Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Lord Selim listens to the dragon’s story


“I like to talk, but I’m picky about what I like. Just like how I like that girl over there, while I don’t like you. Before I knew it, the humans who have gathered on the island started to call the humans I like Priestess.”


Leviathan’s story continues.

Priestess… is it limited to women? This dragon…


“Priestesses receive a lot of knowledge from me and houses that produced priestesses began to hold power. By doing so, humans started to become greedy.”

“Did someone start cheating?”

“Exactly. Can you see any signs of darkness around me?”


After being told, I observe the dragon’s surroundings with <Divine Vision>.

A pitch-dark mana surrounds the dragon. It’s probably a kind of curse.


“So, they made a girl that I didn’t like look like she was chosen as the Priestess.”

“If it’s Sea Dragon-sama’s power, wouldn’t it be easy to destroy a small trick done by humans?”


When Nadia asked curiously, Leviathan shook his head.


“The dark spell was not created by humans. Evil entities lured greedy humans to use it.”


A being that seduces and tempts humans. Did the devil work behind the scenes and curse Leviathan with dark magic?


“If I use my power, I can remove the trick. But I’m only a corpse. I’m not good at controlling my power, so if I use my power, I’ll destroy the entire island. I’ve gone to great lengths to protect and raise this island, so I would prefer not to destroy it. However, that dark spell seems to have the effect of disturbing my power. Right now, I’m in a dangerous state where even the slightest movement will cause my power to explode.”


So that’s what it is! Because of that, Leviathan’s power will run out of control and destroy the island.


“I feel very unwilling, but man, man whoI don’t like, I need your help.”

“Do I only need to break the dark magic spell?”

“Yeah. Let’s start with that.”


I approached one of the tricks that emit darkness mana.

Darkness mana is stronger than the four major attributes of fire, ice, wind, and earth that humans can use. However, it is very weak against holy attributes.

Right now, I can use two <Holy Attribute Skills>. <Divine Vision>, which I learned at level 50, and <Holy Chain Barrier>, which I recently learned at level 60.


《Holy Chain Barrier – captures enemies close to darkness and inflicts continuous damage》


I surrounded the darkness mana with <Holy Chain Barrier>.

Then I felt that the curse of darkness was gradually weakening.


“It seems to be working.”


In the same way, I confined all the tricks surrounding the dragon with <Holy Chain Barrier>.


Umu. If you maintain the barrier for a few minutes, the curse will disappear. Next, come near me.”


I approached Leviathan as instructed.


“I want to fix my disordered power. To do that, I need energy from the outside. Pass it to me.”

“Energy? You mean mana?”

“No. I mean life energy.”

“…do you want to kill me?”


Humans can’t live if their life energy is sucked by a dragon.


“You guy, you should have the means to receive life energy from nature.”

“You mean <Sea Bathing Skill>!”


I didn’t expect a useless skill would be useful here.


《Sea Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from the sea》


Levian Island is a small island in the sea. From the surroundings, you can take as much energy as you want from the sea.


“I can receive energy from the sea, but I have no way to give it to you.”

“I’ll do that. Go collect energy while touching a part of my body.”


As I was told, I used <Sea Bathing> while touching the dragon’s back with my right hand.

Energy from the sea flows through me and into Leviathan. When I looked at it with <Divine Vision>, Leviathan’s jumbled energy was being adjusted little by little.


“It went well. I should be able to stabilize it in three days.”

“Three days? Do you mean I will stay here all the time?”

“I see. I almost forgot humans need to sleep every day. In that case, it would take five days.”


It was decided that I would be made to work here for the entire duration of the study trip.

It’s troublesome, and it feels strange to cooperate with a dragon with a bad attitude. But if this dragon is not properly dealt with, it will be a disaster for the human nation.


“Huh. Is helping a strange dragon a good deed?”

“What are you talking about? There is no human good or bad for dragons. You are a very boring human because you are thinking of those things.”


Look how he speaks despite asking for help. But even if a cat or dog suddenly learns how to speak, maybe it’s also like this. It’s useless to ask human manners from aliens. Thinking like that made me less annoyed.


It’s hard to stand all the time, so I sat cross-legged next to the dragon. Nadia sits next to me as well.


“Let’s bring a cushion tomorrow.”

“Surely you must. Little girl, you must come with this man everyday. You are my conversation partner after all.”

“I understand. Well then, would you like to chat now? What should we talk about first?”

“Of course. Let’s start with the standard self-introduction…”


Nadia and the dragon started chatting while I was working.

At first, I felt annoyed, but just listening to their conversation was unexpectedly interesting. Nadia is a good talker, Leviathan’s knowledge is invaluable, so I unexpectedly feel like I’ve earned it.


The path from the library to Leviathan was only permitted by the dragon for me and Nadia. Nadia can’t bring a maid, so starting from the next day, she made me carry a big basket. The contents of the basket include sandwiches, baked goods, and a pot of tea.

Nadia went to the dragon’s place as if she was going out for a picnic and chatted happily every day.






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