Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Defence Specialized and Concentration


「Yo〜sh! Let’s also do our best today!」


Continuing from yesterday, Kaede logged in to New World Online.


「Let’s go to the forest today too〜! I also want new skills」


Kaede wasn’t the type who is engrossed on levelling up, but still, she is attracted by the exciting feeling that you get when you gain a new skill. Like filling a bookshelf with books, it is a moment of fun.


「I should get skills that will raise VIT mostly right!」


And, with Kaede’s usual slow walking pace, *TekuTeku* she went towards outside of the town.


「I wonder what should I try〜…」


She thought like that, and the first thing that came to her mind was sensory awareness. If you can be aware of the enemy’s presence from the start, there shouldn’t be a more convenient thing than that.


「Yo〜sh! I’m going to do it〜!」


Kaede placed her large shield on the ground, closed her eyes, and searched for presences.

Actually, this approach.

Is wrong, big time.

The real approach is written on the conqueror’s bulletin board, hit the unseen enemy with an attack using bow and arrows or throwing stones as if you know that it is there.

It was like that, although it seems that there is a hole in the system. In the first place, if Kaede acquires it in this approach, Kaede would be able to use Sensory Awareness in the real world.

Kaede wasn’t that kind of superman.


And Kaede who doesn’t know about that closed her eyes and concentrated mindlessly.

She just did that, after three hours.

To Kaede’s ears who had just exerted patience for unknown reasons, a system message had arrived.


『Skill 【Meditation】 had been acquired』


「A-re, 【Meditation】 ? It wasn’t Sensory Awareness…I see, that’s too bad…」


Just like that, when she tried to stand up, she noticed that her body was heavy. She opened both of her eyes, and when she checked her body, from centipedes and caterpillars that are small fries, to wolves that were a bit stronger, they clinging to Kaede’s defenceless trying to attack it.




With a scream, *ZakkuZakku* she defeated the centipedes and wolves by stabbing them with her short sword, to the 【STR 9】 Kaede, it was very difficult. The enemies couldn’t be defeated at all. But, they are too weak and cannot wound Kaede’s body, so she can stab the blade to her body without worries.

But, seemingly caught by Kaede’s scream, monsters were coming out one next to the other from the back.


『Skill 【Provoke】 had been acquired』


She is happy because of the new skill, but first she needed to escape this crisis.

And finally.


『Your level had risen to 11』


「Fu〜…it was a difficult fight…well then, let’s check the skill〜!」



If used, 1% of maximum HP will recover in 10 seconds. Duration of effect is 10 minutes. No MP consumption.

While in 【Meditation】 you cannot take any attack movements.


Skill Requirement

Not lose concentration while in all kinds of pain and meditate for three hours.


「It’s not like I was meditating though〜…well, strong skills are welcome you know!」


Next, she also checks the provoke.



Draws the monster’s attention into one point.


Skill Requirement.

Steal more than 10 monsters’ attention at once.


「This would also be nice during levelling up」


The original way, of being used by a person with highest defence powers in the party to tank, it was a skilled used in parties, but Kaede didn’t look at it like that. For the reason, her AGI was so low, that even if she tries to catch up with monsters during grinding, she couldn’t catch up to them. And the only person who had that kinds of worries, even in all of the players, is Kaede.

Anyways, with this, she would be able to raise her level any time.


「The only left is to place the status points to VIT…n? There are 10 status points!」


Right, you can receive twice the usual status points given at the multiples of tens. This was created that way, but to Kaede, it was an unexpected gift, and she was somehow happy with it.




HP 40/40

MP 12/12


【STR 0〈+9〉】

【VIT 130〈+34〉】

【AGI 0】

【DEX 0】

【INT 0】





Right hand【Beginners Short Sword】

Left Hand【Beginner’s Large Shield】



Accessories【Ring of the Forest Queen Bee】





【Absolute Defense】【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】【Poison Resistance (Medium】【Meditation】【Provoke】


Kaede confirmed her status lastly, nodded very satisfied and logged out.

Meanwhile, in a certain internet bulletin board.


【NWO】I saw a “bad” large shield user


  1. Name : Nameless Large Sword User

This is bad


  1. Name : Nameless Spear User




  1. Name : Nameless Magic User

How “bad” is it


  1. Name : Nameless Large Sword User

Dunno. it was for some reason sitting while being surrounded by tens of Big Centipedes and Caterpillars.


  1. Name : Nameless Spear User

Ha?  wtf.

you’d die by that, lol. even if you equip large shield.


  1. Name : Nameless Bow User


with strong equips? what about there


  1. Name : Nameless Large Sword User


it looked like it was beginner’s equips

just thinking of it makes my hair stand.

I wonder how you can be calm being surrounded by caterpillars and centipedes.


  1. Name : Nameless Magic User

I can only say……probably nullifies the attack if not dying by that…


  1. Name : Nameless Spear User

you can do that?


  1. Name : Nameless Bow User


if I’m correct, someone tested VIT full build. it probably had endured the attack of White Rabbits


  1. Name : Nameless Spear User

trash build


  1. Name: Nameless Large Shield User

I probably know who’s that


  1. Name : Nameless Large Swordsman




  1. Name : Nameless Large Shield User

I dunno the ign but it’s a bishoujo not reaching 150 cm

from her walking speed, her AGI is almost zero

btw, if I do the same thing, I’ll melt in an instant


  1. Name : Nameless Magic User

really full build? well, but might find hidden skills or something


  1. Name : Nameless Spear User

Ah〜something like that you say, I mean a girl, and a bishoujo on top of that


  1. Name : Nameless Bow User

Hou, that’s where you look huh

I second you


  1. Name : Nameless Large Sword User

n〜 well, can only find information later huh

if she becomes a top player, her name should probably be showing somewhere


  1. Name : Nameless Large Shield User

if I find something, I’ll post it


  1. Name : Nameless Magic User

Thank you very much for the information provided!! (Salutes)


Just like that, in places where Kaede doesn’t know about, Kaede became a topic for a while.









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