blood, solidsーーa part of the brain started to be seen and mixed.




Andーーhis whole head exploded.


Blooming blood and brain liquid flowers.


Kido collapsed in his place. His body part that lost his head continued to convulse.


The electrical signals that lost their commands randomly ran throughout his body and stimulated his muscles.


*BikunBikun*, his two hands and two legs were springing as if they were different living things.


Andーーto the cheeks of the remaining five, had a make up made of blood and meat chunks.






They were just speechless.


Petrified……everyone couldn’t move.


It was natural.


Until five minutes ago, they were just simply on their way back from school……then it was a sudden splatter scene.


Within the scent of the violence that suddenly emerged, there was no way for a normal high school student to have a decent correspondence.


Junpei, fearfully, touched his own cheeks.


Being able to see the meat chunk that stuck like glue, confirming that raw warm feelingーーand he crouched in his place and throws up.


*PichaPicha*, vomit mixed with gastric fluid spread and scattered.


And, even though he lost his head, Kido who was still convulsing.


The God who confirmed everyone’s shuddering expression, nodded very contently, then clapped his hands.


*Pashiin*, a dry sound echoed.


And thenーーa dubious phenomena occurs.


The blood and meat chunks that splashed everywhere, started to defy physics.


Or rather, as if it was a living creature that had its own will……to the place where it was originally, it started to flow towards Kido’s head.


Just like rewinding DVD, Kido’s head returns back to normal.


And there he stood up, and raised an astonished voice.


「Oi……you……right now……what the hell did you just did?」


『Let’s continue my introduction. Originally, I was also a normal human before you know? And……the thing you call “God” can do anything』


It looks like he had no plans of answering Kido’s question at all.


And there, Junpei who was caught unaware, cautiously……with that kind of air, asked the God.


「Can do anything……?」


The God suddenly made an empty expression, and started to talk.


『Since I became a God……it has been around three hundred million years. Well, said in a word, I’m bored』


「Three hundred million years……?」


『Three hundred million times of one year. Three million times of a hundred years. Three hundred thousand times of a thousand years……if I tell you that, maybe you can imagine it?』


「Three million times of a hundred years……?」


「Haha! Well, it means like that. I cannot even die, there’s also nothing to do, it is even difficult to find something to past time withーーat the moment, rather than a God……it would be best said that I am a prisoner confined in a prison of time」


The God nodded as if to act like a fool.


『That’s right. And, what I am looking for is entertainment. Maybe you guys know about it, but……the fantasy games that was being sold in your world for a long time ago……there’s a God that has a same setting you know. If you think of it as the same as that, maybe it’s easier to understand?』


「……I am sorry, I can’t tell which game」


『……it’s a pretty popular game though, maybe it’s too old. Well, whatever. For the mean time, it would be easier to make an example with a game right. The same with that game’s last boss who was also a God, getting fed up with the normal world……it seems like he laid waste to the world using monsters. Well, I know what that feels. After all, a normal, peaceful world is very surprisingly boring from the observing side. Well, I won’t be killed by a chain saw like that God though……anyways, the occupation called “God”, I am really surprisingly fed up with it. I guess it was only fun during the first thousand years?』


There, when the God glanced around the group once, Noriko was making an expression that she couldn’t understand it well enough.


『U〜n……saying it more easier……try reading ten million diaries of elementary students during their summer vacation? You’re really be bored by that right. And you’re really going to be fed up with it. There’s no better punishment game than that right?……that’s right, that is really……to become crazy, I didn’t need a hundred thousand years. A world without any event occurring is really boring』


「……I see. Uhm……I understand most of the situation……and……I’m sorry……can you start the main subject……」


There, the God hits his hand as if to remember something.


『Ahh, the discussion has derailed. My circumstance doesn’t really matter huh……that has the same level just like your lives……it is something that doesn’t really matter』


*Pikuri*, Noriko and Junpei’s ears moved.


The boy who named himself as a God, said that『The same level just like your lives……it is something that doesn’t really matter』as if it was natural.


