Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Lord Selim finds the Hero


Three weeks have passed since I entered the academy.

It has become troublesome. The Hero is still not being paid attention to. He is treated like an ordinary commoner student.

The trouble is that this academy is shabby when it comes to just common classes.

Advanced magic technology, like the Bergmann Barrier I often use, has been developed by each household for generations. It is not something that can be easily taught to a large number of people.

To learn deeper things, you need connections.

The academy was structured on the premise of the noble society of the Kingdom.


The Hero, as a citizen of the Royal Capital, should normally belong to the princess’ faction. However, the royal family seems to underestimate him and his talent, he was left to his own devices.


I must let Hero’s talent be known and place him in a suitable training environment.


“Audacious. Can’t you understand unless you suffer!?”


As I was walking down the hallway of the academy while thinking, I heard an angry voice. The courtyard is somewhat noisy.

Several students surrounded one student. Is it bullying?

I hurried to the courtyard to help.


It was a mass lynching. Kicks, punches… huh? All of them were avoided.

The majority of the students became worked up and even started using magic. However, all of them were canceled out, and conversely, they were all blown away by the tornado made with a wind spell.

Oh! The person surrounded by them, isn’t it the Hero!?

I was in a hurry and rushed towards the Hero.


“U… gh…” 

“What? Did someone come?” 

“That person, it’s Lord Bergmann!” 

“Lord Selim, you’ve got it wrong. We were just…”


The fallen students are saying something, but I ignore it. The Hero is a cool character, after all. If I took too much time dealing with them, he would just leave by himself.


“Did you defeat all of them? Incredible.”


Gilbert, who was next to me, was surprised when I spoke to the Hero with a smile. According to my hero research in my first life, the correct way to interact with the Hero is to greet him with a smile.


“Let’s have a match. If you win against me, I’ll reward you with whatever you want. What you say?”


I took the Hero’s hand and wanted to bring him away, but,


“I’m not interested. I refuse.”


My hand that holds him was swept away. Gilbert snapped because of that. 


“Bastard, how rude are you! Who do you think he is! He is the eldest son of the Bergmann Duke Household, Lord Selim!!”


He yelled at the Hero. That kind of speaking, like showing off one’s power, seems to be hated by the Hero, so there’s it’s ineffective telling him that.

That’s what I thought, but,


“Selim Bergmann?”


For some reason, the Hero turned around after hearing my name.


“Did you treat some young people with food poisoning about three weeks ago?”

“…how do you know?”


I treated some gluttonous food poisoning patient, but it was incognito, and I didn’t reveal my name.


“The guys treated by you quickly found out about you. Your face, it’s rumored to resemble a character in a popular novel.”


No way, I didn’t expect to hear about that novel that I heard about in the entrance ceremony.


“You have my favor for saving my childhood friends. If you are asking for a match, I accept.”


I got the chance to talk to the Hero.

Kindness is never wasted. My activity as a <Seeker> was unusually helpful.







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