Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Lord Selim completes the purification of the church


About 10 days have passed since I started <Purification>.

I was about halfway through.


When I got off the carriage at the entrance of the church, the people gathered around me were kneeling and worshiping me. The knights also bowed deeply and let me through.

On the first day, I was stopped by a knight at the entrance, and the next day I was stopped by a nobleman who seemed to be a royal executive, but everyone let me through when I roared at them. I’m already thinking this is some kind of <Skill>.

It seems that the fact that the mass of darkness under the church can’t be dealt with by anyone other than me has reached the upper echelons of the royal family, so now they would allow me to enter smoothly.

When I was walking around the grounds, even the church officials who saw me put their hands together. Those who were complicit in the scandals in the church have either fled or been taken away by the royal family for questioning. The people here were ordinary people.


Come to think of it, after I fainted due to depletion of mana, Princess Rafaela said several times that she would take me home.


“I thought that she would pretend to escort you home and molest you, so I did my best to prevent her from doing so.”


That’s what Leo said, but what do you mean by the princess molesting me!?


Leo, who became the son-in-law of the Duke, played the role of my escort because I had to prevent meddling with high-ranking people. However, my original bodyguard, Katia, accompanied me every day. So Katia continued to see the mass of darkness and my <Purification> holy attribute mana, and it seems she was able to use a wide area detention spell using mana of darkness and holy attributes. I look forward to her continuous effort in the future.


* * *     


Three weeks after starting <Purification>,


《The source of the darkness has been completely purified     Your experience points increased     +10000 experience points》

《Current level: 75    Current experience points: 5600/7600》


I completed the <Purification> of the church underground.

I finished it without running out of mana, so for the first time, I was able to leave the church grounds with my own feet.


《Message: 3 unread items》

《Quest Complete – New!》

《Congratulations. You have completed the quest [Find the source of darkness]. You achieved Level Up (Beginner). As a reward, You acquired the Divine Voice skill》


《You acquired Divine Voice skill – New!》

《By using the Divine Voice skill, you can awaken those who are leaning towards the darkness》


When I was stopped at the entrance of the church, I might have borrowed this skill beforehand when I forced my way through with a shout.


《The main quest has been updated – New!》

《Prepare for the crisis     Difficulty ★★★★★ 》

《The devil drives people to despair, drives them to greed, and steals their tempted souls. Please sense the enemy’s movements and block them》


It’s not clear what to do in this <Quest>. It really makes it hard to set goals.

Perhaps the <System> itself does not know what will happen next. After the <Purification> of the underground of the church, the situation has drastically changed from my previous life.


From what I’ve seen in my previous life and this life, I’ve come to understand the mechanism of how the devil captured the royal capital.

The accumulation of darkness and those who use that mana to transform into demons that go on a rampage.

Their source of the power of darkness was prepared by accumulating negative human emotions underground of the church.

If the internal affairs of the Satie Territory were in shambles, or if Levian Island had sunk and people were lost on the streets, the darkness would have been even greater. In addition, it is easier to accumulate the power of darkness when conflicts and misfortunes occur.

And to use the gathered darkness as mana to go on a rampage, a strong demon is needed. In my previous life, I had that role.

But the power of darkness, although it is an energy that can be used, it is not what the devil really wants. The devil’s aim is to reap the souls of those who succumb to the devil’s temptation.

The only thing I could tell from the <Quest> was what the devils really wants is human souls.

I have yet to even see the appearance of the devil.

Despite the fact that in my previous life, I certainly felt the existence of demons who tempted me.

Even if they do not appear, the devils are lurking somewhere.

This <Quest> is difficult. No wonder it’s 5 stars.


I waved at the people who saw me off as I boarded the carriage with the momentum of a victory parade, and left the church behind.


“Is the new semester starting the day after tomorrow?”


I checked the schedule with Valéry who was riding with me.

While I was occupied with the <Purification>, the second semester had ended and the winter break had passed.


The <Purification> is complete, so from tomorrow, I can return to normal life.

I want to meet Nadia before school starts. Before this incident happened, there were talks about our engagement. It has been delayed, but I want to listen to how Nadia feels.


“Valéry, go send a messenger to Nadia.”


I made an appointment to meet Nadia tomorrow at the House Louviers mansion in the royal capital.







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