Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Whatever desu


Laura’s hometown is a town called『Mielevern』.

The population is about two thousand people, and has no special products to be mentioned.

However, the Mielevern Lake that is very near the town is beautiful, and the fishes are also abundant, so it is decently profitable for tourism and fishery.


The school prepared the carriage going to Mielevern.

The three, Laura and her friends left the carriage to the quiet coach, and spent their time comfortably, like eating snacks or chatting.


But even so, actually, the nearer they became to her hometown, Laura’s nerves heightens.

After all, she knew very, very well how stubborn her father is.

If possible, she wants to finish the persuasion peacefully using words, but……most probably, that’s impossible.

There will be a fight for sure.

Not a metaphor, but a real battle.

However, winning that and making her father shut up, would it be proper to say that she had succeeded in persuasion.

“I won’t say, be happy that I am studying in the Magic Department. But I hope convincing is alright, at the least.”

Laura thought of that very earnestly.


「Laura-san. Please do not make such a blue face. It is alright, I am with you」


「That’s right. It will go well for sure. Laura has transferred to the Magic Department, but it’s not like you stopped using the sword. Your father should also get that Laura is able to use sword and magic simultaneously」


Charlotte and Anna hugged me from both sides.

With only that, Laura felt that her heart has calmed down quite a lot.

These two, even though it is a problem where they are not concerned with, they used their precious summer vacation to go with Laura.

I’m so happy and grateful that my tears might come out.

For the sake of spending time together with this two too, I will never let myself get dropped out of school.


「The two of you, thank you very much. That is right, I, I properly continued sword training, so. Otou-san will surely understand!」


Laura puts strength on the sword that she’s hugging since earlier.

The sword that she brought from her family house, it melted during the final fight in the tournament within the school.

That’s why, this one was bought from the weapon shop that is managed by the adventurer’s guild, and it is only a cheap two-handed sword.

However, if the Laura right now used strengthening magic, even if it’s a junk sword, it would transform into an excellent one.

And most of all, having a sword with her makes her body be relieved.


「By the way, how long would it take to Laura’s hometown?」


Anna asked.


「If it’s with the carriage, about a whole day from the royal capital. We have left on the morning, so staying tonight in a village along the way, we should arrive tomorrow morning. Only, if it was without troubles」


「Ara. Is there a possible that a problem would occur?」


Charlotte whispered while smiling fearlessly.


「Well, of course, although it’s along the highway, the possibility of encountering monsters isn’t zero」


Monster hunting is done intensively by adventurers along the highway.

Because of that, the possibility of being attacked by monsters in the highway, is a lot lower than getting lost and dying.

However, just like Laura has said right now, it is not zero.

At least once every few years, the cases of unlucky merchants or travelers would encounter goblins and run away throwing their belongings happens.


That is why, the coaches of the carriage moving from town to town, unlike the coaches who only work inside a town, they know how to fight.

Either an adventurer is working as a coach part time, or a coach working as an adventurer part time are the majority of the patterns.

This quiet coach that the school prepared, according to them, he’s a C-Rank adventurer. Meaning, he is as strong as a graduate of the Gyrdorea Adventurers School.

Adventurers have S – G ranks, but the S-Rank is an existence of a different dimension. Even A-Rankers look at them with eyes of admiration.

One would be called as a first class in B-Rank, and C-Rank would be middle class.

If one would have the skill of a C-Rank, it could be said that that person could be relied on fights on traveling on the highway.



「At worst scenario, it is as easy as letting me make some explosions desu wa」


Charlotte declared with a cool face.

Anna also nodded in agreement.


「Well……even if some monsters appear, it wouldn’t be called a trouble with this members」


It is unfortunate for the coach, but Laura and Charlotte could easily win against C-Rank adventurers. Anna would also be able to fight more than equal.

Thinking of purely battle strength, these three should be able to graduate right away.

But of course, various kinds of knowledge would be taught in school, and most of all, the instructors are all strong, so they still have a lot of things to learn.

Especially from the Great Sage who is the principal. Even Laura could not imitate her techniques.


“I want to steal the techniques and knowledge of the adults, and get more and more strongerーー.”


These three that is like a battle junkie, they are now going to daringly go to Laura’s father’s place without hesitating to pick a fight, so a terrible thing would surely happen.

Thinking of that, Laura, she had started to become melancholic although it’s about her.

“Tomorrow for sure, I would forget this modest feeling I have right now, and slash and shoot magic to father〜”, she could easily imagine it.

“Well, nothing would happen worrying about it now”ーーorganizing her feelings, and Laura decided to enjoy chatting with her friends.

In other words, she stopped caring and was like “whatever”.










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