Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari – Volume 2 Chapter 6

Volume 2 Chapter 6 – The Psychoelectric Girl’s Unparalleled Massacre






「I wonder if we’ll arrive soon」

「God only knows」



I am with the Denpa-san called Sofia that I met along the way.


Not only talking to this person is bad as in bad, the titles she has are also violent.

I decided not to get too deep with her and hurried with our journey.


After about three hours since I started traveling with her, we finally saw the building which is our destination.


If my detection-type skills weren’t activated, I would’ve carelessly gone to that building.

However, I felt more than fifty presences with my〈Thermo Vision〉, and my〈Hostility Sensing〉is also reacting.


「Uwwa, there’s quite a lot of them〜」

「That seems to be true. Well then, let’s gather souls for our Great God」

「Eh?! Hey!!」


Sofia-san started running before I could stop her.


Her face that I saw for an instant was stained with insanity.

She took out her morning star, and charged straight to the base.

By the way, morning star is a weapon like a club, only, its circular part at the end has spikes.

A beautiful sister crazily swinging around her club……un, a new kind of horror.


Also, Sofia-san is holding a talisman in her other open hand.

When I was thinking of how it’s used, the golden colored talisman started to shine.

She reached out forward the talisman while running, and soon after, lightning fell to the base.

This is the first time I saw lightning so close, but its intensity is unbelievable.

Was that talisman something like a magician’s wand or something?


Lots of adventurers came out of the building.


Well, of course they’d notice since lightning fell.

However, there is still a 100-meter distance between them and Sofia-san.

She raised her talisman again and created lightning.


The opponent seemed to have noticed it as well.

They blocked the lightning by creating a giant wall of magic power.

It’s exciting to see such fights.

It really feels like Fantasy.

I leisurely drank juice while observing their fight from the forest.


「n〜, Sofia-san’s strong huh. I wonder how much her magic powers are」


Sofia-san released magic with an interval of once every few seconds.

On top of that, she’s doing it while running and approaching the enemy.

Of course, the enemy also shoots out arrows and magic, but all of them were blocked by the golden barrier that she made around her.

Is that a sister’s magic?

From their image, it should be a job that specializes in healing and defense, well, at least that’s how I feel.


「n? That’s……」


A few meters ahead of her, something is buried on the ground.


It might be some kind of trap.

I got convinced why the enemy won’t move forward from their base.

I’m sure that it is full of traps from that base.

And that just means, we foolishly walked into that.


I was thinking of telling Sofia-san about the existence of the traps, but it seems like it was unneeded.


She just charged through that trap area.

Along the way, countless traps activated, but she did not care about them at all.

The rocks and stakes that flew towards her were all blocked by her golden wall, and she easily jumped over the pit falls.


Sofia-san charged through the trap area unscathed and finally collided with the enemy.


However, her momentum would not stop.


Those who tried to cut her with a sword were beaten to death by her morning star, those who tried to attack her with their magic were quickly showered with lightning, and her golden wall blocked those who tried to stop her movements.


It was a one-sided massacre.

Do I usually look like that from an outsider’s perspective?


And within five minutes since the battle started, she has suppressed the enemy base.

In the end, I only ended up watching the fight.

Because, you know, I felt like she’d get angry if I carelessly get involved into it.

I think that just watching is also good sometimes.



【Title〈Watcher〉〈Reliance Upon Others〉has been acquired】

【Skill〈Situational Awareness〉has been acquired】



I gained abilities at once because I only watched the battle from start to end.

All of them were abilities that increase observational skills.

I guess it was worth it watching to the details.


However, I can’t be convinced with〈Reliance Upon Others〉.

It’s not like I was watching just to slack around.


And when I was walking towards the base while thinking of that, Sofia-san talked to me.


「What have you been doing up until now?」

「What what? I was watching the fight up until now……」

「What a coward. Or is it wimp?」



【Skill〈Cool〉has been activated】



Calm down, get cool for a moment.


I couldn’t help but take out a shot gun, but I immediately returned it.


This person has a lot of mystery, but my〈Hostility Sensing〉is not reacting.

Also, having a melee job that is this reliable is good.


Thinking of that, I calmed down.

For the meantime, I gathered some loots.


Sofia-san was like「I am not interested in things other than food」, so I got the weapons and magic equipments.

How lucky is it, getting this many items although I didn’t even fight.

〈Good Fortune〉, great job.


After this and that, I got hungry, so I decided to make food.

Although I said I’ll make them, I meant quoting and just lining them up.

I also shared with Sofia-san.

Tonight’s menu is hamburger, but she really liked it.

This person, she looks weak towards food.


After dinner, we decided to sleep in the now abandoned base, and I lied down on the big bed on the second floor.

This time, Sofia-san would be the lookout, so I did not take out Chale.

However, it should be alright since I am always activating〈Hostility Sensing〉.

It looks like Sofia-san would sleep in another room.


It was a day that for some reason, made me tired both mind and body.







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