Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Lord Selim exceeds level 50


During the summer vacation, I was able to raise my level as much as I wanted.

Father’s target for special training became Leo, and the people of the territory welcomed my healing activities with open arms.


As soon as I started treating injured people in the Dukedom, my level reached 50.


《Message: 4 unread items》

《Quest Complete – New!》

《Congratulations. You have reached Lv50. You achieved Level Up (Intermediate). As a reward, You acquired the Sea Bathing skill》


“Huh…? Sea bathing??”


The <Forest Bathing Skill> I received at level 30 was also strange, but there was an even stranger skill.


《You acquired Sea Bathing skill – New!》

《With the Sea Bathing skill, you can now receive surplus life energy from the sea. If you receive enough life energy with the Sea Bathing skill, you will no longer need to eat》


From now on, I think I can survive any kind of marine accident.

In the second semester of school, we will go to an island on a study trip. Possibly, it might help. Well, though it’s impossible for a ship carrying a noble’s children to sink on a trade route.


Then came a new quest.


《The main quest has been updated – New!》

《Leveling: Advanced     Difficulty ★★★★☆ 》

《When a Seeker reaches Lv70, he will be able to purify the dark impurities that become the breeding ground of devils. Please level up》


Is level 70 next?

Before the Kingdom was destroyed, people who despaired because of repeated misfortunes became the devil’s vessel and leading to the appearance of a large number of devils. Purification of the devil’s <Breeding ground>, huh. It’s getting more specific.


Also, when I reached level 50, the number of my <Skill> increased by one.


《You acquired Divine Vision skill – New!》

《With the acquisition of Divine Vision skill, you are now able to clearly see Holy attribute and Darkness attribute》


I was wondering if I can use holy attribute magic at level 50, but can I only perceive it? It seems that I still have a long way to go.

As a test, I tried looking at the surroundings with <Divine Vision Skill>, but nothing changed. Both the holy attribute and the dark attribute are extremely rare attributes, so it doesn’t seem to be something that can be found around here. However, demons are of the dark attribute, so if we can discover the dark attribute early on, we can take the initiative.

If the devil is working behind the scenes like in House Satie turmoil before, I would like to find out the dark attributes in order to prevent the incident from happening beforehand.


“I should do my best to level up during this summer.”


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 50     EXP to next level: 210/5100》

《MP: 4690/8311     Healing skill proficiency: 4013     Holy attribute skill proficiency: 0》




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》

《Physical Support – provides physical support to the target who is fighting illness》

《Immunity Manipulation – cures diseases that can be resisted by immunity》

《Simultaneous Manipulation- allows usage of Immunity Manipulation up to 7 people》

《Regenerative Healing skill – heals any physical damage on a person’s body》

《Holy attribute》

《Divine Vision – provides vision towards Holy and Darkness attribute》

《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants》

《Sea Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from the sea》







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