Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Saint and Demon Sword Wielder


I wore the prepared black clothes quickly, and clad my body with a mantle. I hid Eleanor under the mantle, and stuck a normal longsword over that.

It looks suspicious at a glance, but I faced Melissa in clothes that she wouldn’t know it was me.


「He is?」

「His name is Kristos」


Delfina introduced.


「He wearing that for a reason, and he cannot talk, but he is the strongest warrior that I know of」

「Fu〜n, you really emphasize he is the strongest」

「If you saw how he fights, I am sure that you would be convinced」

「Is that so」


Melissa’s reaction was poor.

Well, that’s about it, even if she was told world’s strongest, there would also be something wrong being convinced with that.


「I got it, I’ll borrow him. How about the equipment?」

「It is gathered. To the front」

「Is that so, you have my gratitude. Payment will beーー」

「At your convenience」


Delfina said that.


With Melissa, and ten of her subordinates, we moved together.

Her subordinated was different from what came with her in the mansion, they were all men, but they are wearing the same design of armor that the girls wore at that time.

Everyone rode horses and moved through the night roads. As fast as the time that I went to save Helene, we moved swiftly through the roads.

It had become midnight, and we arrived at a small village.


「Saint-sama, this is Rintos」



Melissa and her subordinates went off their horses, and I also went off and followed them.

Seeing that I was following, Melissa looked towards me, and said.




I nodded without words. She would find out when I let out a voice, so it was set that I couldn’t talk.


「It’s alright if you follow, but it’s okay if you don’t do anything」


Following what Melissa said, her subordinates said further.


「As she has said, rather, you should move back and not be on our way」


I somehow felt malice. The men’s eyes were cold, and I could clearly feel their hostility.

They probably do not like an outsider like me.

But, the ones with hostilities was only the subordinates.


「If it became dangerous, you should just come to my side」


Melissa said.


When she said that, her subordinates looked at me with discontent, and looked at Melissa with eyes of admiration.


『To be kind to an outsider, as expected of Saint-sama. I guess』


Eleanor’s voice echoed inside my head.

I agree with her opinion right now, but……can you just behave right now.

It hadn’t been found out right now, but Melissa said in the mansion that “evil” was emitting from Eleanor. If it’s possible, it would help if you behave.


『Yes, yes』


Eleanor said with an unwilling tone.

I followed Melissa and the rest from their behind.

The party entered the village, the most splendid house…… we went to the most splendid house in a village with a hundred people.

And the old man who came out from there saw Melissa, and kneeled with emotions.


「Thank you very much, thank you very much. To think that the Saint herself would come. With this, our village is saved」

「The outbreak of tree spirits of Kuroki, where is it?」

「It is at the forest east to our village」

「Only there? Is there anywhere else」

「It is only there. But their numbers……it’s ten times that usually comes out every year」

「I got it. I’ll tell you if it has ended, until then, do not come near to the forest」



Leaving the village chief that was emotional, we went towards the forest east of the village.

I was thinking what was the tree spirits Kuroki, but I knew it as soon as we arrived to the forest.

Immediately in the entrance, one was there.

Transparently glowing, its roots were like feet, and it was like a tree that could move.


Instinctively, I almost said “Disgusting”.


Melissa’s subordinates using their weaponsーーwielded the weapons Delfina prepared and attacked the tree spirits.

Behind them, Melissa clasped her hands and made a praying pose.




In this instance, it was the first time I felt her like a “Saint”.

Closed her eyes and made a pose, in a different kind of the tree spirit in the forest, she released divine light.


Melissa’s subordinates attacked the tree spirit with ten of them.

In the middle of that, one of them received an attack. The tree spirit’s branch, the branch that was like an arm, he was hit from the side of his face.

His body glowed, and Melissa’s body also glowed.

In Melissa’s face, a red, swollen mark appeared.


This is……don’t tell me.


「You shouldn’t worry」


Melissa said to me.


「I am more durable than normal people, and I heal fast too」


When she said that, the weal on her face went back.

Without 30 seconds passing, it disappeared as if nothing had happened.

