Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 98

Chapter 98 – Young Girl Wife’s Nursing





When I woke up in the morning, my body felt very heavy.

My head hurts, and my sneeze and dripping nose wouldn’t stop.

I might have caught a cold.

This might be the first time that I caught a cold ever since I came to this world.

“A magic that heals the cold……”, when I was searching for that inside my head.


「Good morning, Lucio-sama. It’s morning」


*Gacha*, the door opened, and Sylvia entered inside.




When I replied, it was a dry voice that surprised myself.


「Lucio-sama? What happened?」




Sylvia ran to me in a hurry.

She stood by my side, and looked at my face.


「Your face is red……is it the cold」

「It rooks rike it……」

「Oh no! Lucio-sama, please stay put in the bed. Nadia-chan, everyone, are you there〜?」


After making sure that I was lying down and covering me with sheets, Sylvia ran out of the room.

After a while, my four wives gathered.

Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, and Balthazar.

It’s 8 in the morning, my wives have gathered.


「This is……it is the cold. He is very hot desu wa」(Veronica)

「Lucio-kun catches the cold too huh. It’s a surprise」(Nadia)

「What should we do, his fever is high too, Lucio-sama looks painful」(Sylvia)

「……we must make his fever go down first. I have heard from somewhere that his head must be cooled so that he would not get an headache」(Veronica)

「Lucio-chan will get defeated?」(Balthazar)

「We must make him cool so that would not happen desu wa」(Veronica)

「What should we do other than making him cool?」(Nadia)

「Let me think……he must take warm and nutritious food, I think」(Veronica)

「We’re making him cool but we’re making him warm?」(Nadia)


Nadia got surprised.


「It is something like that. Cooling his head, and making his body warm. It is the basics when one catches the cold desu wa」

「I see! Yo〜sh, let’s nurse Lucio-kun with everyone!」


Nadia said, and the other three nodded at almost the same time.

And to prepare to nurse me, they all left the room.


A cold like this, I could heal it with just one magic, but it might be better if I do that later.

Somehow, I wanted to see it.

I wanted to see how my wives would nurse me.

I stayed still like that on the bed, my head is a little fuzzy, and I started to get sleepy.

And from I fell asleep just like thatーーhow long has it passed.

I felt someone’s presence, so I slowly opened my eyes.


「Ah! Good morning, Lucio-sama」


Sylvia huh.

Ah, I tried to reply but my voice didn’t come out.

My throat became dryer, and my voice wouldn’t come out.


「I came to change the towel」


She said, and I noticed that there was a wet towel on my forehead.


「Your meal is ready, would you like to eat it」


I can’t speak, so I lightly nodded.

Sylvia left the room for once, and brought back a pot while wearing a very cute kitchen mittens.

Is it very heavy, she was walking unsteadily.

Wait, wait, that way of walking is dangerous.

Is this the pattern where it would be dumped into meーー.


「Sorry to keep you waiting」


I readied myself to the cliché, but it didn’t happen.

Although she walked unsteadily, Sylvia properly brought the pot to my side.

She opened the lid, and its steam came out.

It was gruel inside.


「If it’s this, I thought that you could eat it」


I don’t feel hunger because of the cold, but I think that I could eat this.




“I’ll eat it”, I said, but my voice almost didn’t come out.

I tried to raise my body using my elbow, and seeing that, Sylvia helped to support me in a hurry.

I raised my body, and she piled up pillows to my back.

How attentive.




I tried to speak, but my voice wouldn’t come out after all.

I coughed for once, and did my best to talk again.




It was a funny hoarse voice, but I said it somehow.


「You’re welcome」


Sylvia said shyly and happily.

She puts the gruel in the pot to a bowl, and made me eat it with a spoon.

*Fu〜*, *Fu〜*, she did that for me.

After I had finished eating, she fixed the position of the pillows, and left the room holding the pot.

There weren’t any happenings, rather, she took care of me very well that I feel very warm inside.

