The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Lunch and the Current State of Affairs



I explained to Wilhelm-sama how it became like this.

In the first place, Wilhelm-sama knew that Zack tried to hand me over to the villains. Because of that, the explanation itself was easy.

Well, he made a wry face towards the one blow that Natalia did though.


「……I see. I understand now」


「Was Zack, taken in by Wilhelm-sama? I have never seen him up until now」


「Mu……yeah. It is true that he did rude things towards Carol, but he was only an 8-year-old boy at that time. It is the fault of the villains to take advantage of that, and the fact that his little sister was kidnapped gave him room for extenuation. That is why, it became that he would be retrained under my protection」


I see, as expected of Wilhelm-sama. What a clean heart.

Even if he does not give mercy to the villains, he must have judged that the boy Zack who was taken advantage although unintentionally must not be condemned.


「Looking for a timing, I planned on making Carol meet him. Zack is still immature. I promised that I would let him meet you when he was able to take command of a squad」


「I am very sorry, although you made such arrangements」


「No, it’s Zack and Glen’s fault that they would take a break in the drawing room. Because the cafeteria is not that wide, there are many knights who use unused rooms to take their break. There was no punishment for it up until now, but……if these were ones who are new recruits or uncivilized, there is the possibility that Carol might be harmed. The discipline must be properly enforced from now on」


“Sorry”, Wilhelm-sama bowed his head towards me.

It is not like, it was Wilhelm-sama’s fault. I will feel troubled if you apologize to me like that.


「I do not mind at all. There is Natalia with me as well」


「But……it will be too late if anything happens. I should send an order today, immediately」


Wilhelm-sama’s a serious person huh.

Such part of him is wonderful as well.


「And then……how is it?」




「Uhm……you met with Zack after a long time right. Do you not have, anything to reminisce about? If you want to talk about anything, you do not need to mind eating lunch with me」


Oh my.

It is true that it was a long time since I have met Zack, but it is not like there are topics that we would be excited about. I am very curious to what have happened to his little sister-san, but it is not like it is something that I could dig onto so deeply.

Rather than that, spending time together with Wilhelm-sama is more important to me.


「No, not in particular. Also, Zack has yet to regain his consciousness as well」


Most of all, the one blow that Natalia sent to Zack must have been fierce. He is still showing the whites of his eyes right now.

Natalia might be more suitable as a female knight rather than my attendant.


「……I see. Well then, I do not mind. I also have duties in the afternoon, and cannot take a long time, but……do you like to eat lunch here?」


「Yes. I do not mind. However, is Zack and……e〜to, Glen-sama? be fine?」


「I will bring them to the infirmary.  While I do that, Carol should prepare the lunch」


Wilhelm-sama said that, and carried Zack and the other knight-sama on his shoulders. He has said “Glen” earlier so his name must be Glen-sama.

As expected of his strength, I could not help but admire. Wilhelm-sama’s so cool today as well.


Leaving the room, Wilhelm-sama went to bring the two to the infirmary. While he was at that, I prepared our meal.

But although I said that, all I needed to do was to open the basket, cut the baguette, and prepare tea. It does not seem that there are tools that could boil tea in the drawing room so it is a little cold. But, a little cold might be fitting if it is taken together with a meal.


After a while, Wilhelm-sama returned.


「Well then, let’s eat」


「Yes, please do」


I started to eat together with Wilhelm-sama.

By the way, Natalia opened a small bentou in the corner. She has not let her guard down even while eating. As expected of Natalia.


「Fumu……this is good」


「I am very happy that you liked it」


「If I’m correct, was she called Chris? The head cook」


「Do you know her?」


「Albert’s talking about her every day after all」


“Most of the knights know her”, Wilhelm-sama said while smiling.

I did not think that she became a famous person in the order of knights because of that. I should not tell her. Her attitude towards Elder Brother might become colder.


「By the way, Wilhelm-sama」




「What, did you visit the palace for?」


I heard that it was a sudden call but, did anything happened?

If war starts with the neighboring country, I cannot keep calm. Although, it is not like I can do anything even if it happens.

But at least, if I tell Father about it, there might be a way.


