Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Paichun?
A: A translator-to be?, trying to give love by translating a lot of series.

Q: What is Paichun’s Paypal email?

Q: Does anybody read the FAQs?
A: No.

Q: Do you know that Lottery Grand Prize/Kujibiki Tokushou is already translated to chapter 34?
A: Yes

Q: Why did you translate Lottery Grand Prize/Kujibiki Tokushou from the start?
A: I liked the series and seemed easy to translate. Mostly as practice.

Q: Is the MC of Manga Yome a lolicon?
A: It depends on what you mean by lolicon.

Q: What happened to Sylvia’s pajamas?
A: It is currently being restored as a national treasure.

Q: Shouldn’t the MC of Manga Yome have used “this” kind of magic?
A: Yes, he could.

Q: He had thousands of magic, he should have used “this” magic right?
A: There are a thousand pen(Solution/magic) and a thousand paper(Problem). 1 magic will surely solve 1 problem. But 1 magic can also solve more than 50 problems. And you are also given the choice of not receiving the paper(not get in trouble). But now, you received a paper. In 30 seconds you need to choose the right pen for that paper. Which pen do you use, the pen which will do the job very specifically and perfectly, or the pen which would do almost all of the job.

Q: Isn’t Manga Yome lacking “this”? I feel something missing.
A: **THIS MAY BE A SPOILER** The novel focuses on the bright side of life. Trivial things are being portrayed sometimes, but they are mostly simple things that bring happiness even though it’s simple. Also, it shows the daily life of a wizard with soul from another world and how he copes with the different common knowledge in a different world. The protagonist is OP, and can probably do anything he likes and has plot shield.

Q: Doesn’t Laura should’ve been allowed to transfer to the Warrior Department at the first place? 
A: You found a 9-year old boy who earned a Noble prize for Physics. Shouldn’t he be playing soccer instead?

Q: Can you keep up doing a lot of series at the same time?
A: I’ll try.

Q: Would you suddenly stop translating/posting a release?
A: I will post it if something will happen to me. I’ll post even if I’m summoned to another world or after reincarnating.

Q: Do you use Machine Translation?
A:. Yes I do. There are Japanese characters that have a lot of meaning and sometimes I blank out of the words to translate it too although I understand its meaning. So yes, I use machine translation in difficult words, but use what I know most of the time on translating.

Q: Is Paichun a Machine Translation?
A: I sometimes become mindless and continue translating until I shut down, but is that what you mean?

Q: How good is your Japanese?
A: I don’t know. I started learning as a hobby.

Q: How can you translate with that?
A: If there’s a will there’s a way. I do my best to make it readable. There are a lot of free source of language on the internet, search the right terms and you’ll get what you want.

Q: Why are your translations so fast?
A: I have a lot of motivation.

Q: Can I give you a donation?
A: Yes

Q: Why should I give you a donation? 
A: It gives +100% buff on translation speed.

Q: Do you find a hard time finding synonyms in the thesaurus?
A: Well, yes. Since language is arbitrary, I also need to know about new slang and words that aren’t often used in daily life. Although I’ll try to keep it simple, there are characters who do not talk like normal people, so it can’t be helped.

Q: When did you start translating?
A: I started writing from 09/16

Q: You have a lot of wrong grammar, and unclear words, can you fix this?
A: Please comment what is wrong so I can fix it.

Q: Are you a lolicon?
A: No.

Q: Why are your series full of little girls?
A: It couldn’t be helped.

Q: Do you like mofumofu?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you like girls with animal ears/tails?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you like little girls with animal ears/tails?
A: ……

Q: Can you translate “this” series?
A: I’ll think of it. Depending on how much it would take my time.

Q: What is your GMT?
A: UTC+08:00. But I live mostly nocturnal.

Q: Where did you get the gifs/images from?
A: Searched from somewhere on the internet, sometimes using Japanese letters.

Q: I want to be your editor/help you.
A: Maybe someday, but not now.

Q: What are the things that you are writing in your posts?
A: Mostly gibberish, or things that I experienced and tried to make them feel deep. Also, maybe a prologue-like thingy for the chapter if I thought of something to write.

Q: Can you stop writing that?
A: No.

Q: Can you translate a lot more series?
A: I could, but would slow down the other series.

Q: Why are you a translator?
A: It’s nice to be thanked by somebody. I just filled the need.



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13 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. violetgale says:

    If I want to start translating a series that hasn’t been updated for more than 6 months or that has been dropped, do I need permission from the author? Also I’m not good at Japanese, is it okay if I machine translate everything?

    • Paichun says:

      To the translator, maybe if you can. To the author of the novel, its up to you.
      I think it would be fine to use machine translator if you don’t mind the quality.
      Also would depend on how the author writes.
      Using only MTS on novels with a lot of Katakana letters or onomatopoeia would be probably be hell.
      Also with novels with a lot of japanese analogies.
      But you can learn gradually while practicing.

