Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Lord Selim thinks of how to strengthen the Hero


I was thinking about Leo, who became my subordinate, while being shaken by the carriage on the way to our castle in Bergmann Dukedom.

Leo, who faced Earl Satie, finally subjugated the demon with everyone’s help.


――it’s too weak.


At that level, he wouldn’t be able to defeat me who have completed my Demonic Transformation. Even taking into account that it is more than a year before I was killed, the Hero is weaker compared to how he was in my previous life.

The problem of the training of the Hero not going well has surfaced.


As soon as we arrived at the lord’s castle, I pulled Leo to the training ground in the courtyard.


“Since you came to the Duke Household, I would like to have another match with you. Leo, your potential is very high. Let’s develop it as much as possible.”


I decided to fight him once again and think about what was different compared to the Hero from my previous life.


The training grounds of the Bergmann Dukedom’s lord’s castle is a large vacant lot within the castle grounds. When I fought against Father before, Father nearly destroyed the castle with his rampage, but Leo should be fine.


“It’s the same as the previous match, there are no particular rules. Whether it’s magic or sword, attack as you please.”


Well then, let me see the power of a serious Hero.


As soon as we began, Leo held up his sword and charged towards me.

We’ve been training together for about three months, so know each other’s cards. I’m a ranged type who attacks with magic spells while protecting myself with a barrier. It’s a good plan to get close to me, disrupt me with a quick attack, and overwhelm me without letting me do anything. Well, I know that too.




It’s a derivative technique from the Bergmann Barrier. A great technique that combines wind magic, earth magic, and barrier magic. The wind rages around me, and countless pebbles dance in the whirlwind. I was fine being in the center, but if an opponent gets close, the damage done by the wind and stones will accumulate.

Leo immediately jumped back and took a distance from me and,


Flame Whirlwind…”


He released the compound spell I taught him before. I put up a defensive barrier and endured it.


――it’s strong, but not something I can’t endure.


Originally I’m more defensive, but if I stick to defense, I don’t feel like I’ll lose to Leo. Is it because Leo’s attack power is low, or is it because he can’t get serious against me because of our relationship?


When I started thinking about it, Leo stopped attacking.


“What do you think? Thanks to you, I think I have more techniques to use.”


I nod,


“Yes. I think you’ve gotten stronger.”


I affirmed Leo’s words. What else should I say? At this stage, there is no one stronger than Leo in the academy. I can’t beat Leo either.

But, he’s still weak. It would be bad if this goes on.

Oh, in my first life, I used our different statuses as power to ridicule Leo, and I was not the only one who did that. The academy was full of such students. That may have also caused Leo to experience many more things.

But now, he is serving House Bergmann. How can ask Leo, who is the strongest of his generation, to become stronger?


“You’re doing something interesting, aren’t you?”


I suddenly heard a voice from behind.




As usual, my father, who looked like a huge bear both vertically and horizontally, was standing there in a good mood.


“Are you the commoner genius that Selim brought back from the academy? Hmm. You look tougher compared to my son who looks effeminate.”


Apparently, my father liked Leo at first sight. Because he likes strong guys.


“What do you think? Are you interested in becoming my adopted son? As you can see, my son is weak and too naive. I’m thinking he is lacking to inherit the Duke Household.”


Father invites while patting Leo’s shoulder. In my father’s case, it’s possible that he’s not joking, he really wants to have someone strong take over the role of the head of the family.

In fact, from the people’s point of view, it’s not about the lineage, it’s about having a strong person who can win against monsters above their head. Even in a noble house, as long as the organization of the house is solid, the contents can be replaced.

Well, Father’s thinking is too advanced, and I think that he’s tossing the people around him too much. In a sense, my father is a clean-cut meritocrat. In my previous life, he was killed resisting devils. Although he’s strange, he’s not a bad person.


“…I am willing to serve because it is Lord Selim we are talking about. Please stop speaking ill of Lord Selim.”


Huh? Leo is angry for some reason. He glared at my father, the duke, who looks like a lump of intimidation, without taking a step back.


Hah. If you want to get your point across, show me your strength. Selim!”


He suddenly called out my name.


“Put up a barrier in the castle with all your might. I feel that I can go on a rampage after a long time.”

“Huh? Yes.”


My father worried about the castle first!?

I wonder how far he is going to go…


“Just what I wanted!”


Even Leo is motivated. Something like a great aura that wasn’t there when he was fighting me came out of him.


The match between Father and Leo was like a natural disaster, unlike my match from earlier.

They went on a rampage until my mana was almost exhausted, and when the match was over, they both nodded in satisfaction.


“I decided. I’m going to take Leo to the frontier during the summer vacation. This guy has a lot of room to grow. I’m looking forward to it.”


My father was overjoyed, and the next day he took Leo with him to exterminate the monsters. They didn’t come back until the end of the summer vacation.


“…well, as long as Leo gets stronger.”


As originally planned, I went around the territory and treated the injured throughout the summer vacation.







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