Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Lord Selim goes on an autumn excursion (1)


Autumn festival is over. It’s getting colder in the morning and evening.


The final big event before the school’s winter break is the monster hunting training.

Unlike the usual competition, all students will participate.

The location is a mountainous area in the middle of the Kingdom’s royal territory. It’s in the central part of the Kingdom, but because of the steep mountains, it’s difficult for people to live there, and it’s an area where monsters inevitably increase. 


If monsters are not exterminated regularly, monsters will come down from the mountains to human villages. The idea is to let the students of the royal capital help hunt those monsters.

Treated as a class at the academy, the one who accompanies me is different from the usual elite team members. This time, I will be acting separately from Nadia and the others. Moreover,


“The Crown Princess insists that she wants to get to know Sir Leo better. We ask you to lend him for a day.”


Leo was taken to the princess.

As a result, I decided to go with 15 people from the territory who were in the same grade.


The sky is clear. The autumn leaves are beautiful.

I climb the mountains in a hiking mood.

To ensure that all students participate, we will only go to less dangerous areas up the mountainside.

There are some people who are enthusiastic because the result will depend on how many monsters the students subjugated, but I was relaxed. Maybe my close aides were influenced by me, by staying with me when going out to help people every day, their personalities have become gentler, and they no longer crave achievements in martial prowess compared to before.


“Alright! The eight Roc Bird!”


Gilbert was the only one who was enthusiastic about hunting small fishes as usual.


“Hey~, don’t go too far away.”


I was moving slowly so that the people behind could follow me.


Actually, in my previous life, an incident occurred during this monster hunting training.

A dragon that shouldn’t be there came down from the mountain.


A dragon, but not as great a monster as the Leviathan I met before. A newborn specimen, a lesser dragon. Even so, it was so strong that only with the cooperation of Hero Leo and Crown Princess Rafaela that they finally were able to defeat it.

When I was asked to lend Leo to the Crown Princess, I thought that even in this world, the two of them would exterminate the dragon together. It would be dangerous if a dragon came to the princess without the hero. I readily accepted the request to lend Leo.

This dragon incident, I in my previous life only heard about the achievements of the two. The two responded immediately, and all the students were safe. There were no injuries, so it was just an event that gave the two fame and rare dragon materials. That’s why, I think it’s probably not a problem that the devil is working behind the scenes, but simply a chance encounter with a strong monster.

Our Bergmann faction’s climbing course is off the dragon spawn point. All I have to do is ask Leo about dragons later.

That’s what I thought.


A signal flare was raised from the mountain to inform danger. Somewhere between where the princess is and where I am now. The place around there is where Nadia and the others are.


“No way, did the spawn point of the dragon shift!?”


This is bad. It’s a dragon that Hero Leo defeated with his full strength. Nadia and the others will be dangerous if they were sneak attacked.


“It’s a signal to as for reinforcements. I’ll go. Gilbert, protect everyone and retreat to the plains and stand by.”


“Everyone, don’t be careless, be careful. I’m going.”






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