Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – First Contact desu



Laura continuously called to the Great Sage「Wake up〜, wake up〜」.

And did that show results? The Great Sage raised her body.


「You finally woke up. Uhm, Principal-sensei, there is something that I want to show……oh, ehh?!!」


The sleepy Great Sage suddenly hugged Laura tightly.

And, she pulled Laura to her bed and started rubbing her cheeks against her.


「Ahh……as I’ve thought, Laura-chan is fit for being a hugging pillow. I shall bestow you the title of “Holy Pillow”」


「What’s with that weird title. I don’t need that! That’s embarrassing! Really, when are you going to wake up?」


「Why do I need to wake up? This is the napping room you know. Laura-chan entered with her own will, it means that you want to be my hugging pillow right?」


「That logic doesn’t work! It’s not the time to joke around. I picked up a weird egg in the Mezzel River earlier, so I want to ask Principal-sensei to identify it」


「A weird egg……?」


And there, the Great Sage finally started to get interested.

She raised her upper body, and stretched after making a huge yawn.


「It’s a really weird egg that you want to get in the way of my afternoon nap?」


「Yes. E〜to, it has cream color and light blue stripes, and its size is twice of my head」


While explaining that, Laura expressed the shape of the egg using her hands.

And then, the sleepy face of the Great Sage suddenly became serious, and she started thinking after she placed a hand on her chin.


「……that egg, is it currently in the school?」


「Yes. Emilia-sensei is holding it in the principal’s office」


「For the meantime, I should look at it personally」


The Great Sage crawled out of her bed and went to the principal’s room.

Laura also followed and jumped off, standing beside her.


「By the way, Laura-chan. How good it is that you arrived at the napping room. It was difficult right?」


「Yes. But, I did my best!」


「You broke that barrier just by doing your best? What a frightening girl」


The Great Sage happily patted Laura’s head for some reason.

It looks like she was being praised.

Laura became happy and relaxed her cheeks.


「Ah, Principal. Good morning. You slept for a whole day this time huh」


Emilia said with a somewhat sarcastic amazement.

And after that, Charlotte and Anna also followed to say「Good morning」.


「Yes, good morning to you too. I wanted to sleep a little more though. But I got curious about the egg that Laura-chan picked up. Lend it to me for a second」


The Great Sage took the egg from Emilia and observed it while she spins it around/


「A dragon’s egg……? No, it’s a little different. The color stands out too much. Also, I can feel a sacred presence from inside」


「Sacred presence?」


Laura tilted her head not knowing what it was about.

It was not only Laura. Everyone other than the Great Sage made a strange face.


「That’s right. Although you cannot be blamed that you do not know. Something like the presence of God, you wouldn’t know it normally. This egg, it’s probably a God Beast’s egg」


God Beast.

The Great Sage said it very casually, but if that is true, it is a significant thing.

After all, God Beast is literally a God in the shape of a beast.


There are also many kinds of Gods.

For example, the Supreme God that created this world.

The Indigenous God that protects the land that created by the Supreme God.

And, the Demon Gods that tries to destroy this world.


The Demon Gods are born from the negative emotions from the living things that live in the land above.

The kinds of emotions like「I want to die」or「I hope this world ends」.

As long as one is alive, they cannot be unrelated to negative emotions.

That is why, Demon Gods appears no matter what happens.

And about 130 years ago, the Great Sage defeated that Demon God that appeared and saved this country.

That is why she is a Hero.


「The God Beast is an Indigenous God. Their status is lower to that of the Supreme God, but they are very important existences to the people who worship them」


The Great Sage spoke of that, but even Laura knows that much.

It was not something that one needs to learn in lessons, but it is common sense.


「T-That’s right, it’s God you know! Why is the egg of that amazing existence flowing in the river?! I mean, is it alright that I picked it up?!!」


「I would hate if there will be a divine punishment desu wa!」


「Should we give it offerings……」


Laura, Charlotte, and Anna started panicking after knowing that it was a God Beast.

Even Emilia, the instructor, stealthily ran towards the wall.

However, only the Great Sage was as usual, and laughed while saying「It’s okay, it’s okay」.


「It was flowing in the Mezzel River, right? If so, it probably came from the upstream where the Beast-kin Village is. I have connections there, so I’ll go return it tomorrow. If you girls did not pick it up, it must have flowed to the sea and become missing. Well done, well done」


Hearing that, the girls became relieved.

However, to think that it was a God Beast’s egg.


「Since it’s going to be returned tomorrow, we can’t use it as the topic for our free research……」


「Ara, you were planning to make such a grand free research huh. But, if it’s the God Beast’s egg, isn’t making a sketch out of it will enough for a free research? Right, Emilia?」


「Haa……that is true, something like a God Beast’s egg, it would only appear once every hundred years. If you make a proper, detailed sketch, I can approve it as your free research」


Hearing Emilia’s words,「Ohh!」, Laura, Charlotte, and Anna faced each other.

With this, it can be said that one of their homework was taken care of.


「Well then, we’re going to sketch it on the dorm, so please lend it for a while」


「Here. Be careful not to break it okay」


Laura took the egg from the Great Sage.

She carried it normally earlier, but she suddenly felt nervous after knowing that it’s a God Beast’s Egg.

The instant she thought of bringing it to their dormitory carefully.

The thing inside the egg struggled, and the surface was broken, then, a small white dragon showed its face.




It looks like it became impossible to bring the『Egg』to the Beast-kin’s Village.





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