Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Lord Selim shares his secret


After defeating the demon, we returned to the lord’s mansion on the same day.

I arrived at the mansion in the middle of the night, fell asleep on the bed in the guest room, and slept until early afternoon the next day. With that, my MP is fully recovered.


I left the guest room and headed for the Countess’s room.

Pamela was in the room. She seems to have been watching her mother the whole time.


“Selim, you’re awake. You slept like the dead, so I was worried about you.

“Yesterday was tough after all. Pamela was the worst injured, but are you okay?”

“Strangely enough, I feel very healthy. I think I’ve trained enough to understand the depth of the wounds I received, but… Selim’s Healing magic, it isn’t ordinary, right?”


Pamela’s wound was fatal. There shouldn’t be a Healer in the Kingdom who can cure that.


“…it would be troublesome if it spreads, so can you keep it a secret for me?”


When I asked her like that, Pamela held her head.


“Of course, I owe Selim my life. I won’t do something inconvenient for you. But, oh, I know that great nobles are terrible, because I know a little about Louviers, so I can understand a little, but your house is even crazier.”


I should say that rather than being crazy because of being a great noble, it’s because of the <System>. It would only cause even more confusion if I said that, though. 


Besides, I’m here with the intention of doing even more outrageous things. Since we’ve reached this far, I should let Pamela deal with everything.


“Please keep what I’m going to do now a secret as well. Take it as if the Countess got injured and recovered by herself after sleeping for a while.”



I used the <Healing Skill>.


《You used Regenerative Healing to cure a dysfunction    Your experience points increased     +1000 experience points》

《Current level: 46    Current experience points: 4500/4700》


The Countess woke up after her eyelids trembled for a while.



“Pamela, why are you here? I…”

“Mother, you woke up…”


Pamela seemed to realize something and look toward me, but I placed a finger to my lips, asking her to keep it a secret. 


She should stop caring about me and talk to her mother who had just woken up.

I left the room in silence.

Or rather, I feel very sleepy. My MP is about to run out.


I returned to my room and slept again until the next morning.


The next day, I woke up early in the morning.

I’ve been sleeping all the time and haven’t eaten anything, but in fact, my <Forest Bathing Skill> was active.


《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants》


This was the strongest skill when you are hungry and sleepy.


However, the people around me thought that I was sleeping without eating anything, so they were worried.

When I got up, the maid from the Earl Household brought porridge to my room.

While I was eating, Valéry and Leo came into my room.


“Lord Selim, are you alright?”


Valéry asks worriedly.


“Oh. I just used a lot of magical power for treatment. By the way, what happened to you? Why did Valéry and Leo come together?”


When I asked, Leo kneeled down towards me.


“I wish to become a member of House Bergmann, and serve Lord Selim.”


Leo is taking proper etiquette!

In my previous life, I thought it was impossible to teach manners to him who came out of an orphanage.

Valéry seems to have successfully recruited Leo.


“How surprising. I thought it would be impossible to draw you into our house because you have a strong love for your hometown.”

“In this incident and in my experience at the school, I witnessed the filthiness of the nobility. But in the midst of that, I realized how precious Lord Selim is, who risks his life to save people. I will not let the chance to serve such a person escape.”


Leo looks straight at me. His eyes were filled with respect. It was very different from the first time.


“Thank you. I’m counting on you.”


I unexpectedly recruited the Hero. With this, the force that I can control has become much stronger.







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