      • violetgale says:

        Thank you 😀
        I’m planning on trying out translating after I move in a few months. Right now it is too hectic.
        I hope to translate as well as you.
        I want to attempt translating these (Not all at once, but sooner or later):
        -On the 6th Playthrough of the Otome Game, the Auto-Mode Broke
        -Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~
        -Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner
        -I Quit Being a Noble I Become a Commoner
        -and 2 other novels that I’m interested in

  2. Amash says:

    Every time I comment it just disappear so I’ll do it again.
    I wanted to recommend a couple of novels that maybe fun to translate:

  3. Amash says:

    Hi Paichun
    I thought of recommending a couple of novels that may be fun to translate :
    Name: Sono Mugen no Saki e /Over The Infinite
    Raw Link:
    Author: Gorin Futatsugi
    Illustrator: Tera Akai

    I don’t know when and how i died.
    reincarnating while bringing the memory of past life what waited me was, a world with a game-like system and…a too much realistic cruel days.
    there is also no use for the memories of the previous life, and the status of reincarnators is also common. the village i was born was really out in the sticks. there wasn’t any food to eat nor clothes to where, even the hope for the future does no exist.
    and then right before me the reality that is a just an overwhelming pressure stretching upon everyday, so that i could only live i spent days like that of a slave for food.
    and even the memories i had in japan too, made me think that everything was just a phantom but when i was about to give up, the rumors about that town reached my ears.

    On that suspicious rumor, i wagers my last wish on it. 「i would at least want to live like a human」holding on the little will, the boy went towards the labyrinth city

  4. Amash says:

    Name: Summoner-san ga Iku/Summoner-san Goes/
    Author: Roddo
    Illustrator: Yoshiku
    Raw Link:

    Description (if you can find one):
    Many thanks to @Solistia for synopsis.
    “I need to do a preliminary investigation.”
    An encounter in the bar, in front of a bulletin board recruiting party members. Standing there was a lone, puzzled man, Keith. After beta testing, the VR game “Anotherlink Saga Online” officially launches. Logging in without so much as a glance at the instructions, by chance he selected a Summoner——A magic-user class that specialized in using summoned monsters. And soon, what awaited the uninformed man was the reality that “Summoners are unpopular”. That’s right, in this game, summoners were an “obscure class” treated as a “joke class”, and as such Keith had yet to make any friends.
    Not knowing his right from his left, Keith somehow gets an invitation to join a Guild, and the Summoner becomes an apprentice at the bottom of Olenue where he asks for advice. Thus, it happened on a day when he was training his summoned monster Wolf. Unintentionally, he got his hands on an item that had no record of how to obtain it on any of the information boards——?!

    • Paichun says:

      nah, can’t catch up with that. have 10 million letters, even if I used copy paste all the time since less than half of that are status. it would be hell anyways, but if I reach ten times increase in my translation speed + nothing else to translate would probably consider

      • Amash says:

        I didn’t consider the length of the chapters, sorry for that.
        there is this novel that I really wanted to recommend but I don’t if there someone considering translating it :

        Name: 詰みかけ転生領主の改革(旧:詰みかけ転生領主の奮闘記)(Reformation of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord (Formerly: Record of the Hardship of the Checkmated Reincarnated Feudal Lord))

        Raw Link:

        Description: (This synopsis is translated by Solistia)
        Author: Hisumi

        A man, dead at 29——He dropped out of life too early, but when he came to, he found he’d been reincarnated as the son of a major territory-holding noble, Sora Kleinselt.
        ——The land the protagonist’s parents ruled over was inundated with embebezzeled bribes, heavy taxation, the lord’s army capturing and enslaving the people, etc…
        The scene filling his vision was one of the Swine Lord (his father) on the verge of ruining his “checkmated domain”!
        Sora Kleinselt has to turn this kind of situation around?!
        Indeed, this is the challenge that the 2-year old must face, a fantasy territory reformation story!


  5. Check this Light Novel Paichun-dono!
    This LN seems to be quite interesting!

  6. Geri Karaj says:

    hi im looking for group to take because janitor-san is not a hero is great series

  7. Hi

    Has it any chance that you translate some of these?

    Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria

    She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN)

    The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap

    They have been dropped for the translators and I’m losing my patience

  8. mateenarif says:

    Will you translate Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!, Itsuka tenma no Kuro usagi, campione, Akikan, hyakka ryouran samurai girls, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. Please translate they are good series Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! from volume 4 and Also campione has said to be left with 2 volumes vol 19 and 20 and Itsuka tenma no Kuro usagi. Please translate them and add others as future project list or suggestions for future project. Try Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! first please. Thanks..

  9. plerzk says:

    Really?, since september?, wow you are amazing!, only few months and look the chapters that you translated, Respect.

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