Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The One Slim of Wall of Summer and Winter




When I was reading Grimoire while looking at the snow, Nadia ran inside the room with a rushed expression.



「Do Lucio-kun know about the sea?」


「Yes, sea!」


Nadia made a fist with both of her hands, and approaches me.


「Sea you say, that large and salty sea?」


When I expressed it literally, Nadia’s eyes started shine.


「You knew about it! Ne〜ne〜, what kind of place is that? Tell me more about it」

「Haven’t you gone to sea」

「Un! I heard it before from the people nearby, but I couldn’t imagine what kind of place was it」

「I see」


I thought about it.

If she’s saying that she had never come to the sea, I want to let her see the sea.


「Yosh, I’ll show you the sea」

「Really?! Thank you, Lucio-kun!」


I left the Grimoire behind, and stood up.

I went out of the room, and stood in front of the room that isn’t often used.


「Lucio-kun? Aren’t we going to the sea?」

「Wait and see」


I recalled a usable one from the thousands of magic I remembered, and reached out to the door.




The door flashed in an instant, but the light soon disappeared.

It felt it worked, I was confident that the magic succeeded.


「Yosh, let’s go」

「Go you sayーーWahh!」


The instance I opened the door, Nadia’s eyes shined.

The blue sky, the bright sun, and white sands.

Through the door, the sea was there.


「What’s this, this is inside the room right! It’s an empty room right」

「Yeah. I copied the space with magic. This is the sea that is really somewhere in reality」

「Amazing!! This is the sea huh……the sea’s really hot right!」


Nadia was moved, and took off the clothes that made her feel hot.

She entered inside, and looked around beaches here and there interestingly.

I entered inside and closed the door.

A hot sea, it’s like I’ve come to a tropical country.


「It’s not like the sea’s hot you know」


「Yeah, I just copied the sea in from a hot place」


「That isーー」



When I was going to say the reason, Nadia suddenly fell.

She fell backwards, and fell on her butt, on the top of the sand.


「It hurts〜. What’s this, my feet was pulled by the water」

「Ahaha, it’s that kind of thing. If the waves pulls back, your feet is taken with it like that」

「Mou〜, I’ve become very wet」

「Well, that’s alright」


「Dress Up」


I casted magic to Nadia.

The magic enveloped her body, and her appearance changed.

It became a cute swimwear with polka-dots and frills.




「Un, Kawaii Kawaii. Just as I’ve thought Nadia is also cute in your swimwear look」

「You call this swimwear huh」

「Right, they’re clothes for playing in the beach, or swimming. Those clothes are alright even if they get wet, so you should go play with all your heart’s content」



Nadia ran around with the waves. *PashaPasha* she was enjoying the beach.


「O〜i Nadia, you see the clams that fell in your feet right? Pick that up and place it in your ears, it’s interesting」

「Uhmm let me see……Oh〜, I can hear the sea’s sound, what’s this it’s amazing〜」


Nadia enjoyed furthermore.

If she play around that much her throat might be parched.

I left the room, thinking I should get her something to drink from the kitchen.




I encountered Sylvia.


「What is it」

「Uhmm……had Lucio-sama enter a hot spring before?」

「Hot spring? The thing that is like a natural bath」

「You really have!!」


「Uhm……do you know what kind of place is that? I heard from the neighbors 『Although it was inside, even if it was winter hot water still comes out』, but I couldn’t imagine it」

「I think it’s hard to imagine if you haven’t actually seen it……Yosh」


I thought I would show her the hot springs.


「Sylvia, go get a towel」



I stood in front of the room’s door that was beside the room that had become the sea, and reached out my hand.




After the door lightened, I entered inside the door.

There, was a mountain in winter.

Surrounded by trees and snow, a natural hot spring sprung from the ground.

Sylvia who returned with a tower with her was surprised.


「Come here, Sylvia」

「T-This is……is this Lucio-sama’s magic?」


She entered the room, *KyoroKyoro* and looked around.


「Yeah, I copied the hot springs from somewhere. This is the hot springs」

「Uwah〜……it really is warm although it’s outside…… Isn’t this also Lucio-sama’s magic」

「No, this is a normal hot spring. Natural hot springs usually feel this way」


「You want to enter one? The hot springs that has cold air outside feels very good?」



Sylvia took off her clothes, and entered the hot springs.




「Wah……what’s this……somehow……feels good……」

「At those times you should say 『Ikikaeru〜』」

「I-Ikikaeru〜……Ah, it somehow feels good」

「This is the hot springs」

「It’s amazing……」


Sylvia soaked to the hot springs and relaxed.




「Just wait for a while」


I left the hot springs room.

I wanted to let her drink milk after she comes up, so this time for sure I went to the kitchen.

I took the juice for Nadia, and made a fruit milk for Sylvia in the kitchen, and I took that and returned.





When I returned, the two just came out of the room.

Sylvia wrapped a towel around herself, and Nadia with her swimwear look.

The two made a surprised face and looked at each other.


「What happened, Nadia-chan, with that look」

「Sylvie also, what’s that」

「Uhmm, I let Lucio-sama take me to the hot springs and」

「I let him take me to the sea right now」


「Hot springs?」


The two tilted their head at the same time.

And changing places, Sylvia went to the room with sea in the summer, and Nadia went to the room with hot springs in the winter.


「Where’s this? What is this」

「Uwah! There’s a bath outside! What’s this」


The two got excited.





They showed their faces from the room at the same time, and looked at me with an excited expression.

After that, with the two exchanging to each other, they come and went and enjoyed summer and winter.









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