Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 133

Chapter 133 – The Role Model Woman



Within the drowsiness of sleep, I heard somebody talking beside me.



「Elder sister, you seem very happy」

「I am happy, after all, Iris received love from Kakeru-sama as well. Fufu……」


I somewhat felt ticklish.

I slightly opened my eyes and saw Helene and Iris.

Helene is gently stroking my head and was fiddling with my hair.

Iris is watching that from the side.

I got curious about what they were talking about, so I faked sleep.


「Are you happy that he loved me? Elder sister」

「Of course. Being loved by Kakeru-sama, there is no greater fortune as a woman」

「That much, huh」

「Iris should’ve experienced it already」


「Being in Kakeru-sama’s arms, you should have already felt the happiness during that time」

「That is……」


Iris hesitated to continue her words.

I slightly opened my eyes, and saw her fidgeting with a red face.

She is so cuteーーshe was so cute that I had the urge to wake up and push her down.


「Elder sister, can I, can I ask one thing?」

「What is it?」

「This feeling, this emotion. Is this, just with……Kakeru?」

「I will say this as objectively as possible. That thing that Iris is feeling right now, I think that most probably, other men could grant it to you」



Iris was surprised, her voice seemed as if she was about to cry.

But towards that, “fufu”, Helene continued with a mischievous smile.


「What you can receive from Kakeru-sama, it is equal to what tensーーno, hundreds of men can give. I believe that the difference between them is like a delicious wine brewed for several hundred years and a prisoner’s liquor」


What the heck is a prisoner’s liquor?


「Ahh, that same thing that the soldiers are making huh. That thing that was fermented using provisions and saliva」

「Iris is more knowledgeable about that huh. Yes, that is right. Both of them are alcohol, you are able to get drunk from it. However, good liquors does not only make you drunk」


「Kakeru-sama’s love is not only limited to happiness as well. Both mind and body. As a woman and as a person. It is love that fills everything」

「……I think, I could understand」

「What Kakeru-sama has given might be possible even for other men to give. However, it would be overwhelmingly meager and inferior. At least, that is what I believe. That’s why」

「Elder sister……」


The feeling of Helene’s hand disappeared from my head.

I slightly opened my eyes and saw Helene touching Iris’s cheeks.

Helene making an affectionate face and Iris with eyes that stared straight back at her.


「I am happy that what Iris received was not Aegina’s crown prince’s love, but Kakeru-sama’s love. As an elder sister, I could not be happier」

「……thank you, elder sister」

「What a weird girl. I am just being happy」


Helene chuckled with a laugh that sounded like beautiful bells.


「Un. Even so, thank you」

「Elder sister?」


「If I do that, will I be able to become a woman that is more suitable to Kakeru?」


It’s a very Iris-like question.

There’s no need to think about that, Iris should just be Iris.

Being a good woman is the best if the woman acted in her nature.

At least, that’s what I think, and that’s how the woman around me is.

That’s why, I thought of “waking up” and tell her that, but.


「That is the biggest problem」


The tone of Helene’s voice changed.

The kind and loving elder sister’s voice, instantly changed to something like a worried, stray sheep.

「That is something, that we have always thought about. And it is also something that we discussed many times face to face」






Iris had the same question.


「Me, Queen Luka Her Majesty, Princess Aura Her Highness, Queen Fiona Her Majesty, and Queen Marie Her Majesty. We gathered together, and discussed after discussions」


What is with that ridiculous line-up?

It’s a bit……seriously, a summit.


「Kakeru-sama who has far higher caliber even compared to the heroes in history all over the world. And towards that Kakeru-sama, what must we do to become a woman suitable to him」


「There is only happiness from one-sidedly receiving his love, but it is frustrating as a woman」

「I understand……I think」


Iris agreed.

For me, I think that they’re thinking too much.

Both these princess sisters beside me, and the woman whose names were mentioned.

All of them are good women, they’re good women that do not need to think of such a thing.


「After many discussions, we concluded that there are two women who can be a role model」


Two? Who and who?


「The first one is?」

「Delfina Homers Lanmari. Right now, she is in the closest to be in the position of being equal with Kakeru-sama」


Delfina huh.

Well, I can understand that. She’s a good woman, and it’s not like she’s completely mine.

To make her completely mine, I need to buy her together with all of her fortunes.

With that reason, I can tell why Helene and the others would treat her as a role model.

If so, who’s the other one?

If the first one is Delfina, then the other one is……u〜n.

I don’t have a clue. All of them are good women, but were there someone who is outstanding enough to be their role model?

Don’t tell me, is it Hikari?

That might be the case.

Hikari should become a good woman from now on after all.


「And the other one is? Elder sister」


Iris asked seemingly rushed. I also got curious so I heightened my hearing.


「Miu Mi Myuu. The maid that serves Kakeru-sama」


What mentioned, was quite an unexpected name.





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