Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Three Groups chases after Lord Selim


The information that Lord Selim Bergmann left the royal capital and headed south to heal villagers was soon spread to all influential powers.

The Young Lord was unaware of how important of a person he has currently become.

The spies learned that the Young Lord has been kidnapped and immediately sent an urgent report to the royal capital.


“The future royal son-in-law has been kidnapped. I shall save him myself!”


The princess left the castle, bringing elite personnel with her.


“It seems that the princess has taken action to rescue Lord Selim.”

“We can’t lose to her. Let’s go as well!”


From the Louviers Marquis Household, Nadia and her two school friends rushed to save the Young Lord.


And, on the outskirts of the village, the Hero Leo had extinguished the third demon.


“It took so much time to fight while protecting the village.”

“Still, the boss won’t forgive us if we sacrifice the villagers to save him.”


Thanks to Leo and Gilbert’s efforts, the villagers survived without being killed by the demons.


“Let’s hurry up and go after Selim.”


The two chased after the carriage carrying the Young Lord.







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