『And with that, the explanation of this situation. You guys, from the dimension line that I made, you are now summoned to a little far phase』




『Saying it in a very simple way, though……well, it’s the video game that is my hobby. Un, the world that sent you off really made a very good thing. Really, you really did your best. Finally……finally……humans have……made tools that is useful for me……unswerving determination……three hundred million years……』


The God kneels in his place as if he was deeply touched, he coved his eyes as if to hold his tears, and started trembling.


Seemingly really touched, tears even started to flow from his eyes.


「I’m sorry, dear God……the main subject……」


『Ahh, once again, it had derailed huh? And……that kind of story, there’s a lot of them right? A story about a fantasy world that has a middle ages view of the world, and to defeat the demon king, a hero was summoned from the present day……well, it’s a very common cliché stereotype』




『Un. Summoning of the Brave. From the world outside of my manage, a demon king appeared it seems. The King from that side’s world……it seems he wants you guys. And then……well, I own you guys are supposedly……it is treated like that. And then……it’s on me whether I give the permission for the teleportation magic alright?』


There, Noriko interrupted. It seems like the murder scene of Kido earlier was too much of a shock, her face was white as a ghost.


「You’re God right? Then……can you please hear and grant us our wishes? We only……in Japan……want to live peacefully」


『Ne〜, did you know this?』


The boy, continued with an innocent smile.


『ーーGods in your world……is really, hearing your wishes. But then……? They are just, really……beings that are made for only that. There are absolutely no miracles that were granted from a wish』


「Certainly……there was no miracles that happened in reality, but……. You as a God……if you really, really exists……then, why is it like that……?」


『Well, that’s a nonsense question again. Whatever you do, it’s a waste in the end, in the first place, there is nothing fun about it, not even one. By billions, no, quadrillions, astronomical figures more than that, try being prayed by living beings that many. Can you deal with all of those problems?』


「But, you’re God right?」


『Haha! Un……let me think. The common worries of a high school……diet, love success, tens of millions of orders, deal with each of them? Don’t you think that they’re too much of a nonsense?』


「No, maybe you can ignore things like that……but even so, people that have incurable diseases or children that suffer from hunger……u〜un, there are moreーー」


The God interrupted Noriko’s words.


『Saving them, then? They’re going to die someday so it’s just a waste. In the first place, it’s not fun』


And, he broke into a smile and continued.


『Well, in short. In the early days when I just became a God, I granted so many wishes I would get fed up. That’s right, I got literally fed up. That wouldn’t even become a way to past time』


「No, but……」


『U〜〜n……. although I explained it properly there’s still something? I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say……』


The boy with a serious face, started to think while placing his hand on his chin.


Ahh, this isn’t going anywhere, the group were at their wit’s end.


The boy that said that he was a human beforeーーOur God’s morality and normal way of thinking, it might have been destroyed from a long time ago.


Right now at this place, the basis for his action was if it was going to be a way to get past time or not, that was all it was.


And when Junpei was thinking about it like thatーーthe God suddenly, laughed out as if he was happy from the bottom of his heart.


『Let’s return to the topic……it’s about the summoning right? And……it is seemingly fun……that’s why, so I permitted it. I think you know this, but……you have no right to refuse』


They were really shown an abnormal phenomenon since earlier, but Junpei was, honestly……doubting if he was really a God or not.


How can he say this……his actions are very light.


Casually, saying unbelievable things, he seemed to be doing everything he likes to.


But even though, there was a lot of things that he wanted to say to the boy in front of them, but there was no way for Junpei to say anything since he was shown a fantasy phenomenon right away.


But, only Kido there was, once again……lashes out at the boy.


「Oi, telling fucking gibberish since earlier……in the first place……」


The God shook his shoulders as if he was bored.


『Hm then, you want to try once again? I shut out your pain signals the last time, but……this time increased for about ten times』


And with that, Kido, after letting out a small groaning voice, shuts up.


Confirming the group that was keeping silent, the God nodded deeply.


『Well then, I’ll continue explaining. I’m going to send to to a different world right now, but……there’s a lot of rules on that side, that is very different from this side』




『Yes yes. This is a status plate you know……』


To each of the six people, one for each, a metal plate that was like a chocolate bar was given.


When he looked at it, there was an entry of his name, Junpei.


『Ahh, before I explain. In the end of that status, there are entries for the skill right?』


As he had said, on the lowest part of the status plate, there was an entry【Appraisal Eyes (Super-class)】.


