Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – The House of Martein’s Happiness



「Do you have something interesting?」


When I was relaxing under the sun in the mansion while reading Grimoire, one of my wives, Veronica said that.

Veronica standing in front of me, she had a face so tired of boredom.

And across there, there was Sylvia and Nadia, and the two of them are looking towards me.

In a little far away, Coco sat lied down like a dog, and is sleeping while hugging her favorite Lucio doll.


「Interesting, you say, what kind?」

「I’m bored」

「Isn’t it good being nice and slow」

「It is impossible that I am bored although I am with you. Is that not a waste desu wa!」


I felt that she told me that she likes me in a very indirect way.

Hey tone was strict, but I understood Veronica’s feelings.


「Fumu, shall we play something」

「Do that」

「But, even if you say that……then, how about a trial of fortune?」

「Trial of fortune?」


「Ahh. There are four of us……so I should make it five huh」


I finished searching inside my head within an instant, and used the magic.


「『Russian Roulette』」


A white plate appeared in front of me, and five black grains were on top of it.


「What, what, Lucio-kun’s homemade magic food?」

「Is it chocolate? It’s bite size and it looks tasty」


Nadia and Sylvia came.


「Ahh, it’s chocolate, more specifically, it’s russian chocolate」

「What kind of chocolate is that?」

「Among the five, four are hits, and one is a miss. It’s a game of evading the miss and getting the hit」

「What would happen if it’s a hit or a miss?」


Nadia asked.




I took one of the chocolates, and placed it inside my mouth.

The chocolate melted immediately, and sweetness just at the right level spread inside my mouth.

And other than that, I felt it in my head somehow.


「Un, this is a hit」

「What will happen?」

「If you get a hit, you’ll get lucky for a while, and good things will happenーーOh〜to」


I dropped the Grimoire that I was reading earlier.

I picked up the Grimoire that fell on the grassーーand saw something shining under that.

I picked it up along the way, giggled, and showed it to my three young wives.


「Just like this, you’ll get lucky」

「You can pick up money huh」

「It’s not limited to money though. Well, a lot of things would happen. By the way, if you get a miss, you’ll get unlucky so be careful okay」


Hearing the miss, Sylvia and Veronica became a little hesitant.


「Sounds fun! I’ll go first okay」


Nadia excitedly took one of the chocolates, and placed it inside her mouth.


「Ah, it’s a hit」

「You know it?」

「Un, somehow」


Nadia answered to her best friend Sylvia.

That’s right, the instant it is eaten, you can somehow tell inside your head that it’s a hit.


「I wonder what would happen」

「You can wait here, or you can go somewhere if you like. Anyways, your luck would go up, and something good will happen to you」

「I see, then, I’ll go for a bit okay」


Nadia returned inside the mansion.

But when I was thinking of that, she immediately returned.

On top of that, dashing fiercely.


「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun!」


It’s clear that something good happened from her expression, but I asked deliberately.


「What happened」



Nadia said that, and reached out a yellow scrunchie.


「I’ve seen that before. What’s up with that」

「Didn’t you give it to me in the summer magic before? It’s the one I lost after that」

「Ahh, at the time when I changed the room to summer using Replace huh」

「I was searching for it for a long time, and it showed up」

「He〜. Good for you」



Something she had lost appeared. It’s a little happiness.


「Then, I will go next」


Sylvia took one, and ate it.


「I-It’s a hit……」

「Is that so」

「I wonder what would happen」

「You would like to wait for it?」



Sylvia didn’t move at her place, and waited for a while.


「Excuse me」


I heard a voice from outside the mansion.

Looking there, I saw a butler-like old gentleman calling out from outside the property.


「Is Mrs. Sylvia Martein home」

「That is me」


Sylvia went there confused.

It seems like she’s troubled being called 「Mrs. Sylvia Martein」but an elder butler.


「I am, a messenger of the House of Escarona」


「Yes. The head of our house, Shuriaco Escarona, I believe that you have met during the party before」

「Is it, that party when Sylvia became a grown-up?」


I pointed that out from the side.


「It is」


The elder butler nodded.


「My master who was very moved by your appearance that time asked to make something like this」


After the elder butler said that, several servants appeared behind him.

The servants brought a huge board-like thing that is covered by a cloth.

They brought that in front of Sylvia, and removed the cloth.




Sylvia was moved, and placed her hands on her cheeks.

It was not a board, but a painting in a frame.

It was a painting, where the grown-up Sylvia and I were drawn.

It wasn’t just drawn as it was, but felt as if it was drawn a little beautified.


「What a wonderful painting……」

「My master who had felt that the couple that he saw that time was his ideal husband and wife so he asked to paint it. Please receive it」

「It’s beautiful, but……is it really okay?」



We received the painting.

It was a painting, that both Nadia and Veronica were envious.

After receiving it, and the elder butler leaving.


「Well then, there is only one left」


Veronica took one, and ate it without hesitations.


It’s very like her not hesitating although the chances were half-half.


「Ara, it’s a hit desu wa」



I’m surprised, that means, the remaining one is a miss huh.

Veronica stared at me.


「What is this. Lucio, you, do not tell me, did you make all of it a hit? If so, I’m disappointed」

「I didn’t do that, it’s only a problem of probabilities」


The probability of hitting four consecutive times is about 19, so it isn’t that low. It’s a very possible number.

But, Veronica was staring at me.

It can’t be helped, I should prove it.


「Lucio, you were here huh」


When I was about to eat the chocolate, I heard a familiar voice from the entrance of the mansion.

Wearing flashy clothes, and a face that is uselessly full of confidence.

My older brother, Isaac.

Isaac came, and stood in front of me.


「Coming so suddenly, what did you came for?」

「I have something to talk aboutーーmu! What, doesn’t this look delicious. I’ll have this」



My voice together with my wives’.

Isaac picks up the chocolate, and puts it in his mouth without letting anyone stop him.


「nGu……the taste isn’t bad. What is it? A miss?」


Dumbfounded, Isaac tilted his head.

What would happen?

Suddenly, rain started to fall from the sky.

The sun is out, it’s a sun shower. It gradually got stronger.

“We should go inside the mansion”, but when I was thinking of that.




I heard a cat’s voice from a little far away.

I turned there, and Mami was there.

Mami who was Coco just earlier, changed after getting wet by the rain.

Mami in a bad mood, “Why is that”, when I was thinking of that.




My voice together with my wives’.

The four of us looked at Isaac at the same time.

Isaac was dripping sweat.

It’s not a bad mood, that is a hunt mode.

The fierce natural enemy beast was released, there was no one who could stop it.


「Don’t come here〜」



Isaac running away, and Mami chasing him.

After Isaac disappeared, the rain immediately stopped.


「How unlucky」(Veronica)

「It might be just as usual」(Sylvia)

「It’s Isaac after all, it’s hard to judge there」(Nadia)


Was it really a miss or just as usual, it’s a little hard to decide.

Well, let’s leave Isaac alone.

I’m more curious about Veronica’s hit.

“What would you do”, I tried to ask her and turned to her.

And then, I noticed that Veronica was looking at something diagonally to us.


「What happened, Veronica」



Veronica pointed.

Ahead of where she pointed, there was a rainbow.

A rainbow after a sun shower.

It was very beautiful.

While looking at that, Veronica neared her body to mine.


「How blissful」

「I know right!」



Nadia and Sylvia also got closer, and held my hands.


「……yeah, it’s so blissful」


I agreed, and thought that it was exactly like that.

Everyone got a ‘hit’ chocolate. Maybe, it was not up until now, but the time under this rainbow is the true ‘hit’.

Everyone, thought of that.










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