Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Lord Selim goes to a welcoming party (2)


Since I finished greeting the princess, all I have to do now is wait for other people who will come to greet me.

Soon after, Nadia, the daughter of the Louviers Marquis Household, came.


“Greetings to Lord Selim Bergmann. I am Nadia Louviers, the eldest daughter of the Louviers Marquis Household.”

“Lady Louviers, I look forward to spending the next three years with you.


The Louviers Marquis Household has sent 24 people from their territory to this academy, exceeding my 22. She is a lady who can be considered superior to the princess in terms of her comprehensive ability.

After the capital fell to the devil in my previous life, the Louviers Marquis Household continued to resist until the very end, saving many citizens and letting refugees flee the country. 


At that time, her leadership ability was outstanding. Perhaps this time around, she’ll also be the key to thwarting the devils.


“Rumors of Lord Selim have reached even our Marquisdom. I have heard that you developed magic devices for the poor. Recently, I have also heard rumors of you even using Healing magic to help poor patients.


The Lady Louviers left after praising me for a while.


“…I only gained my healing ability recently, and I mostly used it in incognito. How did she know?”


Is that an appeal that the Marquis Household’s ability to gather information is amazing?


“Does this mean that I received a splendid preemptive blow?”


I carelessly muttered, and my entourage, who was surrounding me gnarled in shame. I’m going to be the head of this faction, so I must be careful with my mouth next time.


Next, Marc, the son of Marquis Sarmiento, came to greet me.


“Greetings to Lord Selim Bergmann. I am Marc Sarmiento, the third child of our Sarmiento Marquis Household.”

“Lord Marc, I look forward to the next three years with you.”


Marc was a person with whom I had a rare good relationship in school life in my previous life. I’d like to keep him on good terms this time as well, but he’s kind of cold.


“I wish that Lord Selim could understand the church a little better. I await the good news of your conversion.”


After saying that, Marc left immediately.

Oh yeah, It’s impossible to be friends with him in this lifetime. The Sarmiento Marquis Household is a house that has a deep connection with the church.

The top person of the church in the Kingdom, the Archbishop of the Royal Capital Church, is also Marc’s uncle. The Sarmiento Marquisdom is a territory that borders the Holy Kingdom. Although they are currently under the Kingdom, they are also strongly influenced by the Holy Kingdom. 


So, he probably wouldn’t like me, being a Healer not belonging to the church.


“It seems that these two Marquis Households are a house of cocky people.”


Gilbert was almost snapping. 


Don’t say things like “cocky” describe ladies. Gilbert is an idiot, so I have to watch him carefully.


“Let’s work together and show that the Duke Household is above the two families.”


Even Valéry, who should have played the role of the intellectual, was heating up. 


Nobles might sound classy, but they are a group that maintains their territory through means of force. 


There are many people within that group of people who have a strong temper and don’t want to be underestimated. 


It’s also my job to control this, huh.


After that, greetings from the Earl Households and other nobles continued for a while. Except for the two marquis families, there were only ordinary greetings.


“The greetings from the children of noble families are over. After this, it’s time to chat with the ones you are interested in. You go around as you like. Go make acquaintances from the Royal Capital or other territories.”


I let my entourage do their own thing. If everyone doesn’t make a relationship with the outside, I’ll be in trouble as their boss.

The third-year Lady Liselotte and several others remained by my side. They’re not freshmen, so they don’t have to move around now.

There should also be a male commoner, the Hero, who came to this party, but due to tacit understanding, the areas are divided to their status. If I came out to greet him, it would stand out in a bad way.

The people I want to get along with at this academy, or rather, the ones I want to be able to talk to properly when necessary, are the Hero at the very first and Lady Louviers at the second. It’s difficult to casually talk to them on this occasion, so I decided to wait for an opportunity.


When I thought that I didn’t have anything to do in particular and felt bored, a lot of female students gathered around me for some reason I didn’t know. 


Although I answered them casually when I chatted with them, they seemed very happy. This didn’t happen in my first life. Why?


“As expected from our Lord Selim, he is very popular.”


Liselotte smiled. 


She seems to have her own pace, making her very precious among my aggressive entourage.







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