『Well, to you guys who are suddenly sent to a world like that, I feel bad for you a little. That’s why, well, it’s a present from me. Genuinely……you can take it as of goodwill』


『By the way……』, introducing with that, the God explained the skill ranks.  


Firstly, the skill has five levels of ranks.








That was all that there was. Specifically, although it is depending on the type of the skill, Skilled-Class has the same level of an Olympic athlete.  


Giving an example with Katana Techniques, Miyamoto Musashi would be a Master-Class……he said.


『It means, the Super-Class of 【Apprasing Eyes】is a very decent level. You guys, just by seeing, you can find out the enemy’s details and the effects of items respectively. This is pretty much……a good present. To the person who knows it’s value……it would have that limitation though』


After making a face that didn’t seem to understand quite well, everyone started to check each one’s status.


And immediately, Kido threw a question towards the boy.


「And……basically, the guys of the different world……how many are their status?」


『The average for an adult male that is a civilian, you can think of their HP, 50 more or less. The other status would be around 20 mostly』


Kido who heard that, reached out his status plate towards the others.


【Kido Shouta】

Job ▼▼ Magic Swordsman

Level ▼▼ 1

HP ▼▼ 300

MP ▼▼ 0

Attack Power ▼▼0

Defense Power ▼▼ 50

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 35

Skill ▼▼ Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)


“Ohh”, the group held their breath.


「Is it maybe……I’m pretty much a cheat?」


『Un, you’re pretty much……you’re on a good line』


With that declaration, Kido nodded contently.


And the cronies statuses also, although they are a bit inferior to Kido, even in level 1, they are already outdoing the status of the civilians.


『By the way, you can’t get experience points other than killing monsters or “humans”, it means levels and statuses would not also increase. Also, by touching the monsters and “humans” that you killed, they’re butchered automatically……and they are going to be a drop item, so……things like items, or things like materials……or things like meat』


Kido and the rest were starting to get a blast with their statuses, and did not hear what he said right now.


「Uhm……did you say humans……? And……meat?」


Without replying to those words of Junpei, the God continued to explain.


『By the way, by using the bonus points that you get from leveling up you can get strengthened……it’s that kind of system. Depending on your Job, the bonus points that you can get are different. And then, Kido-kun? If I’m right. You are an advanced Job which is a Magic Swordsman, so there would be 15 points added every 1 level up. That one who has a brown hear that looks stupid is only a Swordsman, so……about 10, well, somewhere around that』


And furthermore, Kido and his cronies got noisier.


「As I’ve thought, I……I’m pretty much a cheat huh?」


「Kido-san, you’re really awesome!」


And, there, the status plate that Junpei held was stolen by Kido.


As soon as he checked the numbers, Kido suddenly laughed out.


That status plate was immediately passed around his cronies.


At the same time that they finished checking, one of them, and one of them again, started to laugh out loud.


And that was really natural, what was written was just like the following.


【Takeda Junpei】

Job ▼▼ No Aptitude

Level ▼▼ 1

HP ▼▼ 15

MP ▼▼ 10

Attack Power ▼▼ 5

Defense Power ▼▼ 5

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 5

Skill ▼▼ Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)

(Skill Slot: 10 Remaining)


And there, Kido who had tears swelling up out of laughing, started to ask Junpei.


「Although the status itself is too ridiculous……no, in the first place……no aptitude……what the heck is that? It means you’re jobless? No, well……it’s amazing……it really suits you though……Pu!……Kuku!……」


With those words, Kido and the rest started to laugh out loud while hugging their stomachs furthermore.


「No……Kido-kun……I also have no idea of it though……」


There, the God said in between with a voice without intonation.


『Well, jobless so there is no color, you can get your skills freely……it also means like that though. It’s written, remaining slots right?』


「Get skills……?」


『Normally, two or three skills that are for the job……you can get them together with the level that is raised. And then……in your case, there is no color that is why, it means that you can steal the skill from the enemies that you defeat. Ahh, the enemies……they also include humans』


And there, “Ah!”, Kido held his breath.


「Is that, maybe……is it a very strong ability?」


『The thing that you call a rare skill, normal monsters doesn’t have them. For example……if it was the demon king that was mentioned, there should be a really good ability, though……』


“And”, he continued.


