Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Homecoming for summer vacation desu



「It’s the summer vacation starting tomorrow huh〜」


While eating lunch in the cafeteria, Laura spoke to Charlotte and Anna.


「That is right. Will Laura-san be going back to your family house?」

「U〜n, what should I do. Rather than that, together with Charlotte-san and Anna-san, I want to go on a trip somewhere!」

「A trip huh……that is not bad」

「Wait. I don’t have enough money to go to a trip」


Anna said while dripping sauce to her fried shrimp.


「Please do not worry. I will at least do something about the travel expenses」

「Ohh. As expected of the House of Gazard. And then, where will we go?」

「That is, of course, monster hunt using the long vacation. Hunt all the rare monsters that we cannot usually encounter, growing at once during the summer vacationーー」



Anna cut off Charlotte’s suggestion immediately.



「I also want to play a lot during the trip. Let’s divide practice and play separately okay」

「……I understood. Well the, let us think seriously where we should go play」

「It’s summer, I want to swim」

「That’s good! I, I have experienced swimming in rivers and lakes, but I had never gone to the sea, so the sea is good!」

「Sea, huh……fufu. Well then, I will invite you to the House of Gazard’s private beach desu wa!」


When they were making such joyful plans, Emilia came to the cafeteria.

She looked around turning her neck, and the instant she met eyes with Laura, she shouted.


「Laura-san, Laura-san! It’s an emergency! Come to the principal’s room immediately!」


Emilia ran, and pulled Laura’s arm.


「W-What is it, Emilia-sensei. I haven’t finished my omelettes. Please at least wait until I finish it」

「Then hurry up and eat it! It’s an emergency you know!」


Because she was being prompted to hurry up so much, she couldn’t taste her omelettes properly.

Is there something more important than omelettes in this world.

Laura couldn’t imagine.


「Emilia-sensei. What are you hurrying for really? At least the lunch break, can you not let students use their time freely」

「Agree. We were making our summer vacation plan」


Charlotte and Anna raised voices of protest.

But, Emilia dismissed it saying「It’s not time for summer vacation!」


「Not only summer, even autumn and winter, Laura-san might be having a vacation forever you know!」

「Eh, what is that. Is combined summer vacation and winter vacation a benefit for getting the championship」

「How carefree! If this goes on, Laura-san might be forced to quit school you know?!」


  Q   u   i   t   .   


With the impact of those words, Laura and the girls got quiet.

They couldn’t understand what it meant.


「……e-e〜to……what are you saying, Emilia-sensei. There’s no way I would quit school right. On whose, authority」

「Laura-san’s Otou-san」


The instant she heard the answer, *Zudoーn*, Laura fell down from her chair, and hit her ass.


「D-Don’t tell me, that I entered the magic department……」

「……it looks like it was found out. And he was clearly pissed off in his letter」


Laura heard a sound as if her blood drew.

Right now, I am sure that I had become blue.

What should. What should I do.



The great sage who was waiting in the principal’s room, she was making a very troubled face.

Even though when they met her in the infirmary, and even the time they met her in the grasslands after the final fight, she was full of composure.

“Even this person can make such a face”, Laura was impressed.

And the letter that is making even the great sage troubled, it was sent by Father.


「Laura-chan, welcome. Charlotte-chan and Anna-chan also came huh」

「I cannot pass by my friend’s pinch!」

「I won’t forgive withdrawal. Never, absolutely」


Even in front of the great sage, Charlotte and Anna were not frightened

Following them, Emilia entered the principal’s room.

The cast is complete with this.


「First, I will explain in order. Two letters came. One is from Laura-chan’s Okaa-san. Meaning, from Dora Edmonds. It looks like Okaa-san, it seems like she had come to watch the tournament within the school」



A strange scream fell out from Laura’s mouth.


「It looks like Okaa-san was very moved. She didn’t know that her own daughter had such talents for magic. New possibilities appeared thanks to coming to school. Please continue to extend our daughter’s talents. That was written in the letter」


Hearing that, Laura let out a sigh of relief.

“What, it doesn’t have such bad contents”, she thought……


「She went back home, and when she taught Otou-san that Laura-chan entered the magic department, it looks like he got in rage. So much, that they had their first fight since they married, she said……」



Laura collapsed while convulsing.


「Wha!……Laura-san, get a hold of yourself!」

「She’s foaming……」


Thanks to the dedicated care of her two friends, Laura was somehow able to stand up.

Even if she loses consciousness, the situation wouldn’t get better.

I need to hear the continuation.