「……ahh, no, it’s not a big deal」


「Is that so?」


「Yeah. I just went to hear His Majesty’s complains. It seems that he is worried about many things. Especially about His Highness」


「His Majesty must be feeling many heartaches」


About Rayford, His Highness, I do not want to remember as much.

Thinking that he would be the person who will carry the country, I feel like the kingdom’s future is dark. Father also plans on rebelling during Rayford His Highness’ term.

However, I will never say that. Wilhelm-sama might not disclose about that, but who knows if there are eyes watching us from somewhere. I should not do things that would harm the Ambrose House of the Duke.


「Also, about Lady Mary Popkins」


「That Lady」


For me, Lady Mary is a person who I first met at the banquet, and I do not have any attachments for her.

However, I believe that she really loves His Highness, and does they not be suitable for each other. From now on, I really wish that she would love His Highness. It is something that has nothing to do with me right now after all.


「Yeah. It looks like, Her Majesty the Queen has worries about her」


「Is that so?」


「It seems like, she is not very serious about learning. If she becomes Rayford His Highness’ fiancée, it is natural that she would be the future queen. And their marriage is planned to be after graduation from the school. If so, naturally, she needs to learn how to act like royalty before their wedding. But although it was like that, although the Queen herself is teaching her, it seems like she would run away and play around」


「…as I have, thought」


As I have thought, she ran away huh.

I was sure about that for some reason. After all, even I wanted to run away.

The Queen is really strict. And even with that, I had received teachings for 7 years starting when I was 9 years old up to 16 years old. And Lady Mary needs to learn that for a year, so it would be a path full of thorns.

Well, Rayford His Highness is a person who is irresponsible that it makes me have some doubts if he really plans on carrying the country on his back in the future. His grades in the school were not particularly good as well. Although my grades with those related to exercise were completely annihilated, still, I was counted as one on the top.

Well, nothing could be done even if I thought of it.


「And also……His Highness was really worried. Worried about the relationship of the Ambrose House of the Duke and the Royal Family. If things goes like this, there is also the possibility that we would make an enemy of the Empire」


「……oh, that is」


It cannot be helped.

In the first place, my engagement itself was asked by the Royal Family. In addition to Ambrose House of the Duke having a vast territory, it connects the kingdom’s territory to the largest country within the neighboring countries, the Empire.

And the reason why the kingdom is bound in an almost equal alliance relationship with that Empire was because of the previous head, Dukeridd Ambroseーーmy grandfather was intimate with the Empire. And from then on, the House of Ambrose is connected to the Empire individually, and currently, the diplomacy was certainly being led by a person from the House of Ambrose.

That is why the true reason for asking me to marry, which is the marriage of a lady from Ambrose, it will certainly make the Empire send an envoy. Using that chance, the Kingdom might have wanted to have a tighter relationship with the Empire.


「It seems that there is only one month before the anniversary of the Empire’s previous emperor’s death」


「Come to think of it, I have heard rumors about that. They said that the new emperor is just 18」


「Umu. On that account, the royal family must send an envoy of condolence. And because it is a visit to the Empire, the diplomat that must be sent there is the current head of the Ambrose House of the Duke which is Gilliam」


「I see」


It is about Father, so he might use this as a weapon.

If there was such a case where Father refuses to go and a different envoy other than one from the Ambrose House of the Duke was sent, I wonder what the Empire would think. If they judged that they were being taken lightly, the Empire that has five times the size of territory, and twenty times the national strength might bare their fangs to us.

Adding to that, if the House of Ambrose gives in to the Empire, the Kingdom would be on its path straight to destruction.


「That is why, he is very worried. Asking, what should he do. However, I had nothing to answer him」



I also, cannot answer to that.


Looking at the current state of affairs, His Highness had broken the engagement at such a worst timing after all.









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In the light novel, they were supposed to have a promise to eat on the roof top but just ate in the room that they were in because Carol was wearing a skirt. Wilhelm-sama could not look straight at Carol who was wearing her school uniform that “all men likes” according to Natalia. Yes, Carol could only tilt her head because Wilhelm-sama would not look at her straightly. Glen-sama’s introduction was erased because he was fired.

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