Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Lord Selim wins against annoying guys


The competition in the academy has an entry system with free participation.

In an academy whose class contents are shabby, it can be said that the competition is the main content. It is a place where the nobles of each household show their abilities to everyone. 


It is held once a month and the rules are different each time. The match that Nadia and I teamed up to enter was held a week later.

The competition this time was a 6 vs 6 team match. Each team fights while protecting a fixed glass object, and if your team breaks the opponent’s object first, you win. 


Interpersonal combat for interference is allowed, but if you seriously injured your opponent, your entire team will be disqualified on the spot.


“The strategy is simple. Selim alone will protect the object. Everyone else will attack the enemy’s position.”


At the same time as the match started, Nadia used the interference spell “Decoy”. With this, while making it look like multiple people are protecting the object, everyone except me launches a swift attack.

The allied members are me, Nadia, Liselotte, Gilbert, Pamela, and Julietta.

Hero Leo, as a citizen in the Royal Capital, still belongs to the royal family faction and has not been able to enter the competition. He has come to our place for training and is being raised smoothly, so he’s in a wait-and-see situation.


From the 1st round to the quarterfinals, we won smoothly.

The opponent in the semi-finals is Marc from Sarmiento Marquis Household. By this time, our strategy had been exposed, and it was known that I was protecting the object alone. Seeing that their defense was weak, Marc’s side also attacked with five people.


“Get out of the barrier! Coward!”

“The words of weaklings who cannot break my barrier with five people are meaningless.”


With five of them, they hit my barrier with their swords and spells, but I easily defended them.


“Damn, fight with swords!!”

“Do you plan on saying you can win with a sword? I’ll win if Body Strengthening is allowed to be used.”

“Then let’s fight with a sword!!!”


And so on, we were chatting like that, Nadia destroyed the enemy’s object.


The opponent in the final match was the princess’s team.

It seemed that the princess alone was targeting the object as their offense, while the others were strengthening their defenses.

One-on-one with the princess.

Like a turtle, I entered the barrier to protect myself. The princess is strong, but she came alone, so by creating another barrier outside the main barrier to match her attack, I persisted while saving MP.


“It looks like I can last longer than I thought.”


As long as I devote myself to defense, even against the princess, I was surprisingly able to deal with her on my own. After enduring for a while, the enemy’s object was destroyed first, and victory was decided.


“I will return this humiliation someday.”


The princess said that to me and left.


“Victory desu wa~!”


Nadia laughed loudly.

As soon as she entered school, the strongest princess was forced to touch the ground. We proved that no matter how strong the next generation of the royal family was, if the great nobles cooperated, they could compete against them.


Fufufu. I went all my way to enter the academy in the Royal Capital. I must let the princess know who’s on top.”


Nadia is scary. Well, we’re allies for now, so maybe she’s reliable?







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