Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Lord Selim explains the complexity of nobles


At the academy, there is also a tacit understanding that the training facilities are assigned to each noble faction.

In a corner dedicated to House Bergmann, I asked my entourage who work training to vacate a place.


“Once again, let me introduce myself. I’m Selim Bergmann.”

“You can call me Leo. I’m an orphan without a surname. Should I call you Lord Selim?”

“I’m fine by that. Well then, Leo, let’s start.”


I handed the training sword to Leo.


“There are no particular rules. Attack with magic or sword, whatever you want.”



It’s a dangerous match that doesn’t require any rules, just like when I challenged the Hero in my previous life.

People around me think that I will let Leo attack as he pleases because I am confident that I will win the fight.

From my point of view, it’s a matter of trusting the Hero’s skill. This guy won’t do anything that will give me a fatal injury. And I don’t intend on being mortally wounded as well.

This time, it’s a match between a 15-year-old Hero who has yet to become famous, against me who has memories of training until 17-years-old in my previous life, so I should have an advantage compared to the past.


While blocking Leo’s sword slash with a barrier, I saw an opening and fired an Ice Bullet spell.


“Don’t be shy, you can use whatever, even that wind magic you used earlier.”


Hearing that, Leo obediently used his wind magic.

Not used to fighting yet, he acted carefully so as not to hurt me.

When I calmly canceled out Leo’s spell with a barrier, next, he used a slightly stronger spell.

As for me, my goal is to let people know about Leo’s talent. I want him to use flashy magic and techniques as much as possible. 


As if to show I would be fine no matter what he did, I dealt with all of Leo’s attacks accordingly.

The eyes in the surrounding started to gather because of the match that gradually became flashy. Leo is strong, but at this stage, he has yet to learn compound spells. His attacks were rather monotonous. As long as I focus on defending, I feel like I can continue as long as I want to.


“…I’m satisfied. Let’s end this.”


When I called out to him after about half of my total mana had been consumed, Leo also released his combat stance. Then he was immediately surrounded by my entourage.


“You guy, aren’t you quite strong? I heard you’re a commoner. Do you not belong anywhere?”


Gilbert calls out while tapping Leo’s shoulder.


“To think there was a strong person like Leo among the commoners of the Royal Capital.”


Everyone is having a blast. Behind me, Valéry whispers, “if we draw him into the camp, we can win all the battles at the academy” or “not only that, he should be able to stand at the top of the Duke Household’s military strength”, counting chickens before he caught them.

The entourage is excited and is trying to draw Leo into my camp without permission.

However, this is the normal reaction of nobles when they discover a strong talent.

The royal family, who discriminated against Leo’s status and neglected him until now, is a bit strange. That’s despite the royal family’s information about Leo’s ability.


“Hey, stop right there. Don’t stare greedily at Leo whom you met for the first time.”


I separated my close aides who were heating up from Leo.


“I’m sorry about that. No matter what camp it is, excellent human resources are desperately needed. If you wish to get a job at the Duke Household in the future, I will promise you good treatment…”

“No, what are suddenly saying? I don’t have the intention of leaving the place where I was born and raised.”


The Hero seems confused by the surroundings’ reaction.


“Well, I won’t be in a hurry to forcefully solicit you. You must also do something about that, understand?”


While chatting with the Hero, I also reminded my entourage. I do not want to have trouble with the Hero because of making some unreasonable persuasion.


“But putting that aside, why don’t you come to my house to train after school?”


“I thought about it after fighting Leo, it’s a waste to leave you the way you are right now. Your attacks are too monotonous. For example, if you can do something like this, it looks strong, don’t you think?”


I combined the tornado wind spell that Leo was using with another fire spell to create a vortex of fire and sent it flying towards a target in the training ground.

The target collapsed while making an explosive sound.


“Would you like to try copying  it?”


Letting him do it, Leo was able to reproduce the spell I showed him on the spot. The surroundings were impressed with awe.

The Hero has an unusually high ability to copy other people’s spells.

However, in my previous life, this Hero’s ability caused many troubles.


“You’ve learned it. By the way, this is not the end. Did you know?”


“This kind of compound magic has been researched and developed by noble families for generations. When it is used, a good manner is to greet that household before using it.”


Yes. The noble society is picky about greetings and courtesy. You don’t need to pay for a usage fee when using a household’s spell tied up with their surname. However, the greeting “I will use your household’s wonderful spell” is important.


“How cumbersome…”


The Hero made a sour face.


“Don’t say that. If you don’t have a noble title, you can just send a letter. The format is complicated, but Valéry…”


“Write a letter to Earl Cole in Leo’s stead.”



