Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Secret society Kamibukuron(Paper Bagrn) desu



The habitat of the Sky Fish is a rocky area.

There, a small waterfall and a small river are flowing, the scenery is exquisite.

And in the gaps between the rocks, *PyunPyun*, something was flying past each other.


「That is the Sky Fish desu wa ne」

「Just like we learned in class, they’re really fast〜」

「But, it seems easy」


The Sky Fish flew faster than sound.

It’s hard to see all of their movements even for experienced adventurers, but for the three, it was something like a game.


「Now, ei!!」


Laura reached out her hand and caught the shadow that flew.

She succeeded capturing it for the first time.

The creature that was like a snake having small feathers, *PichiPichi*, it was struggling, trying to escape from Laura’s hand.


「Please calm down!」


Laura threw the Sky Fish that was struggling towards the rock.

The Sky Fish died!


「H-How cruel……」

「Laura has a docile face, but amazing from time to time」


Charlotte and Anna, their faces were twitching.


「Then what will you do then! Are you going to take it to the guild while it’s alive?!」

「Even if you want to calm it down, you can just freeze it or something like giving it an electric shock. To think that you would throw it to the rocks……you lack femininity you know, Laura-san」

「I don’t want to be told by Charlotte-san who sacrificed one of her arms to summon a spirit beast!」

「During the match is not counted!」


Charlotte claimed her own legitimacy with a mysterious logic.

Of course, Laura wouldn’t be refuted by that.


「The two of you. Stop flirting around, let’s catch Sky Fishes」


They regained themselves with those words of Anna, and seriously resumed Sky Fish hunting.

Laura and Anna catch Sky Fishes and kills them by throwing to the rocks.

Charlotte was killing them by frying them with electric magic, but it seems like it became a pain halfway, she started to kill them by throwing them to the rocks in the end.


「We even caught 50 of them huh」

「It seems difficult to bring them back desu wa」

「But, if there’s this much, it would be plenty of money」


Looking at the Sky Fishes that piled up on top of the rocks, the three smiled contently, and wiped their sweat.

At that time, an explosive sound could be heard from the nearby forest.

At the same time, Laura sensed the activation of magic.

It looks like someone was fighting.

Most probably, it’s the Behemoth and the adventurers.


「We should run away quickly, taking the Sky Fish」

「No. Behemoth is something that is rarely seen. We should return after at least taking a look」

「I know right! I also want to see Behemoth!」


Laura and Charlotte nodded at each other.

However, only Anna, 「Ehh〜」, didn’t like it.


「I’m not monstrously strong like the two of you……」

「It’s okay! I’ll protect you if something happens. Let’s go〜!」


The three advanced through the forest.

They can tell easily the place that they should go to.

It was because fierce sounds of battle can be continuously heard.


「Ohh, they’re fighting, they’re fighting. Behemoth, it’s amazing, it’s stamping through trees」


Behemoth was a monster larger than a house.

Its silhouette was similar to a rhinoceros, but it has a more violent face.


「Compared to that, Crimson Shield and Hawkeye are disgraceful desu wa. Can they not kill it with their numbers?」


Hiding in the brush, Laura and the rest were watching the fight.

The two party has a total of 20 people.

They surround the Behemoth, attack it with magic and arrows, and challenge it with a melee after stopping its feet.

But the Behemoth’s skin was thick, and their attacks couldn’t go through decently.


「Damn it, this is stronger than a regular Behemoth! It’s a variant!」


They were having a difficult fight.

When they were watching in suspense, one of the adventurers was blown off by the Behemoth’s tail.

The magician used recovery magic to save that. Because of that, the firepower for support fell, and the Behemoth’s movements become intense.

It was only a matter of time before the collapse of the Crimson Shield and Hawkeye.


「I cannot watch this! Laura-san, Anna-san. Let us join the fight!」


It’s true, that if they don’t do that, they will die.

But, they were scolded once with the Leviathan.

If they defeat the Behemoth while there are this much witnesses, horns might grow from Emilia’s head.

“Shouldn’t we just make them shut their mouths by any means after defeating the Behemoth”, Laura had that thought for an instant.

But she imagined herself sewing the mouth of the witnesses with a thread, and started trembling from its frightfulness.


「It’s pitiful making them shut their mouths〜……!」

「Haa〜? Have you forgotten, Laura-san. Did you not buy a paper bag in the royal capital for times like these」

「Ah, that’s right! We only need to transform with this right!」


There holes properly for their eyes in the paper bag that she bought.

With this, nothing should be found out, probably!

Laura and Charlotte merrily wore the paper bag, and forced Anna who didn’t like it somehow to wear it.




「Transformation finished. Well then, right away……Spear of Ice!」


Laura gathered water from the air and the ground, froze it, creating a huge spear of ice.

And she launched it towards the Behemoth.

It hit its abdomen, piercing it deeply enough that it might jump out of the other side.




Behemoth raised a scream from the sudden pain.

Following secondly, Charlotte dropped lightning without holding back.

The lightning passed through the spear of ice, entering the Behemoth’s insides. The surroundings were covered by the smell of meat being burned.


「Anna-san has the last hit. I will cast strengthening magic, so please do it!」

「I will hand you the highlight」

「It’s okay not having the highlight you know……」


While complaining, Anna drew the sword she had on her back, and ran towards the Behemoth.

Laura and Charlotte activated the muscle strengthening magic at the same time.

Anna was strengthened to the limits, and cut off the Behemoth’s head with one slash.


「Y-You girls, what in the world……?」


The adventurers looked at the three with faces not knowing what just happened.


「We are the passing by,『Paper Bagrn (Kamibukuron)』desu. We don’t have something to do with Gyrdorea Adventurers School or PajaRangers at all! Well then, goodbye!!」


Because their disguise was perfect, there was a low chance of their identity getting found out.

But in the world, there are times when things unlikely happen, so Laura and the rest quickly ran away.


「It feels good saving people right〜」

「I am content fighting with the Behemoth」

「I, the Behemoth’s head……as I’ve thought, strengthening magic is amazing」


The three returned to the dormitory with a refreshed mood.

And on the next day, they were terribly scolded by Emilia at the school.


「Even if you wear paper bags, if you’re wearing uniforms it would be found out right!!!!!!!!!」


「Hi〜n, sorr〜y」


Laura, Anna, and Charlotte, the three of them stood in the corridor during the morning.

On top of that, they remembered around that time that they forgot to bring back the Sky Fishes that they caught.

It never rains, but it pours.

“I even wanted to buy a new sword with the money from selling the Sky Fish……”, Laura silently shed tears.












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