“Thank you, Sylvia……”, I thought of that, and started to get sleepy again.


「Lucio-kun……ah! He’s sleeping」


The next time I opened my eyes, Nadia was there.




Did it became better, my voice came out a little.


「Sorry, did I wake you up」

「No, it’s okay」

「I see. You know, I heard that a peeled apple is good if you get a cold. I’ll make it now okay」

「You’ll make it now?」



Nadia hugely nodded. Looking carefully, there was a grater, an apple in a dish, and a spoon placed on the side of the bed.

The things that are needed is complete, and she only needs to grate it.

Nadia used the grater, and did her best to grate the apple.

Nadia has a comparatively rough personality, the way she peels it looked dangerous, and I got nervous from watching, thinking that her finger might get injured.


「Should I make it instead」

「It’s okay, Lucio-kun should just watch」


Nadia said with a smile, her face was full of confidence, but the way she moves her hands is worrying.

I searched for a first aid magic inside my head so I could apply it as soon as something happens.

That, however, there was no need to use it.

Grating it to the end without getting injured, Nadia let me eat the grated apple.

Of course, she *A〜n*-d it to me.

After eating, I laid down on the bed again, and saw off Nadia leaving taking the tools with her.

……what should I do, I feel so blissful.

Feeling the warmness inside my chest, I felt sleepy for a while.

After a while, I felt that the towel on my forehead was being changed.

When I opened my eyes, this time, it’s Veronica.



「Did I wake you up?」

「No, I just wake up in this period」

「Is that so」

「You changed the towel for me」

「Yes. And this as well」

「This is?」

「It is a nutritional supplement. They said that it is very easy to drink and would make you hydrated during your cold」


Although it looks like a water bottle, it has a straw.


「You made it for me?」

「You’re asking me? There is no way I could make it」

「Is that so?」

「I asked a person who knows about his things and paid it with money」


It’s a bit disappointing. I had expected that she made it herself.


「……is not a woman’s cooking who does not usually cook just a deadly weapon」


Veronica whispered, with a sulking face.

She probably said it to herself, but honestly, I could hear it.

……isn’t she so cute.


「I feel heavy, I can’t raise my arms, so can you make me drink it?」

「ーーyes! Leave it to me」


Veronica became delighted, and puts the straw of the water bottle she’s holding to my mouth.

I sucked it using the straw, and it tasted like a sports drink rather than medicine.

I see, if it’s like this, it’s really good when you’re having a cold.

I drank that, and after seeing off Veronica, I covered myself with the warm sheets again.

After sleeping for a while, I woke up for the fourth time.

This time, there was Balthazar. The number one air-head, my Demon King wife, Balthazar.

Because I’m starting to feel better, this time, I’m really “expecting” that a happening would occur.

“Well then, what would she do for me”, I thought of that, and faked my sleep to see what would happen.

Balthazar changed my towel, and changed the sheets.

She did it with slowly and carefully, so that she won’t wake me up.

It felt very kind, so not only my body felt refreshed, my chest felt very warm, although Balthazar was moving around, and when I noticed it, I really fell asleep.




When I woke up, Balthazar was not around anymore. Instead, there was a piece of paper below the pillow, and Balthazar’s cartooned face and the words “Get well, okay” was written.

Somehow……it’s the thing that made my heart delighted the most for today.

At the same time, I felt sorry.

I’m sorry for expecting happenings or clichés.

All of my wives are such a good girl.

They nursed me with different ways, and my cold was healed so fast that I could clearly feel it.

Thank you. Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, Balthazar.

With my heart filled with gratitude to my wives, I closed my eyes once again.



The next day.


「Uu……my head hurts」(Sylvia)

「My dripping nose won’t stop」(Nadia)

「Uu……how pathetic」(Veronica)

「Kushun! Kushun!」(Balthazar)


My wives that nursed me for the whole day, fell down due to the cold that they caught from me.

While being grateful for that cliché, I did all that I can to nurse them.










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