Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Lord Selim departs


Two months later, I reached my quest goal of reaching level 30 or higher when I was about to go to the Royal Capital.


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 31     EXP to next level: 410/3200》

《MP: 5970/8002     Healing skill proficiency: 2511》


Recently, the efficiency of acquiring experience points has improved considerably, so I should have been able to reach level 30 earlier. However, I had a hard time because Father took me to the monster hunting training midway. It would have been worse if the entourage of close aide candidates hadn’t raised their voices and started crying first.


When I reached level 30, there were various changes.

The first is that I have learned the <Forest Bathing Skill>.


《Message: 4 unread items》

《Quest Complete – New!》

《Congratulations. You have reached Lv30. You achieved Level Up (Beginner). As a reward, You acquired the Forest Bathing skill》


《You acquired Forest Bathing skill – New!》

《With the Forest Bathing skill, you can now receive surplus life energy from plants. If you receive enough life energy with the Forest Bathing skill, you will no longer need to eat》


I tested <Forest Bathing> in the castle garden, but it was only enough to satiate my hunger. No longer needing to eat food must be limited only to deep forests. Living as a high-ranking noble, there are many situations where I have to eat a lot, so it’s a skill I can’t use right now.


Then came a new quest.


《The main quest has been updated – New!》

《Leveling: Intermediate     Difficulty ★★★☆☆ 》

《When a Seeker reaches Lv50, the holy attribute is awakened. The holy attribute is an attribute that negates the dark attribute. Please level up》


The main quest seems to level up again. The next goal is level 50. At the current pace, I think I can do that in less than three months. However, my environment will change as soon as I go to the Royal Capital to enter the academy. For a while, the efficiency of leveling will also decrease.


After that, I learned another <Skill>.


《You have acquired Simultaneous Manipulation skill – New!》

《Simultaneous Manipulation skill is a skill that allows you to use Immunity Manipulation for up to 7 people at the same time. The requirement is the same with the Immunity Manipulation skill》


After using <Immunity Manipulation>, I can’t leave more than 10 meters from the patient, so it is necessary to gather the patients in one place. It might be useful in situations where there are many people who have caught influenza. Though at my current level, my MP might not be enough to heal 7 people at the same time.




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》

《Physical Support – provides physical support to the target who is fighting illness》

《Immunity Manipulation – cures diseases that can be resisted by immunity》

《Simultaneous Manipulation- allows usage of Immunity Manipulation up to 7 people》

《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants》


The number of my <Skill> increased. They are all rare abilities, but the situations where they can be used are limited. I guess I need to level up more to get the power to resist the devil.

I’ll the quest of reaching level 50 as my goal.


* * *     


A luxurious carriage is parked in front of the castle gate. The day has finally come for us to head to the Royal Capital.

At the entrance, the people of the castle handed flowers one after another. It is customary around here to give only one flower to someone who is leaving.


“Young Master, please take care. Mari was very happy to serve Young Master.”


Mari says with a tearful voice while handing out the flower.


“Yeah. You have served me well.”


I lost my nanny when I was young, so the maids who took care of me changed all the time. However, for the past few years, Mari has played a central role among them.


“Thank you.”


When I smiled at her, Mari began to shed tears like a waterfall.

The surrounding servants also sent me off wistfully.


When I bundled up the flowers I received and went outside the gate, the people of the city were gathering to see me off.




I found Amanda and the others among the people who saw me off. I also received a flower from them.

The flowers that must have been blooming in the garden of Amanda’s house started to wilt while she was waiting there. I use <Physical Support> for it. The flower regained its vigor.

Johann, Laura, and the children I met in the city were also there. When I received flowers from everyone, it became more than I could carry.

It’s important. I don’t want them to wilt quickly.

With that in mind, I used the <Skill> again, and the flowers began to sparkle, and its light rained down on everyone.

The <System> also seems to congratulate me on my departure.


“Thank you.”


Once again, I looked over everyone’s faces and got into the carriage.







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