Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Lord Selim receives a reward


After that, important-looking adults from Levian came in in turn. Nadia responded and explained the situation.

I silently passed life energy to Leviathan next to me. It seems that it will take another day for Leviathan to adjust his powers, but he’s already feeling much better. The dragon saw the adults talking to Nadia and occasionally added some words.


The next day, Leviathan’s power adjustment was completed.


“With this, for at least a hundred years, even if someone like that demon appears, I can deal with it alone.”

“Soon, the people of the Malka Empire may attack this place. Be careful.”


I casually told the dragon about the future.


“There’s no way I would lose to a mere human being. Even if they come with warships, it will quickly end if I turn it over.”


The dragon corpse who has improved his condition was full of confidence.


“We are also able to successfully select a Priestess. I find it somewhat unfortunate, but now, you will not lack a conversation partner even without me around.”


When Nadia said that, the dragon turned its head towards her.

The crystal sword, that Nadia used in yesterday’s battle reappeared in front of her.


“Take it with you. It’s my gift to you for helping me this time. It will grow into a sword that can attack with all attributes according to your skill.”


When Nadia held the sword, it didn’t shine as brightly as yesterday, but the light of the four major attributes shone from it.


“If it’s you, unlike the boy beside you, you should be able to use holy attribute on your own if you train yourself.”


The dragon nodded with satisfaction.

Is he implying that I can only use holy attribute by borrowing from the <System>? It seems that I cannot find out the details unless I meet its creator.

Will we be able to meet someday?


Ara, Leviathan. He’s the one who solved the problem, not me. The gift should be given to Selim instead.”


When Nadia complained, Leviathan turned away in disgust.


“I allowed that guy to stay beside me while I adjusted my power for five days. As long as he’s not stupid, he should’ve learned something by himself.”

“No, what I used was a borrowed <Skill>. It’s not something I can adjust…”

“I don’t care about someone who hasn’t learned anything despite being shown so much!”


The dragon scolded me. Just in case, I checked my skill list.


《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants, slightly recovers MP》

《Sea Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from the sea, slightly recovers MP》


<Forest Bathing> and <Sea Bathing> gained MP recovery effect!!

It’s a big deal to get MP recovery no matter how slight it is.

In particular, <Healing skill> consumes too much mana. My mana volume should be quite large, but I almost ran out of mana many times. If I can recover MP even a little, there will be more situations where I can move more boldly.


“I have something to gain, too. Thank you, dragon.”

“Hmph. Humans who can’t live longer than a corpse dragon, take care.”

“Yes. Leviathan, please continue to enjoy chatting from now on.”


Nadia waved her hand and we parted with the dragon.


The next day, we left the island and return to the Royal Capital.

The second semester of the academy had just begun.


《You saved a dragon corrupted by darkness     Your experience points increased     +10000 experience points》


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 62     EXP to next level: 5150/6300》

《MP: 7091/8391     Healing skill proficiency: 5216     Holy attribute skill proficiency: 308》




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》

《Physical Support – provides physical support to the target who is fighting illness》

《Immunity Manipulation – cures diseases that can be resisted by immunity》

《Simultaneous Manipulation- allows usage of Immunity Manipulation up to 7 people》

《Regenerative Healing skill – heals any physical damage on a person’s body》

《Holy attribute》

《Divine Vision – provides vision towards Holy and Darkness attribute》

《Holy Chain Barrier – captures enemies close to darkness and inflicts continuous damage》

《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants, slightly recovers MP》

《Sea Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from the sea, slightly recovers MP》






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