『To gain a skill, you need to defeat the enemy by yourself. I wonder, can you really do that? And also, I told it earlier, monsters that have those very strong rare skills, their existence itself, are very rare』


And……with a chuckle, the God said.


『Well……even though I said that, it’s not like there is no clear path for you to become a strong being……you have a chance you know? A dungeon that there are enemies that are normal……and then, there……if you can do it very well……maybe……you know』


“Fumu……”, after he thought for a while, Junpei said.


「When I defeat an enemy, what should I do……so that I can steal their skill?」


『In your case, a skill card would come out. You should only hold that with your hand, and just invokeーーwhether you eat that skill or not. And then, look at the fingers on your both hands?』


「Fingers on my both hands?」


『The things that are called a skill, are skills and techniques. And different to other animals, what makes a human human is……first is intelligence, and the dexterity of their fingertips to use tools, you know that right?』


「Yes, well……yeah」


『That is why, your fingers as your skills slot. Literally, you should use your the skills that you gained as they were your fingertips』


And, at that time, Junpei noticed that Noriko’s face colors exceeded getting blue, and became deadly white.


When he thought about it……since it became the topic of the status plate, she had not said a word.


Receiving the dubious sight of Junpei, Noriko whispered fleetingly.


「Hey……for the meantime, you know, Junpei? Kido and the rest, with somehow, a game-like feeling……it seems like they hadn’t noticed though……probably……from now, a very……dangerous world, it is that we’re going to be sent into」


「Yeah, I agree」


「And……we……from now on, we’re going to need to rely on Kido, I think. According to our abilities……it’s like he’s, our ace……you know」


“That’s why”, Noriko continued.


「……let’s do our best together okay?」




To her expression that was showing sorrow, when he tried to called out what it was about, the God ended the series of his explanation.


『And then, that’s about it, everyone……please be careful!』


The particles that they are made up of were changed into light.


After a flash that blinds their eyes, the only one that remained in that space, was only one boy.


Without no intention of saying it to anyone, he whispered while he gloats.


『Jobless, namely……skill hunter, Takeda Junpei-kun……. Actually, for a little……I can see the future. That dungeon is outside my management, so I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but……if……it is going to be a fun……I’ll go out and play. Well then, have a good trip……』


【Tatsumiya Noriko】

Job ▼▼ No Aptitude (Village Girl)

Level ▼▼ 1

HP ▼▼ 10

MP ▼▼ 5  

Attack Power ▼▼ 5

Defense Power ▼▼ 5  

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 5   

Skill ▼▼ Appraisal Eyes (Super-Class)  


▼ ▼ ▼  


ーーThe Interstice Labyrinth


That is, from a few thousand years before, the dungeon that where all kinds of wicked beings that overflowed the different word was sealed into.


As the impregnable dungeon, once in a few hundred years before, it was in the limelight.


And the result of that, whimsical renowned adventures, at least a hundred and ninety four that was recorded only in the remaining history, had entered this labyrinth.


And, the survivors, are zero.


The adventurers prepared with the likes of grimoires of return in the middle of the way, and others, assuming all kinds of situations they got ready and challenged the labyrinth.


But, though, even whoever it was who entered, even whatever they had and entered, their fate was unknown after that.


There were a lot of times when an S-Rank Class adventurer who was the strongest as a single person that challenged the labyrinth, butーーthe result, was as the history says.


In the first place, it was abnormal that all various kinds of return magic could not be activated.


A curious, order of magicians of a King’s research institute from somewhere, the result of their observation from outside of the labyrinth, they had concluded that that labyrinth was something that is connected to a different world phase.


The summoning of the Brave from a different world as the best example, in the parallel lines of the dimensions exists various kinds of worlds.


It means, it is the entrance of the labyrinth and at the same time, it is out of this world, and not even that world’s, or maybe, it is this earth, and it is also that earth……and you will be sent to that kind of place……they said.


And with those kind of reasons, this labyrinth, is currently being called as the Interstice Labyrinth.


But, though, it is only being called by the name of Interstice Labyrinth, by the means of a very popular common sense.


In the near settlements, that labyrinth is called from a long time ago, as the Labyrinth of Sacrifices.


