Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Lord Selim becomes popular


It’s been a month since I returned from our study trip.

Leveling up is quite difficult as the required experience points increases.

In the royal capital, treatment activities were done inconspicuously, so it didn’t progress much.


“Lord Selim, are you free at the moment?”


During the lunch break at the school, I was stopped by Gelsomina, daughter of Count Palatine Durante.

She’s a close aide to Crown Princess Rafaela, and she’s the Lady who was asked to act as a liaison between the princess and me. 


However, I am currently on good terms with Nadia and the others from the Louviers Marquis Household, so I am estranged from the princess. 


I became a little defensive when I was called out by Lady Durante in such a situation.


“I have already sent the invitation, the royal family will be hosting a party for the students of the academy. Are you aware of that?”

“Of course, I am aware. It should be in the middle of the autumn festival.


There is an annual big festival in the royal capital during autumn.

The festival lasts for about five days, and the streets are packed with stalls and street performers that you can enjoy just by walking around.

And for nobles, parties are held every day and night at the royal palace. Among them, since the crown princess is attending the academy this year, a gathering for the students of the First Magic Academy was going to be held.


“That party is in the form of a dance party so that everyone in the academy can experience what society should be like, so…”


Lady Durante glanced behind her. For some reason, ladies were lining up behind her.


“At a party, there are this many female students who wish to dance with Lord Selim, despite limiting it to those who have connections to the royal family! I would hope that Lord Selim can dance with as many ladies as he can, but there are so many of them that I cannot handle it anymore…”


Excuse me? Huh? I thought she was going to talk about politics.

I see. Everyone knows that Count Palatine Durante is my liaison with the royal family. Is that why she was flooded with requests asking me to become a dance partner?


“Apparently, I seem to have caused you some trouble, Miss Gelsomina.”

“Not at all, this cannot be called trouble. However, it is not something I can decide, so from now on, if it is not inconvenient, I would like for Lord Selim to make the decision.”


Well, I guess so.


“Okay. Valéry, write down everyone’s name.”



Valéry checks the faces of the ladies lining up. He remembers every student in the academy, so it was enough to look at their faces.

While I was waiting for the confirmation to be completed, I noticed Lady Durante glancing at me.


“…so, um, if possible, please include me as a candidate for Lord Selim’s dance partner!”

“Huh? No, if it’s with Miss Gelsomina, of course I don’t mind.”


I don’t use her much, but she’s my liaison with the princess.


“Is that so! Oh, everyone, excuse me please. I was decided ahead of time. Hohoho. Well then, Lord Selim, have a nice day.”


Lady Durante left after showing a triumphant smile towards the ladies lining up.


“Incredible, in a lot of ways…”


Gilbert muttered like an idiot with his mouth open.


Oh dear.

Considering the time of the dance party, it is impossible to dance with everyone.

We have to make sure that it would not end with resentment.


Even if I consult with my subordinates, Liselotte will only find it amusing again.


I decided to go to House Louviers Salon. It would be certain to discuss it with Nadia, who is an all-rounder, how to deal with it.






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Chapter 21 – Lord Selim stays out without permission


By dawn the next day, Laura’s breathing had stabilized, and she no longer needed a water pillow.

In the end, I couldn’t sleep at all.

Noticing the light leaking through the cracks in the shutters, the owner of the house opened the window.

The stream of light wiped the darkness from the patient’s bed.


“… Laura, are you awake?”

“Yes, I…”


She got up and slowly slipped out of bed.


“Everyone, you were taking care of me. I’m sorry. Are you hungry? I have to make something for you.”


As she tries to leave the room, she stumbles in the middle of nowhere.


“Laura! Are you okay? Haven’t you recovered!?”


Yelled the man.


“No, because I slept for a long time, I couldn’t remember how to walk. But I feel great.”

“That means…”


《You completely healed a disease     Your experience points increased     +1000 experience points》

《Current level: 20    Current experience points: 1300/2100》


“You seem to have healed completely.”


Looking around, everyone was in tears. No, only Amanda isn’t crying. She looks sleepy and grumpy, as usual.


“This is the end of the treatment. I’m going home.”


I’m worried about what’s going on with the castle because I stayed out without permission. Because I’m the Duke Household’s precious son.


“Wait, brother. I’m sorry I doubted you. Thank you for treating Laura.”


The man kneeled on the ground and banged his head on the floor many times. In a hurry, his wife also bows to show gratitude.


“I don’t know if I can thank you, but I have some money I’ve been saving to ask the church someday. Please take it.”


I stopped him from trying to get the money out of his drawer.


“I don’t need it. I have enough money.”

“I…I see. That’s right, you look like a noble. Well then, if you have any trouble, tell me. I’ll do anything I can for you!”

“Okay. If I need it, I’ll ask you.”


With that said, I left the house.

For the first time in my life, I stayed out without permission. I must go home quickly.


When I returned to the castle, there was a demon in front of the entrance. It’s a demon bear.


“Where have you been? What have you been doing all this time!?”


The demon bear dad had already drawn his sword.


Ah, erm, helping people…”


No, I can’t think of anything because I stayed up all night. What should I do?




Father slashes at me. Wait, my current MP…


《MP: 413/7887     Healing skill proficiency: 1251》


Oh no, my mana volume is almost empty.

If one completely uses up their mana, they would not get hurt. However, they would faint on the spot.

If you suddenly faint while fighting using mana, you will be killed, so I was trained to never use up my mana.

However, in this situation, how can I prevent my angry father without mana?


I desperately try to avoid Father’s sword, but his swordsmanship is far superior to mine. Katia, my swordsmanship teacher, told me to learn more swordsmanship that is useful in actual combat, but now I’m starting to regret that I should have followed her advice. 


I did not have other ways how to deal with Father’s attacks. I have to use a barrier.

After creating a barrier, I blocked Father, I blocked, blocked, blocked…

Then my consciousness became hazy, and my vision suddenly turned black.







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