Valéry remembers all kinds of formalities and conventions. I brought him with me in to let him do this kind of work.


“Isn’t it hard if you don’t know? Academy life is full of unwritten rules like this. When we met earlier, there was some kind of trouble in the courtyard, right?”


Leo’s face became more and more bitter.

In short, it’s the royal family that’s to blame. In my previous life, everyone criticized Leo because of this.

If they plan on letting Leo enter the First Magic Academy, the least they could do is let him bring a civil servant with him. 


“You guys have heard about his situation, haven’t you? If Leo is in trouble with someone else, go help him.”




The entourage who intended to draw Leo into the camp was full of motivation.


“…thank you.”


《You supported an isolated classmate     Your experience points increased     +200 experience points》

《Current level: 38    Current experience points: 420/3900》


The Hero thanked me. Also, the Hero was officially bocchi according to the <System>. How unfortunate.







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Chapter 20 – Lord Selim realizes the horror of automatic skills


The last patient was a young woman. We were taken to their home by her husband.

At first, all the members of the gathering left the coffee shop together, but we disbanded in the order of the houses we visited, so it was only me, Amanda, and Johann who made it this far.


First, I gave the patient <Physical Support> just like the others.


《You supported a patient’s physical strength     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: 20    Current experience points: 300/2100》


“…I feel unbelievably good. Thank you very much. Dear, it’s impolite not to serve the guests anything. I feel that I can move, so maybe I should make tea for them?


The sick woman got out of bed and tried to get up. But,


“*Cough*, *Cough*…”

“Don’t push yourself. Your physical strength returned, but you have not recovered.”


Her husband pushed the patient back onto the bed.


I checked my <Status>


《MP: 5103/7887     Healing skill proficiency: 854》


I still have plenty of mana. With this, it should be fine to try the new <Skill>.


“I have a suggestion. There is a way to cure the disease at once. However, it seems that <the target’s physical condition changes rapidly and consume physical strength>, so it might feel pain during the treatment.”


When I said that, the couple looked at me with surprised faces.


“Can you do something like that? You didn’t say that with Zofi’s case…”


Johann asks confusedly.


“I used a lot of <Skill>, so I learned it. I haven’t tested it on anyone, so I need to experiment.”


The couple looked at each other.

It’s only natural to be taken aback if someone you don’t know suddenly asks you to try a treatment that might be painful. It seems that I was too impulsive. I should have built a little more trust before making the offer.


“I was rude. That was very abrupt. I’ll come tomorrow to give you <Physical Support>. If you are interested, tell me anytime.”


When I withdrew and tried to leave the house, I was stopped.


“If I can be cured, I want to get better quickly. I don’t want to continue causing trouble for my husband.”

“Laura, don’t mind me! You only need to heal slowly.”

“No, it’s alright. Having a disease is something that is painful in the first place. Even if it gets even more painful, it’s okay.”


The patient stubbornly insisted, so her husband also gave up.


“In that case, I’m starting.”


《There is a disease that can be cured     Would you like to use Immunity Manipulation?     Yes/No》


I chose <Yes>.

After a while, the patient’s breathing became heavy, and her face turned red.


《Physical strength is exhausted due to an immune response, and a part of the body is damaged. Physical Support and Basic Healing are used together. Please do not move more than 10 meters from the patient》


Amanda put her hand on the patient’s forehead.


“It’s so hot. Let’s cool it down.”


I touched it too. It’s so hot that it’s not a human’s body temperature.

Amanda found towels and water pillows in other people’s homes without permission and prepared them for the patient.

I used ice magic to further cool the wet towel and water pillow that Amanda handed over to me, and applied it to the patient.


“Oi, is she alright?”


The patient’s husband approached me.


“…the treatment is progressing.”


The man sharply glared at me.

The woman sleeping on the bed looks very painful.




Even now, my MP is steadily decreasing. <Healing Skill> is completely left to <System>, and even though my magic power is being consumed, I have no idea what I’m doing. I tried such a nonsensical thing on a patient. Of course, I’m to blame.

I had no choice but to stay by the patient’s side as if praying.


It was night. The people in the castle must have found out that I was sneaking out of the castle. However, for treatment, I cannot leave the patient’s side.

Amanda and Johann also stayed with us. Everyone remains silent. The patient’s husband never moved his glare away from me.

My MP was continuously decreasing. The patient was still in pain, and I frequently cooled her water pillow. I’m starting to worry if my mana will last until she’s healed. I haven’t felt this painful since I was captured by the devil.







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