I remembered what I heard from Delfina.

She was executed continuously for seven days, but in the end she was okay, that story.


That was……maybe, it is real?


When I was thinking of that, Melissa’s subordinate received an attack again.

This time the nape of his neck was hit, and blood splurged from Melissa’s neck.

That also healed very fast, the wound disappeared, and left her collar red with blood.

That was……nothing fun to see.


Melissa didn’t mind, and her subordinates also didn’t mind it. Thinking about her “miracle”, it was sure that it’s going to be alright, but I don’t have a good feeling looking at it.

I mean, what the heck are they doing with the ten of them.


And while I was saying that, this time two of them were thrown back together.

The two of them stood up very quickly and jumped towards the tree spirit, but Melissa hugely lost her balance, and collapsed to her knees.

……this is, if Melissa wasn’t here, they were already on their limits and to the annihilation course? They were able to do about it somehow because Melissa was here.


When I thought of that, I got pissed off. I got pissed off, so drew out the long sword and attacked the tree spirit.

It swung its hands and tried to hit me.

I stopped it with the long sword, and cut it just like that.

What, isn’t it this too weak.


I thought that I would have a hard time, but it was far too weaker than I’ve thought.

It was weak, so just like that, I slashed the tree spirit into two.

The tree spirit that was cut vertically, disappeared as if to evaporate.


「What was that right now」

「With a sword……did he cut the tree spirit with a long sword without blessings?」

「No way」


Melissa’s subordinated were all surprised.


「You……how did you do that」


Melissa was the same.

How, you say, I just normal slashed at it though.

I mean, I got pissed with these guys playing around.

I know the strategy. I know how it works, with Melissa as the center who receives all damages, the other guys can attack without worry.


The strategy that was made mainly with a special ability, is reasonable.

But, it pisses me off.

I couldn’t speak, so I told them using body language.


「You mean……you’ll take care of the rest」


I nodded.


「You bastard! Are you mocking us!」


“Un, that’s right”, I wanted to say that.

Because of these incompetents, I couldn’t watch a woman being wounded.


「……can I ask you of that?」


「Let’s leave it to him. If it would save the village, it’s no different whoever does it」

「Then, please leave it to us」

「Rather than this unknown man, under God’s name, we willーー」


I charged to the men with the longsword in its sheath. With the sheath, I hit all of them, and made them lose consciousness.

As expected, because Melissa wasn’t praying, the damage did not go to her, and everyone lost their consciousness.

It may have been better if I cut them.




To Melissa who was surprised, with body language again. I told her to wait here.  


「……I got it, please do」


I jumped inside the forest.

I am so pissed off. I slashed into two the tree spirit that I encountered.

As soon as it came out, I slashed at it.

After slashing around ten of them, I regained my composure a little.


「How many are there left」

『Do you want me to teach you』

「Can you tell?」

『Draw me』


I drew her as Eleanor had told me. And then, inside my head, somehow, I could faintly feel the location of the tree spirits.

There was a map inside of my head, and it feels like a dot was notifying.


「This is amazing」

『Leave it to me when it comes to spirits』

「That was right. Yosh, let’s hurry up and annihilate them」



I borrowed Eleanor’s senses, ran through the nearest route in the forest, and slashed them one next to the other.

I slashed the last one, and took a breath.


「There’s nothing left huh」

『If it was a spirit, yes』

「Yosh, then let’s go back」

『They might have been awaken』

「If those guys were still nagging a lot and make Melissa troubled, I’ll cut them this time」

『You are going to end them before she prayed huh』

「I plan to」


I nodded, looked behind, and tried to go the entrance of the forest.

I was surprised, and stopped on my feet.


「You……you were the Demon Sword Wielder?」


Melissa was there.



「I came because it was dangerous……」


This is bad, she saw me.

It was a situation that I couldn’t say excuses.

I was still wearing the black clothes and the mantle, but Eleanor was too distinctive.

I had decided my will, at that time.


「Thank you」



I heard a line that made me doubt my ears.


「Thank you, for saving me」


Saint Melissa, was bowing her head towards me.










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