「And then, Great Sage-sama. The second letter is……」

「Not Great Sage, call me Principal-sensei. And the second one, it’s from Otou-san without any say. The contents, it was abusive language against the school. Slanders against magicians. Disappointment against me. And Laura-chan’s drop out request. You want to read it?」

「No……I can imagine it pretty much, so no thank you. Uhmm, sorry for Father……」

「It’s okay. It’s not like Laura-chan has done something wrong. It’s famous that Bruno Edmonds hates magicians. I understand his feeling for being angry. And from even before he was still a student here, he was saying something like『Vanguard is nice you know』」


Come to think of it, Laura’s father and mother was a graduate of this school.

Not mentioning Mother, Father who had hated magicians like they were serpents, I wonder why did he entered the Gyrdorea Adventurer’s School where the Great Sage is the principal.

Laura though of it strangely, and said it to words

And then.


「He said that there’s a magician he wanted to defeat. Also, he said that he wanted to challenge me, who is the strongest magician to a one on one」


That answer returned.

I see. It’s a motive very Father-like.


「And then, did Principal-sensei do a one on one against Father?」

「I did. On top of that, with the sword」

「……the result is?」

「Of course, I won」


The Great Sage grinned. She was very proud of it.

And Laura, 「Mu〜」, she groaned hearing that her father lost.

And then, the Great Sage got more and more delighted.


「Thanks to kicking his ass without using magic with the sword, he, it looks like he recognized me……but, because I transferred Laura-chan to the magic department, it looks like I brought out his anger. Tehe〜」


Tehe〜, you said.

It was a matter of life and death for Laura.

She was able to have friends called Charlotte and Anna, she didn’t want to stop after all.


「Can nothing be done?!」

「U〜n……if Laura-chan was more than 15 years old, you are treated as an adult though. You who are 9, your life can be affected by the will of your guardians you know. Meaning, as long as Otou-san who is your guardian sent a drop out request, we can’t do anything about it as a school」

「No way〜. Didn’t Principal-sensei threaten Her Majesty the Queen?!」

「I didn’t threaten her you know, don’t say such scandalous things. It’s just, I just said sorry for getting so noisy with our event. All of the royals, we’re friends after all. Well, Laura-chan’s Otou-san might also be something like a friend though. It’s because he’s my student. Honestly, I had guessed this kind of turn of events, so I was ready for it. Well then, I should go at him directly, and intensely persuadeーー」

「Please stop, Otou-san will die!」


I would be troubled if my own father, and the principal of the school that I am going to had bloodshed.

And even how strong Father is, he’s only an average person compared to the Great Sage.

Even now, Laura’s parents are people she admires.

I don’t want to see them lose.


「And so, Principal. What will you do with the drop out request? For me, I don’t want to lose my lovely students such easily」


Emilia also joined the conversation.


「Let me think〜. For the meantime, let’s hide it in the drawer. Just because it had reached us, it’s not something that needs to be processed immediately after all. The excuse that there was an accident with the mailman-san is valid?」


The Great Sage placed Bruno Edmond’s letter into her own drawer.

It looks like she put it very far back inside.

*Gusha*, the sound of the paper getting crumpled could be heard.


「However, it is impossible to dodge it with that forever」

「That’s right. And with that, Laura-chan. You should go back to your family house during the summer vacation, and persuade Otou-san. Even if it is talking with all of your heart, or violence with no mercy, I’ll leave the way to you. If that wasn’t enough, I will really go myself」

「……I understand!」


There is more than a month for the summer vacation.

There is a lot of time. And it looks like her mother is Laura’s ally.

Then the chances are good.

As Great Sage has said, right now, it is possible for Laura to convince him with power.


It’s a move she don’t want to take, but the opponent is Bruno Edmonds. An adventurer within the adventurers.

It should be his long-cherished ambition to get his ass kicked by his own daughter who got strong.


「Laura-san. Please take me with you okay!」

「I’ll also go with you. I’ll do anything to make Laura stay in the school」

「Charlotte-san……Anna-san……thank you very much!」




Laura was moved.

After all, what one needs to have is a best friend.

The precious time called the summer vacation, they give it away for Laura with no hesitation.

For that, I couldn’t be thankful enough.


「Thanks are unneeded. We should help each other in times of need」

「Right. That’s why when I got in trouble, take care of me」



With this, the three went on a journey towards Laura’s hometown.

With other meanings, this might also be called as a trip for their summer vacation.












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Wan! Wan!

Laura-chan, what a good girl……!!

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