Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Lord Selim makes up his mind


After the kidnapping incident, I was transported to the Duke’s mansion while I was sleeping.

I woke up the next day and the sun was already high.


It seems that Katia was standing by in the same room, and she called out to me as soon as I woke up.


“Lord Selim, are you alright? How are you feeling?”

“No problem. I was only drained of mana and wasn’t injured. More importantly, it’s you.”


I stared at Katia.

She has changed clothes and her body was wrapped in bandages.

She would probably heal completely with her Body Strengthening magic, but Katia does not have an abundant mana volume. She still has wounds as she was waiting for her mana to recover.


“<Basic Healing>.”


I healed all her wounds.


《You healed several wounds     Your experience points increased     +300 experience points》

《Current level: 70    Current experience points: 1850/7100》


“Lord Selim!”


Katia glared at me.


“My mana has already recovered. It’s okay, right?”

“…well, thank you very much.”


She said her thanks with a pouting face.


The reason why Katia is angry is because I instinctively healed her wounds and fainted in front of an enemy yesterday.

Yesterday, I moved before thinking too much. That’s how important Katia and Valéry were to me. But if their master dies before them, it would be equivalent to falling to hell for the bodyguards. My good intentions denied Katia’s job.


Katia is prepared to give her life to protect me. But am I worth it?

In my previous life, I was a mass murderer who helped the devil and messed up the royal capital. I’ve been avoiding thinking about it until now, but it’s originally strange to live like this, as if it never happened.

Even so, the mysterious <system> even gave me a special power to save people. I had no other path than following the <System> who gave me power despite committing a sin that is beyond the level of reparation.

…but both Katia and Valéry, who didn’t say anything at that time, had their resolve to support me. In that case, I must become shameless and thick-skinned until the end, and act accordingly.


“Forgive me. I didn’t have enough resolve. I’m a pathetic master.”


When I apologized, Katia’s eyes turned bright red as she stared at me.


“I am the one who is pathetic, allowing my master to apologize. Because I couldn’t protect Lord Selim, I put Lord Selim in danger.”


I sat on the bed and reached out my hand to touch Katia’s hair, as she covered her face and cried.


“I will do my best to become a master who can meet Katia’s expectations.”


The moment I said that, she hugged me.

…come to think of it, Katia was originally a traveling swordsman, and she was hired by the Duke Household after I was born. She looks cool but is actually very emotional. I mean, she has this unbridled side that is different from talents who are raised to serve as officials.


I rubbed Katia’s back, as she was shaking a little.

I made her worry a lot.


…wait a second. Isn’t this a bad situation?

It’s almost time for the <System> to pick up on the complaints that I let a woman cry beside my bed, and shave off a lot of experience points…


The door suddenly opened and Valéry entered the room.


“Lord Selim, are you awake? I have something to report…”


Valéry saw Katia hugging me.


“Katia-san… what are you doing to Lord Selim who is tired?”


Katia, whose face was bright red, suddenly separated from me, retreated, and clung to the wall of the room.


“…is it okay if I report the situation, Lord Selim.”



There’s no problem at all. Even the <System> didn’t react!


Whatever the case, it’s important to know what’s going on. Let’s hear from Valéry about what happened after I collapsed.







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