Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 35

 Chapter 35 – Lord Selim acquires an amazing skill


After the competition ended and I got used to school life, I reached level 40. I acquired a new skill, one that I acquire every 10 levels.


《Message: 1 unread item 》

《You acquired Regenerative Healing skill – New!》

《Regenerative Healing skill heals any physical damage on a person’s body》


“This… wouldn’t it be an amazing skill?”


Until now, my <Healing Skill> could only heal wounds and illnesses that can be cured with Body Strengthening magic. It is a rare ability, but all it could do is to help the weak, and it was not very appealing to those with power.

But when it comes to being able to heal any bodily injury, it’s a different story.




I called Valéry excitedly.


“I need you to urgently find a patient with physical defects on his body.”

“Lord Selim, that is… are you!?”

“Probably, I became able to heal any wound.”

“I’ll arrange it right away. However, it’s an extremely rare ability, so it would be troublesome if it spreads without preparations. Let’s secretly summon a patient from the Dukedom.”



《You used Regenerative Healing on a serious injury    Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: 41    Current experience points: 110/4200》


Three days later, two retired knights came from the Dukedom. One who lost his arm and one who lost his leg. Both were treatable.

However, the treatment was limited to one person per day. More than 70% of my total mana was required for one treatment, making the MP consumption too costly.


The scary thing about <Skill>, which is automatically processed by the <System>, is that I can’t adjust the amount of mana it consumes. If I carelessly use <Skill>, I might collapse from MP depletion at the same time.

In fact, I fainted when I used the first Regenerative Healing. This puts me at risk if I use it poorly.

I should raise my <Healing skill proficiency> to improve its mana consumption as much as possible.


“What an amazing ability. There is no Healer in the Kingdom who can regenerate missing limbs except for Lord Selim.”


Valéry praised me.

Really, I’m confused because the performance is too different from the <Skill> I’ve had so far. The influence of the <Seeker System> suddenly jumped up.


“I will also report it to your father, His Grace. Also, I will bring several patients so that others will not find out. In addition to that, it would be for the best to take a month-long break to go around the Dukedom for healing.”

“I see… let’s do that in the summer vacation.”


Summer vacation will start a little over three months after spring enrollment. First-grade summer vacation. Just before that, an incident will occur. It is an event that caused the devil’s power to expand. I would like to reduce the damages it caused if possible.







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