Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Lord Selim realizes the amazing effect of the System


“Oh, Selim, you came at the right time. I have something to tell you.”


After school, when I went to Nadia’s place, she recommended me a seat on the usual sofa and served me my favorite black tea.


“The ladies I am acquainted with are saying that they are looking forward to dancing with Selim at the upcoming dance party.”


There were also other candidates!?

Those who have connections with the royal family went to Lady Durante, while the rest must have gone to Nadia.


“Hey, don’t tell me there are also people who directly applied to our house?”


I asked Valéry.


“Yes. However, we received so many requests from the outside, so I have our people give up.”


Valéry said as if it was natural.

Why is this happening? Usually, it’s fine to apply for a dance on the same day, and even if you invite someone, it’s usually the man who asks. Though I’m not saying there’s something wrong with invitations asked by women.


“I had a lot of requests from the people related to the royal family, and I was in trouble, so I came to consult Nadia. Why is this happening?”


I look like my beautiful mother, so I am one with a well-groomed appearance. But in my previous life, I wasn’t this popular. As for dancing, I only had to dance with a few people I knew.


“Maybe it’s a group mentality. They find you wonderful since everyone says so.”

“Did you know? Lord Selim has an unofficial fan club.”


Pamela and Juliette told me while laughing.


“Maybe it’s because even if the girls admire Selim, he won’t mess with them. Maybe that’s why Selim received an idol-like popularity.”


What else can I do? If I think just a little bit of bad things, my experience points will decrease. I am being monitored by the <System> including deep inside my mind. As long as the devil’s problem is not solved, no matter how much I become popular, I will continue being a herbivore. How cruel is that?


“But I don’t think that’s all there is to it. It’s not just his appearance or personality, but something like an aura.”


Excuse me?


“I can probably understand. Before, when I met him in the dark when going home, it seemed bright around Selim.”


What does that mean?


Ah~, if we’re talking about that, I also have an experience! When Lord Selim was healing sick poor people, I sometimes saw him like an angel or a fairy.”


When I was listening to Pamela and Juliette, even Gilbert joined the conversation.


Could it be the effect of <System>?

My <Seeker> level is almost 70 as well. By becoming close to a saint, I might begin to look like a special existence.

But if I lay my hands on a woman, it would lower my level. This damn <System>.






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