Why, you ask why it is being called as the Labyrinth of Sacrifices.


It is a very short story. From long before, it is the labyrinth where the overwhelming out of this world wicked beings that almost destroyed the world is sealed within. And the curse that overflows from that labyrinth, causes the crops failure, natural calamity, and the flood of monsters and the like to the nearby villages……and, to evade that, there is a need to send a sacrifice to the labyrinth……they said.


ーーlong story short, the system of human sacrifice, is still currently being passed on until now to the surroundings of that labyrinth.


「……then, gramps? Why should someone from us should be chosen as a sacrifice? Well it’s true, that if it goes like this……there’s nothing that can be done with a crop’s failure……」


While he was narrowing his eyebrows, Kido presses his question to the Elder Chief of the village.


Inside the log house that was about the size of a fifteen tatami room, the kinds of furnishing goods are all in tatters.


On top of the table, there was tea and cheese that was placed, but the cheese was spoiled, and blue mold had covered its surface.


There was no doubt that he had intended to prepare the highest grade that it was possible, but he is called the chief of the village even with this, so it is easy to find out how much of a predicament this village is in.


With a very serious face, the Elder Chief threw words towards Kida.


「Brave from another world……originally, you are used as a strategic weapon of wars between countries, and that is how the world goes……you know that right?」


「Yeah, but, everyone of us……are unusable guys, so we’re sent to hunt barbarians around this frontiers right? I mean, the thing called as defense team it is」


Kido is, well, was going pretty good as a Brave, but……the total battle strength, as a party, it was pretty much like that, so……because of that, the group, with a general circumstance, was sent towards this frontier lands from the royal capital altogether.


「It is how you’ve said. And, all of you……are only, people from a different place. If it was like that, it was natural for you to become sacrifices」


There, Kido smiled provocatively.


「Even if you said that, I……and the three remaining, well, they’re being of help right? Then, without me……you want to go subjugate barbarians? The defense team is annihilated……it would be the words afterwards you know?」


There, *Gugu*, the old man’s shoulders trembled.


「That is true, you guys……the Braves from a different world……you have strength that is far more stronger than the humans in this world concealed within you」




And there, the old man stopped Kido with his hand.


「It is about……that man」


「Ahh, Piggy……about Takeda huh?」


「Think of your, and his status」


There, Kido closed his eyes and called out his status window.


【Kido Shouta】

Job ▼▼ Magic Swordsman

Level ▼▼ 12

HP ▼▼ 400

MP ▼▼ 0

Attack Power ▼▼ 150

Defense Power ▼▼ 50  

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 35


Kido was, as to show his offensive personality, used a lot of his bonus points to attack power. And, Takeda Junpei was as follows.


【Takeda Junpei】

Job ▼▼ No Aptitude

Level ▼▼ 1

HP ▼▼ 15

MP ▼▼ 5

Attack Power ▼▼ 5  

Defense Power   ▼▼ 5   

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 5    


Saying it very clearly, even compared with this world’s common standards, Junpei’s status was garbage.


「Well, Piggy’s like that, so……if you really insist, it’s not like I won’t approve it though」


At that time, to the Elder Chief’s log house, *KonKon*, there was that knocking sound.


The one who entered was, carrying firewood, and covered with soot……it was junpei who just ended his farm work.


His clothes were like ragged cloth that was patched, it was very crude.


Because the school uniform and t-shirts, the clothes that were made synthetically were rare, it was sold for a high price as the research materials of alchemists.


And because of that, his cloths were from the start, it had been exploited by Kido from a long time ago, and during their days at the royal capital, it disappeared as Kido’s entertainment expenses.


「And……why am I called here? I’m in the middle of farm work though……the issues concerning all of us, everything……it should have been entrusted to Kido……」


“Fumu”, the old man nodded.


「Honestly speaking……you know. In the first place, I was thinking that you’re the best for it」


「……the best for it?」


「You also, know about the Labyrinth of Sacrifice right?」


「The one being said……that it needs sacrifice regularly……?」


「And also, it is the season for that……it is unbearable to send villagers. And if it was like that, one of you will……」


There, Junpei shook his head sidewards.


「Something like that, isn’t that……too much?」


“That’s right”, the old man nodded.


