Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Lord Selim goes to a welcoming party (1)


Royal Capital 1st Magic Academy. This princess, who is also the first-in-line to the throne, will attend the academy starting this year.

In order to please her, influential nobles from all over the Kingdom sent their scions to the academy.

I am also one of them. And in my previous life, at the end of my second year at school, I was possessed by a devil and ended my life.


After the entrance ceremony, we moved to the venue for the welcoming party for new students. It’s a buffet party in which all the students of the school participate. There is no dance or anything like that, but we go around and say hello while eating and chatting lightly.

All of my 22 followers from the Bergmann territory entered the venue as a group. It’s an act of intimidation. Perhaps because of that, I felt a lot of gazes since the start of the entrance ceremony.


“It’s not good to have more than 20 people gathering together. It seems like we are standing out and drawing meaningless gazes.”


When I muttered in a low voice, Liselotte, the daughter of Viscount Berte, who was nearby, smiled. She’s a third-year student at the school, and in order to be my entourage, she went to school two years ago to prepare beforehand.


“Being a group from a Duke Household does not gather so much attention on itself. It is because Lord Selim looks like a prince from popular novels among the female students. Look, the young lady over there is dyeing her cheeks red after stealing a glance.”


She said that ending her sentence with a “hohoho” laugh, but I didn’t know how to respond to that. Is she flattering me?

This didn’t happen in my first life. At that time, I was working hard not to be looked down upon as the heir of a Duke, so I think the atmosphere around me has become more mellow now. Is it because of that?


While I was thinking about such things, the princess entered the venue.


“The crown princess has come. Let’s go greet her.”


The princess had only two entourage with her. If all of her entourage were included, naturally, the princess would have the biggest faction, but she has a disinterested personality. She is picky, and she doesn’t bring many people around. Following that, I greet her with only Liselotte and Gilbert.


“Greetings to Princess Rafaela. I am Selim Bergmann, the eldest son of House Bergmann. I am honored to spend three years as your schoolmate.”


“I see. Lord Bergmann. Pleasure to meet you as well.”


The princess tries to finish her greetings easily. She has very strong mana, and she was chosen as the crown princess early on because of that strength. Overwhelming strength. However, she is silent and indifferent to her surroundings. In terms of her political ability, she may not be very good. But in terms of overall strength, including that side… 


Another person comes to my mind. I guess I will see her soon, too.


“Well, Lord Selim. You’re just as wonderful as the rumors say. Princess, did you know? Lord Selim looks very similar to the character in the story that’s been popular in the Royal Capital these days.”


That’s what Liselotte said just now. Was it a true story?

The person who just spoke to me was the princess’s aide candidate Gelsomina, daughter of Lord Count Palatine Durante. The Durante Count Palatine Household is to whom our Duke Household asked to serve as a liaison with the princess, negotiated in advance. 


I guess she said that so that the conversation with the princess would continue. She was kind to me even in my previous life. However, she is a woman who must be paid attention to because she has a fierce personality on both the inside and outside.

Thanks to the help of Lady Durante, the conversation continued for a while. After that, I left the princess and returned to my entourage.







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