「You are a hard worker. Honestly, with that weak body……it is amazing how, you did your farm work until now……I can even think of it like that. Hard workers are treasures of the village after all」


「No, I’m doing my best, because……Noriko……told me, that……do your best, she said……」


There, the old man nodded once again.


「And, if it was like that……the sacrifice, would be that woman」


「That woman……Noriko?」


And there, Junpei, remembered Noriko’s status.


【Tatsumaki Noriko】

Job ▼▼ No Aptitude

Level ▼▼ 1  

HP ▼▼ 10  

MP ▼▼ 5

Attack Power ▼▼ 5  

Defense Power ▼▼ 5   

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 5    


This was also truly, a shitty status.

By the way, the following is how the normal village people at level 1 is.


Level ▼▼ 1  

HP ▼▼ 50  

MP ▼▼ 10   

Attack Power ▼▼ 20

Defense Power ▼▼ 15   

Evasion Efficiency ▼▼ 10


At the point where he understood what the Elder Chief was saying……Junpei gripped his hands.


After all, whatever world it was, the order that comes from the higher person was absolute, and, the Elder Chief himself, was not saying a ridiculous thing.


It’s only that, the priorities were the problem.


And with that , it was natural for Noriko to be in the front line.




Summoning up his courage, Junpei said this.


「Sacrifice……I will be……the one」


「But, you……」


「It’s something that can’t be helped right? Then……instead of Noriko……I will……」


With those words, Kido nodded with strong emotions.


「Takeda……you……you changed ever since we came here right?」




Breaking down his usual oppressive expression, a gentle, and friendly expression it was that he made.


「Serious more than anyone……I knew how you’ve been working」


「But, that is, because Noriko said “do your best”……being sent in a place like this suddenly……that’s why, it’s times like this that, I should do what I can do. That’s why, I……did all that I could……and let everyone see……」


「In the past, I’m sorry I bullied you……I, respect you. That’s something that can’t be done normally……a survival rate of 0%……I don’t know what’s happening inside, but……normally, you’d die you know? Really……are you fine with that?」


「But……I, for Noriko’s sake……」


Placing both hands on Junpei’s shoulders, Kido continued.


「Un……you……you’re so cool……I’m sorry I bullied you until now」


「Hey……」, Junpei, said to Kido as if to beg him.


「Only to Noriko……can you keep quiet that I’m going instead of her? With her personality……she might say that she’d go instead……absolutely……I think she’ll say that」




Sadly, and inconsolably, Kido nodded to Junpei’s words. 


The entrance of the Labyrinth was, in a place that was around tens of kilometers to the side of the village’s roads.


As they get closer to the labyrinth from the village, the trees’ colors had gone thinner, and just like the ginkgo before fall, a golden yellow color enveloped the surroundings.


Even though the season was only early spring, he felt discomfort with that, but they said that the ones like the wicked gods that were sealed inside the labyrinth were spreading and scattering curses usually.


As a matter of fact, it had a huge effect on crops, so was convincing.


While thinking of that, Junpei follows Kido and the rest who was leading.


Kido, Kido’s three cronies, Noriko……and, Junpei.


With somehow, since they came to this world, a lot of things happened.


Even though they should’ve been called as Braves, to the frontier lands……as if to have a good riddance they were driven away.


And the ones who have statuses that can fight were only Kido and his cronies.


“I don’t want to be someone who couldn’t do anything and cannot be of help, no, it’s not enough with that……”, because Noriko said that to him, Junpei, unusual of himself, since they came to this world, had continued to do his best.


And finally, between the gaps of the trees, a rock surface that was like a cliff appeared.


Gaping, the mouth of the cave was opened, and from the darkness of the abyss, a cold air that almost froze their backs was flowing.


There, Noriko opened her mouth.


「But, Junpei……you……are you really okay with that? Even if Junpei was the one who was chosen……but, even so……I can go instead you know?」


Shaking his head sidewards, Junpei stared at Noriko. 


ーーthe childhood friend that thought of myself for a very, very long time. I don’t think that Noriko has the same feelings as me, butーーeven so, the girl that I loved.


「It’s something that couldn’t be helped」


With a very serious face, Noriko continued.


「But, I should, after all……」


And there, Junpei shouted.


「Enough, I told that I’d go right?! I was the one chosen! It’s not you!」


To the ferocious expression that Junpei showed after a long time, Noriko was overwhelmed and backed off.


「……un. I got it」


And, the group, one by one, entered the cave while docking their body.


Junpei, for him to go to his death place.


The persons other than him, to see Junpei off.


They entered inside, and followed the rocky surfaces that were lighted by the lantern.


And not for so long, they came out to a circular hall that had about a ten-meter radius.


A white line was drawn in the middle of it. Kido who confirmed that, stood before the white line.


「This labyrinth is, in between that world and this world……it is called as Interstice Labyrinth. This line is……what separates here and there……it means like that」


Everyone looked at Junpei. Receiving their sights, Junpei nodded.


And, without hesitating, he raised his right leg……and stepped over the white line.


What exceeds the white line was half of his body.


Right now, in the middle of that world and this worldーーjust exactly, Junpei was in between the interstice.


「Un. There was a lot that happened in Japan, but……ever since we came to this world, I thought that we’re comrades you know? Everyone, thank you, really. But……if you can, please don’t forget about me……」


While turning back, to Junpei who said that with loneliness, Kido laughed.


「And, with thatーーA BIG SUCCESSーーーーー!!」


The group, was enveloped in laughs.


「Eh……success……you say?」


And there, Kido embraced Noriko.


And, the two kissed with their lips.


A deep kiss using their tonguesーーafter embracing for a while, creating a line with their saliva, the two’s lips let each other apart.


「I’m sorry, Junpeiーーwe’re, going out」


What they were talking about, Junpei who could not understand, could only be petrified at his place.


「Eh?! Eh?!」


“Hey, you know……”, Kido opened his mouth.


「In a real meaning, you’re really useless you know. Girl’s can have children right? Noriko is……well, she might be not that good, but, the seed is excellent, there’s no way that it could be useless. Although……that Elder Chief……he’s stupid, so he wouldn’t listen to what I say……?」


“And”, Noriko continued.


「It’s even called as a sacrifice. If it was forcefully……they said that the effects are weak you know? Until exceeding that white line……if it wasn’t of your will, it would be very bad they said」


Kido shook his shoulder.


「And then, it’s like that, soーーself-candidacy, thanks for that」


“But……but……”, Junpei said roughens his voice.


「But, Noriko, you told me……that you didn’t hate me……that’s why, I……I did my best for you……」


While widening her eyes, Noriko said.


「Un, I don’t hate you?」


And, she continued.


「But, I don’t like you either」


As if to refuse those words, Junpei continued.


「But, Noriko……Noriko……I……you protected me from everyone’s bullying……」


“Un”, Noriko nodded.


「In reality, looking at that kind of things are disgusting you know? It’s not like I, hate Junpei. And also, normally, we’re childhood friends that know about each other……right. Really, even right know……what’s important is still important you know?」


「Then, why……?」


To Junpei who was asking as if to beg, Noriko said clearly.


「At that time, because I was on a safe place……I didn’t need to throw you away, that’s why I protected Junpei」




「But, you know? In what world, where your own butt is on fire, would a stupid person protect an incompetent? It just means, that it’s like that」


Cold, just cold, Junpei who was pierced through by her cold stare, almost collapsed in his place.


「In the past……before……when Noriko was being bullied just like I was……it’s because I saved you……you said, you said that I’m kind……that’s why……you said……」


And there, Noriko, what she was holding in until now……what seemed like that, hugged her stomach and started to laugh.


「Really……Junpei’s really kind. That is really……too much that it’s so funny. Ne〜, you know? Being kind is……」


And, she continued.


「ーーwith a bad meaning, and a meaning without salvationーーis only stupidity you know?」




With those words, something inside Junpei was broken.


And, what had not yet entered the white lineーーto his stomach that had not entered completely, Kido released a kick.


「And with thatーーgo and enjoy a labyrinth tour! You pig!!!」


Following the physics rule, Junpei staggered to his back.


And that instance, on the ground when he had noticed itーーa wall was made tracing the white line.


ーーhe was shut out.


Without delay, the only way to survive this labyrinth, is to reach the deepest part.


ーーand just like that, Junpei’s rise in a different world, had started.












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